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There are only 3 types of cancer that show promising results using
traditional treatments!  

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This is the story of Marc Hallin.  

He was diagnosed with CANCER.  

He followed the advice of his the letter.  On the plus side, he survived...but
so did his cancer.  Here is his story, in his own words...
"I was diagnosed with stage IV hodgkins lymphoma in February 2009. It showed that the tumors
streched along the left side of my body running from my neck to my pelvis. The largest tumor was 15
cm in diameter, located in my chest cavity. I had tried the conventional treatments of chemo therapy. I
underwent ABVD chemo for 6 cycles, it was discovered that the chemo, after being effective for the
first 3 cycles, was no longer affecting my tumors. My Oncologist then recommended I visit the Mayo
Clinic in Rochester, Mn to see a Hematologist who would then recommend a salvage chemo called
ICE. I received 2 cycles of ICE chemo which then did start killing more of the cancer. The
hematologist then recommended that I receive a stem cell transplant."

"I had to stay in Rochester for 7 weeks while receiving the transplant away from all family and friends,
except for my wife who was my caregiver. It was an extremely hard time not getting to see my kids as
my immune system was too weak to fight off any diseases that they might be carrying. I had to wear a
mask every where I went except for my hotel room and my hospital room for the time period that I was

While undergoing the transplant I was subjected to much testing including the worst pain I have ever
felt in the form of a bone marrow biopsy. I then spent 4 days in a bed harvesting stem cells after
receiving injections to increase my production of these critical cells. After harvesting was complete I
under went 5 days of the worst chemo, called BEAM, a person can handle. It was meant to wipe out
body. Because of this I had to receive blood transfusions including red blood cells and platelets as my
body was not producing any on it's own. In the end I got an infection in my central line that was placed
in my vein for getting IV fluids and harvesting the cells. I had to then get twice a day IV antibiotics to
clear up the infection. When I finally got to go home I had to be very careful of infection and disease.
If my daughters got sick I was not able to care for them, I had to instead avoid them."

"Three months later I went in for a PET scan to check the progress and the Doctor again found active
cancer cells. She then recommended I see a Radiologist who felt that radiation treatment was our next
course of action. Of course, I again took the Doctors advice as I was scared to death. I went through
daily treatments of IMRT radiation for 15 days at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. Being from about
80 miles from the clinic I drove daily for these treatments."

"It was then recommended by my wife's uncle that I speak to a good friend of his. I was able to speak
to Dr. Stone at length about my situation. He told me that I was most likely suffering from an immune
deficiency possibly caused by a contamination in my body. This could have possibly been from my line
of work as a welder and that the contamination could be a heavy metal that could have been breathed
in while working.

He recommended a strict detoxification diet and a protocol of supplements that could help my immune
system. He also got me in touch with a local Doctor that could do some more extensive testing on my
immune system and find specific deficiencies. That Doctor was able to consult with Dr. Stone on my
case and come up with a specific plan of action for me."

"In March of 2010 I went back to Mayo for another scan to check progress and
I had made it to
remission. My tumors that were still in my lymph nodes were completely inactive.
I continue to
follow the supplement protocol that was recommended for me and also follow a more strict diet. I have
also returned to work but am much more careful about what I weld and I make sure that as much
smoke as possible gets filtered away from me."

"I have since learned to live a much healthier lifestyle and cherish everyday I have. I know that at
anytime the cancer could return and I still make the trek to Mayo to scan the tumors, but I also know
that without Dr. Stone's help that the cancer would have a much greater chance of catching up with
me again."

Thanks for all of your help,

  -Marc Hallin


We tested his immune system and treated the imbalances.  I did recommend some general lymph
drainage and detoxification products while we got the testing, but all specific treatment was directed
from a little used immune panel called the T and B Lymphocyte & Natural Killer Cell Panel.  

I truly believe that this possibility could be a reality for more patients with cancer.  Set up your
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How to Identify and Treat Immune Dysfunctions in
Cancer, and Drastically Improve your

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