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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
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DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY        (Read an Interesting Case HERE!)

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of your depression or anxiety?  Do you
believe all symptoms have a root cause?  

If you believe in the root cause concept, it instantly provides hope.  If there is something to discover,
there is reason to keep searching.  If there is a reason to keep searching, there is hope for you to feel
happy and calm once again.  

If you are searching for a source, you would be served to have a system for searching.  Perhaps that
is medical diagnosis?  Even if you had the time, money and energy to become a doctor…does your
doctor explain why you have your symptoms?  They might say, “It is a chemical imbalance,” but still
you don’t know what caused that chemical imbalance.  It only leads to a pill.  

You need a system of searching, and Medicine is not a system for discovering root cause.  The
system I have discovered is quick, effective, and won’t take you 8 years of medical school…it is
something you can begin to apply today, because it is something that you experience and use every
day already.  

The system I use is based on a 3000 year old observation of natural energy flow applied to mind,
body, and life.  It is called “The Five Elements” and provides a framework or “system” to search for
root cause.  This system allows you to locate the source of anxiety and depress…and others
symptoms, such as low self esteem, anger, resentment, obsessions, addictions, fear, worry, feeling
stuck, sadness, shame…and more.  

In fact, this system can immediately increase your probability of successfully overcoming these
conditions, by applying one basic rule… “Move toward your goal.”  

Instead of trying to treat away, fight or battle the anxiety or depression, create a plan to move toward
what you actually want.  Happiness, joy, fulfillment, appreciation, gratitude…  

FIGHTING Depression or CREATING Happiness?!?

There is a quote that says… “What you resist…persists.”  Whatever you put your energy towards
grows in strength.  So if you focus your energy and mind on “beating depression,” you energize
depression.  If you focus your energy and mind on happiness, you move into happiness.  

Is there any truth to that?  Well, consider…is the “war on cancer” improving cancer rates?  Is the “war
on drugs” winning?  (Both are not!)

So why would a war against depression or anxiety work any better?  

“The Five Elements” is a description of how nature shifts energy…for example how the seasons shift
from resting (winter) to growth (spring) to blooming (summer) to harvest (late summer) to letting go
(autumn) and back to rest.  That same energy flow can be applied to shifting your own energy.  
this short video to help you understand.

Improving your depression, anxiety, temper, sadness, self esteem, fearfulness, or any
other symptom is dependent on restoring balance and harmony with nature’s energy flow.
If you wore a bikini in December or a snow suit in July…you would be out of harmony with nature…and
you would feel AWFUL.  Frostbite…heat stroke…not GOOD.  

I’m sure you see the flow of energy in the seasons…but most people have never been taught the flow
of energy in life, health or happiness.  Wouldn’t that be helpful to understand that flow of energy
within you?!?  It’s as simple as “associations.”  Fire is hot, summer is hot…and so is anxiety.  In fact, a
common symptom associated with anxiety is sweating.  

Symptoms are our guide to realizing we are out of balance or harmony with natures flow of energy.  
And a big part of our guide to restore balance (along with labs and exam).  

If you need the energy of earth, resulting in the experience of feeling alone, and the symptom of
depression, there are plant medicines that help nourish the organs and energy associated with the
earth element.  There are actions and attitudes that you can practice, such as speaking your values
(even 5% more), and allowing people to help you, that nourish earth energy…restoring
balance…diminishing the symptoms, and transforming the experience.

Imagine that…feeling in control…having a plan to nourish your mind and body with natures medicines,
nourishing your energy with acupressure techniques, and nourishing your life with goal based focus
and actions…toward what you want…happiness, calm, etc.   

Imagine each week you notice a bit more happiness and joy returning to your mind and body…a little
bit more calm, confidence, and certainty.  And each week you notice that people are a bit more
attracted to you…not just physical attraction, but interest, appreciation, and curiosity as well.  

If you need water energy in your life and health, you may experience feeling disappointed or betrayed
by others, and feel the symptom of fearfulness.  Afraid to be wrong, disappoint others, or even hurt

Acupressure has a history, reaching 3000 years in the past, of helping people overcome symptoms of
imbalance.  Symptoms like depression, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, and sadness.  Nature’s medicines
have a similar history, as does taking action…toward creating balance and moving toward health and

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