Wonder “WHY do I have these symptoms!?” Functional Medicine ANSWERS this question and provides a clear step by step process to discover and resolve the ROOT CAUSE!

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Welcome to True Health, where the truth, curiosity, nature’s wisdom, and your own amazing body prevail! 

Are you or someone you love suffering with health problems? We have solutions!

Many of our patients suffered for years before finding us. A long history of unexplained and unresolved symptoms is common even for those who have been under some type of care. We understand that you have searched for answers and may have felt unsure or overwhelmed by the information out there. If you’ve been consulting conventional Western medicine, you probably found symptom suppression, surgery, or “live with it” as the go to solutions.

Well, get ready, True Health is different! 

As a Functional Medicine clinic, we are committed to seeing you as a whole person with intricate, interrelated systems. We listen, we test, and we keep digging until we get the answer: the root cause of your problem. As we uncover messages from your body, we answer with the exact nourishing, natural remedy you need to heal.

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About Todd Stone

Dr. Todd Stone Asheville Functional Medicine

Dr. Todd Stone is an internationally recognized Alternative Medicine Physician; a chiropractor with certification in Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, True Health offers care for families and hope for the chronically walking wounded, who have found no solution or even adequate diagnosis.

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