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In medicine, the goal of treatment is to slow the progression of the disease process that has
overtaken your body.  Expectations are fairly low.  “There is no cure for your disease, so this is the
best we can manage it.”  Cancer treatment is victorious if you extend the normal life
expectancy…even by a few weeks or months.  

What if we chose a different goal…something exciting like
“best ever.“

This concept came to me after a discussion with a patient who is about to turn 66.  She shared with
me that she feels her BEST EVER.  Her energy, happiness, resilience to stress…her overall health
and function are BEST EVER…compared to her experience as a kid, and anytime in her adult life.

She feels BEST EVER.  

She first visited me in January of 2009, experiencing what she might call her worst ever.  She had an
autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s, plus a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  She was sick,
tired, and in severe pain.  And guess what…naming her suffering didn’t relieve the suffering even

She had to leave her career because she couldn’t handle the stress of working…she didn’t have the
energy or strength to do it…she hurt too much to do it…she was certain she would be dead if she
attempted to continue.  

At the point I met her, she had little hope, little money, no direction (for improving her health) and no
income.  Her next best option was dying…at least the pain would end, and she wouldn’t have to worry
about becoming homeless.  But she wasn’t quite ready for life to end…ending her career was a
decision to extend her life, no matter how much pain there was.  


And now, BEST EVER.  

It got me thinking…thinking about the concept of wellness, and my long time patients (she has been
checked at least monthly for 3 years).  She is the most consistent fixture in my practice, besides the
longest current patient….me.  

I started to reflect on my suffering, which was mild compared to hers, but was a pretty good
list…anxiety, shoulder pain, allergies…never complained about my energy, but I had to take naps all
through my late teens and 20s.  Now, my pain levels are best ever…also best ever: energy,
resilience, anxiety levels, allergies, flexibility, and I’d say happiness also.  

Then my partner, Sonya (who is edging in on 40, which I’ve already exceeded)…she had chronic
migraines, allergies, ear infections (even into college), terrible cramping with her cycle…ALL NOW
BEST EVER.  Moods…best ever.  Tail bone pain, TMJ pain, shoulder pain…best ever.  
Scoliosis…best ever (seriously, you can barely see any sign of it anymore).  

Another person that comes in regularly, for the past 5 years…I had to ask about his "best ever’s."  He
said his ankle, knee and hip pains are best ever.  He said he used to regularly use 800MG ibuprofen
for pain, would almost always hurt after playing basketball which he played in high school and
college.  And…managing stress and emotions…best ever (which he credits in part to NeuroEmotional
Therapy, plus natural management of stress physiology).  

The point here is that most of my patients come in for problem solving, and then when the problem is
solved, wait for the next problem to appear.  Some remember the help we provided, and others fall
back into the “normal” routine of visiting the “real” doctor…getting named and categorized…and
managing those names with symptom suppressing drugs.  

It seems that handling health problems with natural means, and then building on that with wellness
visits that identifies your weakest link, and what will strengthen that weakest link…that process leads

And I propose that as the new goal for your health care investment.  

One more question for the "best ever's"…this must be expensive to care for yourself this way…is your
health care expenditures more now…or less?  A:  A resounding and significant…LESS!  Healthier,
happier, virtually NO pain or suffering (symptoms), and you have more money in your pockets?  

A: YES!  


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