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The ONE THING that all healing "miracles" have in common.  Read the article "Expectations" to
the left to find out, and to realize that healing miracles are not really miracles, but a reconnection with
the natural state of healing.  

A new goal for your health and healing that is truly inspiring.  Read the article Goal Setting to the
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To impact global cooperation and happiness by teaching and guiding parents and families to meet
their own needs, thereby multiplying their available energy.  Individuals and families with sufficient
energy naturally share their energy.  

A philosophy and practice of looking within to meet individual and family needs will not only improve
health, it will allow access to passionate, value based action, improve self esteem, and increase the
probability that each individual will discover and reveal his or her own deepest gifts to humanity.  

A person sharing his/her greatest gifts will receive value and significance from others, thereby
creating greater connection for people as a whole.  Each person we reconnect to Regulation (my term
for internal wisdom) is a pebble of cooperation and happiness in the pond of humankind.  

It all starts by discovering and meeting your own (first) need.  

Stress and Inflammation

Stress and inflammation are your internal needs.  The problem is...suppressing the symptoms of
stress and not working.  

But what is stress and inflammation...and what can we do about it?  

Stress and inflammation are hormones...hormones are communication...cells to brain, pituitary to
adrenals, body to mind.  Hormones, and other chemicals called neuropeptides tell the body when to
sleep, when to make energy, when to digest, when to be happy and sad... every function and mental
experience is under direct control of these chemicals.  

Stress and Inflammation are hormones that are signaling "Danger!"  The danger within are your
unmet needs.  Your most basic cellular needs being oxygen and glucose.

If we uncover why your basic needs are being compromised, we can correct the pattern that your
body is trying to communicate to you...a pattern of stress and inflammation.  

If you have any symptom, the pattern has to involve stress and inflammation because those are the
signals of compromised needs.  It has to be compromised needs because if all your needs were met,
you would be symptom free, healthy and full of energy.

If this makes sense to our office to begin meeting your action that will prove to be
the first step to break your pattern of stress and inflammation.

If you need to hear more, watch our True Health Webinar to the right, to get more detail about our
diagnostic process to arrive at the "Right Diagnosis," your needs, and our treatment procedures and
protocols, designed specifically for you to meet those needs.  

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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology,
and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in
Functional Neurology.  This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.