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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
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He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
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ASTHMA and ALLERGIES     (Read A Unique Cause of Allergies and Food Allergy Case)

Asthma and allergies are conditions in which the immune system is especially sensitive to air particulates,
such as pollen, mold, dust, and airborne chemicals.  Exposure then leads to a constriction of lung airways,
and/or mucosal irritation (eyes, nose) with the resultant symptoms of asthma and allergies.  

If we begin by asking why the immune system responds so dramatically, and so contrary to survival, it
leads us on a trail that begins early in childhood, perhaps even inside mom.  

The underlying mechanism is stress and inflammation.  Think about it…if your brain is wired to survive,
why would it close down airways?  The only answer is a
perceived life danger.  

Where does this stress and inflammation come from?  Well, a great deal of research has been
accumulated to this point on the subject, and the list so far looks like this:

•        Vaccination prior to age 2 (other vaccinations?)
•        Antibiotic use prior to age 2.  In fact one study showed a 4 times greater risk of developing   
     asthma if antibiotics were used 3 or more times prior to age 2.
•        Cigarette Smoke
•        Diesel fuel emissions
•        Trans Fats (not natural, think snack foods, Crisco, and margarine) and Omega 6 fats and oils
     (think bread and cereal,corn oil)
•        Low intake of antioxidant vitamins (think colorful fruits and veggies)
•        Altered gut flora (lack of good bacteria like in yogurt) (probably due to the use of antibiotics)
•        Chemical pesticide residues
•        Hormone found in animal product raised using hormone manipulation.
•        Sanitizers and disinfectants (antibacterial cleansers)

As you can see, the stress and inflammation is pretty much chemical in nature.  And if you need proof that
stress and inflammation is the underlying cause, look at the medications that are used to treat asthma and

Steroids: Hormones normally produced from adrenal glands
Bronchodilators:  Many effect adrenaline receptors
Adrenaline:  Neuro-Chemical normally produced by the adrenal glands
Caffeine like drugs:  Brain stimulants that directly activates the adrenal glands.
Anti-Histamines:  Blocks Histamine Release, an immune cell released inflammatory chemical
Anti-Leukotrienes: Blocks leukotriene release, an inflammatory chemical made from fats

These drugs wouldn’t work if the adrenal glands (AKA stress glands) and inflammation weren’t involved.  

So we have all this chemical stress and inflammation, and that stress and inflammations causes a very
irritable and over reactive immune system.  As a result the immune system never relaxes, and maintains a
level of chemical stress that eventually exhausts the adrenal glands.   

In order to reverse this process, we have to:

1.        Relax and calm the immune system
2.        Build up and regenerate the adrenals
3.        Desensitize the immune system to the chemical offenders
4.        Eliminate inflammation from the immune activity

As you can see, with four steps, the natural solution can easily be missed by not treating every aspect of
the problem.

Step 1:  Generally we will be using one version of a therapeutic probiotic, and immunoglobulins which
are the proteins that early mothers milk is rich in, plus and immune adaptogen such as echinacea or reishi

Step 2:  The adrenals respond well to glandulars, herbal adaptogens such as ginseng and ashwagandha,
Vitamin C, E, Pantothenic Acid, and Choline (a little known B vitamin that I use quite

Step 3:  This is more a physical treatment, where we actually have the patient taste or smell a potential
chemical offender, such as perfumes, pollens, etc., after which we note the changes in neurological
reflexes, such as pulse rate, pupil response, or muscle tone.  If there is a stress response in the nervous
system, we treat using acupressure tapping, rubbing reflex points, and resetting withdrawal reflexes until
the stress reaction is gone. (Search "EFT" for a simple self tapping protocol to use at home)

Step 4:  I will generally use a combination of oils and cofactors, such as fish, flax, or black currant
seed oil, plus liver and gall bladder support (MetacrineDX, BileMin).  If there are signs of lymphatic
congestion, (ie. you can feel your lymph nodes), vitamin C and lymph drainage may be added.    

I customize this protocol for each individual, and there may be other situations to handle.  For instance,
this may not be enough if a pathogenic bacteria, fungus, or parasite has moved in to the gut.  There may
be additional liver needs in chronic situations.  There could be other stressors such as exposure to lead,
mercury, or aluminum that then would need to be detoxified.  

As one of my professors once said, “you could have fleas and lice.”  I know why he used the analogy
too…you don’t forget the image, or the concept!  

Take a positive step towards better health naturally!