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This is the healing story of a woman with KIDNEY PAIN / STONES, DIVERTICULITIS, and constant
back and abdominal pain.  When I first saw her, she had been in a flare up for 6 straight months.  The
constant pain had brought her energy down to a level of 1 and ability to sleep to 1 (out of 10.)

During her last flare up, she was hospitalized twice, and to the best of her recollection, the prescribed
treatment was… “You have diverticulitis…don’t eat seeds.”  And of course, pain meds to block the

It is interesting to me the faith we have in our white coat doctors...all while this is the level of care that
is typical for virtually all chronic conditions.  On the plus side, sometimes it pushes patients to take
responsibility and change their diet or research natural healing on their own.  But there are many who
accept the story of “there is nothing you can do to heal…you have to learn to live with it.”  

I have a tendency to do just about anything I am told cannot be done…assuming it appeals to me.  
Healing and strengthening the body has appealed to me since early in high school.  What I have
learned is that the body heals from the foods that we eat, and if normal healing isn’t occurring, a
variety of plant medicines, which are simply extensions of foods, are available to meet the needs of
healing.  And, of course, your body is what does the actual healing part!  

So why was she not healing normally?  We have a lab test that identifies the organ needs…and we do
it this way…  Anything can cause anything…your body is a whole system, all organs and systems
working together like a little family…so we do whole system labs.  That means that this lab has a
measure for every organ and system in the body.  

This patient’s needs…to heal her kidneys, intestines, and back...was to remove a bacterial
overgrowth in these organs, and control of inflammation to stop her back and abdomen from hurting.  
Identified very simply from a single lab test, providing 3 pages of lab results.

This is an easy one right?  We gave her antibiotics and ibuprofen.  That is how you treat bacteria and
inflammation, right!?  That is true, in traditional medicine, however…with this approach, you would be
missing a critical step toward achieving healing and true health!  

The immune system matures and becomes more resilient by overcoming infections.  When you use
an antibiotic, it is like a fire bomb…killing the invaders as well as multitudes of the healthy probiotic
type bacteria that live throughout our body.  And…it doesn’t allow for the immune system to mature
(learn from the struggle).  The result is…statistically…a higher probability of getting another
infection!  So, even if she felt better, she would likely be back for another round…and then another.  
Nature’s medicines, which are food just like we see on our plate every night, don’t take over the effort
of the immune system; they support the need for strength in that fight through nourishment!  Then
when you gain control over an infection, your immune system is more mature, stronger, and your
health multiplies.  I have been a firsthand witness to this fact multiple times personally, and with the
thousands of patients I have seen over my career, now surpassing 20 years!  

In nature, however, there is not a protocol, where you give the specific antibiotic…there are hundreds
of plants that might be useful in overcoming a bacterial infection.  So how do we choose the one that
will most effectively help her?  Do I use research and the National Library of Medicine?  

This might challenge your view of “science,” but I look at history.  Not her clinical history…the
recorded history of plant medicines dating back 3000 or more years.  When a plant is used
traditionally for particular symptoms…for 3000 years…it is because it was flat out effective.  Can you
cite any “science” more accurate and reliable than that!?

Plus, I use Applied Kinesiology.  This allows me to test (muscle testing) which specific medicines will
“strengthen” her body.   In her case, she strengthened to an amazing Amazon Rain Forest plant
called Cat’s Claw.  And yes, it has thousands of years of use for intestinal and kidney inflammation, as
well as immune enhancing benefits.  

We also used another natural tradition, perhaps most observed in the wild.  As I understand, in animal
kills, the organ meats are the most desirable for their nutritional content by other animals.  Many
nutritional companies offer organ / gland supplements, but one company, Standard Process, has the
longest history and tradition of using these whole foods in their supplements.  

We used their product called Congaplex, which is an extract of thymus gland plus Vitamin A from
carrot root, and Vitamin C from mushrooms…the most ideal menu for an immune system working to
overcome a struggle.  

And, while all that is interesting, the only thing we care about is results!  Her RESULTS…the pain
started decreasing immediately.  

Remember, the symptom, ie. back and abdominal pain, are the messages of the kidney and intestinal
problems.  So blocking the pain is blocking the message of the need.  If you block the message of
hunger, you die after a few weeks, and it is now widely known that symptom blocking medication is the
third leading cause of death!  

By week six, she had a week of NO pain.  By week 10 there was no reported pain from the kidneys,
back, or intestines in several weeks!  

I have no idea if she somehow dissolved the kidney stone, if she still has pockets in her intestines, or
if her intestinal wall healed back to normal.  What we do know is this…and it is enough…her
symptoms were resolved, and the imbalances we identified on the lab tests were resolved.  
Seriously…can you get any more scientific than this process and the consistent results!  

As a patient, you must ask…
“WHY do I have these symptoms!?”  
Functional Medicine (FM)
ANSWERS this question…
and provides a clear
step by step process
to discover and resolve
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.

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