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Exciting News!!  A recent study shows that a food based supplement CAN NORMALIZE abnormal
PAPs and reduce or eliminate HPV!  

Wait 12 weeks on the LEEP with this protocol and you have a 50-90% probability to have a normal
PAP and no longer need the LEEP procedure!  

Let me explain.  The study used one product…Indole-3-Carbinol…an extract of Asparagus for 12
weeks.  An astounding 50% of the study participants, who had stage II-III CIN (moderate to severe
cervical dysplasia), showed complete regression and a NORMAL PAP after 12 weeks.  

Read the study on the National Library of Medicine Website

In a clinical setting, a doctor treating women with infertility added another food supplement, an extract
of Broccoli, and used a more potent extract of Asparagus, called DIM…and he reports a 90%
Regression and NORMAL PAP after 12 weeks.  He has only had 2 patients in the last several years
that this combination HASN’T WORKED on!!

Totally natural…totally safe.  Plus these products are Physician quality available!

You can order the exact products this doctor uses RIGHT HERE!

BOTH PRODUCTS (2 Bottles of DIM and 1 Bottle of BroccoProtect) = 90% probability of a
NORMAL PAP in 12 weeks.