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Expectations in Medicine

I often remark that my first job as a doctor is often to increase your expectations of health and

Most doctors have poor expectations for healing chronic conditions.  Why?  If your tools for increasing
health are symptom suppression medications, chances are low that you will witness any true healing.

I discovered this reality in my second year of grad school.  Wanting to be the best, I decided to read
the entire Merck manual.  This is a 1700 page manual for medical care, written by “real” doctors.  I
was eager to discover the magic of healing, and surely this was the best book possible.

After each named condition is described, there is a section called etiology.  That means, “what causes
this condition.”  Over and over again, I read the words, “etiology unknown.”  That means, “we have no
idea what causes this condition.”  

This section is followed by a list of what medications are commonly used to decrease or suppress the
symptoms.  I wondered to myself, how is this different from treating your pain using marijuana, alcohol,
or even heroin?  If you did, you wouldn’t expect to heal.  

Many years later, I discovered the answer to the question, “what causes it?”  It is really very common
sense when you understand how the human body works.  The underlying cause is always some form
of stress or inflammation.  

Those are pretty big umbrellas, including all immune stressors, anything that causes inflammation,
such as poor diet or injury, and anything that activates the stress systems, including blood sugar
problems or low oxygen.

Somewhere in between those two discoveries…that medicine can’t heal, and all dis-ease comes from
stress and inflammation…I read a book called Spontaneous Healing, by Dr. Andrew Weil.  Long
before I asked the question, “why?,” he had taken a similar journey, traveling the world looking for
doctors and healers who were truly healing patients.  Every other chapter was a story of a patient’s
healing…and I mean from deaths door.   

Dr. Weil didn’t provide the answer to healing, because it was always different.  Some of the healers
were using physical treatments, some nutritional, and others energetic work (like acupressure).

the only thing these miracle cases had in common was an attitude change.  Each
person who healed decided that the death sentence they were given was not ok…they simply weren’t
going to accept that.  

When their belief changed, they found the “right” doctor or plan…they all did something
different…and they all healed.  

If healing is the natural state, your natural state...just like digesting your food when you eat it is the
natural state…provided we can discover the “blocks” to healing…stress and inflammation
patterns…and remove them…what condition can NOT be healed?  

It all starts with a change of expectations!

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