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Allergies Or Toxicity!?

Could a common allergen that causes sinus allergies also contribute to Parkinson’s disease
and Alzheimer’s?
 I guarantee that you are allergic to this substance (because everyone is), and it may
be contributing to your respiratory or neurologic symptoms.  

Recently, we moved into a new home.  It was the beginning of May, so pollen was starting to fly.  During
the move, I started having seasonal allergy symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, and dry eyes.  That
was a bummer, because I had virtually no allergy symptoms all of last year.  

I know that stress can activate allergies, so I assumed the stress of the move triggered a pollen
sensitivity, which was probably at least partially true.  

Monday morning at work, I went in a half hour early and did some acupressure treatment to reduce the
allergies.  I was pretty much symptom free by the end of the day.  Then I noticed a trend of a symptom
return when I was in our new home.  Using muscle testing, I was able to identify the stressors that
weakened a strong muscle…mold and cleaning chemicals.  The sensitivity to cleaning chemicals
responded to vitamin B12 and sulfur, supplemented in the form of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine, an amino acid
with plenty of sulfur),  The molds responded to PauDArco, Sweet leaf, and Cats Claw.  

Three weeks later, I was still struggling off and on, and definitely related to being in our home, and the
longer I stayed, the worse the symptoms.  
Then I found the “smoking gun.”  There was an indoor
pesticide bottle, almost gone, left up on a shelf in the corner of our laundry room.  It stated on the front of
the bottle that it effectively kills critters for 9 months with each application.  

Now my response is making some sense!  I imagine every corner and floor board has been soaked with a
chemical pesticide (that lasts 9 months)!  

I know that is not a cleaning chemical, as my body indicated, but environmental chemicals are detoxified
through similar pathways in the liver.  In fact, when assessing the liver using muscle testing, I use one
representative of each known pathway…ie caffeine binds to an amino acid called methionine, pesticides
and cleaning chemical (my challenge is MSG) bind to sulfur, and Tylenol binds to glutathione.  So if one
pathway is being stressed out, I may weaken to any chemical or hormone that uses that common pathway.  

Muscle testing is an amazing tool, but doesn’t allow you to turn off your problem solving brain.  The results
must be considered into a full diagnostic process…sometimes including examining your home for toxic

I removed the bottle of poison immediately.  I’m guessing that there was exposure from the presence of the
bottle in our home.  And, realizing the most likely source of symptoms, I will really emphasize the B12/NAC
combination for chemical detoxification and added another amino acid called Taurine to further assist the
detoxification process.    

Here is the important point for you.  Nobody else in my family is having respiratory symptoms, yet they
are exposed to the same chemicals.  These chemicals are implicated in multiple inflammatory diseases
(from chronic exposure), including autoimmune thyroid, all tumors, cysts, and other abnormal cell growth,
and particularly from neurological diseases (pesticides damage the insects central nervous system, and,
over time, ours too), including dementia and Parkinsons.  

How will YOU know if you are exposed beyond your body’s detoxification capabilities?  You will
certainly notice when you can’t remember your way home from the grocery store.  Or when you find
yourself unable to open the jelly, and the coffee cup falls out of your nerve damaged hands.  

Thankfully, I have super “spidey senses” for chemicals (and molds) as a result of losing my spleen as a
child.  I can pick up on lower level exposures that don’t affect others in the moment, but can have long term
effects.  Maybe my “intolerance of chemicals” or “need for a clean environment” wilI save Savannah from
endometriosis or fibroid cysts.  Maybe it will save Gates from Alzheimers disease when he turns 65.  Maybe
it saved Amory from Parkinsons disease when she is 50.  

I know that is all speculation, but it is scientific observation that these chemical are toxic to our nervous

The scientific observation is that pesticides, insulin (read that as sugar intake) and aluminum consistently
create neurological symptoms, as well as observable tissue changes (inflammation, cellular changes) in
the brain.  These are the 3 “smoking guns” in dementia research so far.  

You are “allergic” to pesticides.  We all are.  It is a toxic chemical that results in death if exposed to a large
enough dose.  

Accumulation in the body results in neuro-degeneration.  That’s the brain…and there is no other body part
I would LESS DESIRE a degenerative process!  There is also clear scientific observation that it
accumulates in our body.  A tissue biopsy study in Wisconsin over a decade ago revealed that 100% of
the population has DDT and dioxins in their body.  Chemicals that had been banned in the 70s!  

This key connection in your brain, that could save your brain, is the simple concept of “tipping
 AKA “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  The little things add up to become a big thing.  One
squirt of this chemical is a little thing.  60 squirts every 9 months is a bigger, but still small thing.  40 years
of that is a BIG THING.  

Watch for clues of tipping in a bad way.  Consider your symptoms and function.  If your brain is inflamed,
you likely are noticing that it hurts more frequently, and your memory and focus are worse than a few
years ago.  You will notice that you fatigue faster when focusing (reading, driving) than a few years ago.
You will notice less motivation and happiness than a few years ago.  

Consider where you will be in 10 years if you maintain that trend.  

Try this tipping point application
(You can also use little things to tip your experience positively).  
Reduce exposure to chemicals.  Stop using synthetic chemicals and discover natural alternatives to pest
control.  Increase ingestion of B12 and sulfur.  In food that means a nice steak or burger (organic and
grass fed…reducing chemicals) with garlic and onions.  Or supplement B12 and NAC.  

Better yet, come in and see how your muscles test to my “Liver Challenge” substances, such as Tylenol,
MSG, and caffeine…and if you weaken, we’ll find exactly what supplements you need to keep up with your
exposure in our now toxic environment.  

Then…just notice…which is always the most critical diagnostic criteria…if your brain works better.  Does it
hurt less, focus and remember more…does it have more energy to sustain focus…are you happier?  

PS. Five weeks in the house, and using my protocols, I am once again virtually allergy free!