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Fibromyalgia Patient Story

FIBROMYALGIA is a real condition.  If you browse the Merck Manual of Medicine, you will note that
virtually all conditions have “no known cause.”  Fibromyalgia is just another to add to the list.

Functional medicine, however, looks deep and finds ROOT CAUSE in virtually every person.  We find
that there is not ONE cause to any disease, but if you inspect the WHOLE system (body), you will find
it.  Here is an amazing story of fibromyalgia recovery!  
(Including this persons “root cause”)

If you have ever met someone with, or personally experienced fibromyalgia, you can appreciate the
myriad of symptoms that accompany this condition.  Its defining characteristics are muscle pain and
tenderness, extreme sensitivity to any stress and exertion, weakness, exhaustion, and depression.  
When I first met this person, I was in shock at the results of her symptoms questionnaire.  Her
symptom score was 40% HIGHER than any other client I had previously worked with…ever!  And, as I
have learned, this is typical of fibromyalgia patients.

Is it possible that all her organs were failing?  Or is there a governing organ that, if failing, will shut
down all other organs and systems?  

Years ago I discovered a research project on fibromyalgia that assessed one organ that doesn’t show
up on lab tests…and they found a 100% correlation to this organ failing in every fibromyalgia patient
in this study.  And yes, if it doesn’t work…nothing works!  

It’s your BRAIN!  

This study revealed that the only working part of the brain in fibromyalgia is the pain perceiving part,
called the parietal cortex.  That means that focus, planning, and passion are gone.  Muscle and joint
coordination…gone!  (The result is injury from bending over, reaching…anything that most of us do
without thought… a fibromyalgia patient has to carefully consider, and proceed with caution…with
every movement… even combing their hair!)  Organ function…gone.  Memory…gone.  Regulation of
the stress response…gone.

Pain perception…AMPLIFIED 1000 TIMES!

When I met this person she handed me a stack of papers called “doctors office notes.”  She reported
(to her doctor) aching in muscles, organs, and eyes, ears, head, plus incontinence, numbness,
weakness, panic attacks, and eyes twitching (There were even more when I had her fill out our
“memory jogger” symptom survey…those were just the ones at the top of her attention!).  

The doctor offered pain medications…and then pain medications (every time)… and then passed her
off…there was a referral to a rheumatologist, neurologist, obstetrics, physical therapy, and finally

I swear that is what I feel like when I call customer service… “Oh, sorry sir, you need another

When I first examined her, having an awareness of the brain research…I checked her brain…and the
systems that most directly affect brain.  YOU know what systems affect the brain!  Think about
it…when is ANYONE irritable, achy, and exhausted?  A: When we have an infection or are waaaay
stress overwhelmed!  So we also checked for immune challenges and stress hormone imbalance.

BRAIN Exam:  We found that when she attempted to touch her nose with her finger, her hands would
shake uncontrollably, and by the 2nd or 3rd attempt, she couldn’t find her nose at all with her left
hand.  We found that her pulse on the left was a normal 68, but on the right, it was 82!  We found that
when I placed a vibrating tuning fork on the top of her head, she could only hear it in the left ear.

Next we tested brain stimulation…and just like a lab test…where you take your medicine and see if the
lab number changes desirably…we provided brain stimulation and checked if it lowered her heart rate
on the right, increased the hearing perception on the right, and improved smoothness and accuracy
of her finger to nose test.  

We found that looking through red lenses, gently moving her left arm, smelling cinnamon through her
right nostril, and gently but quickly stretching the muscles on the front of the left upper extremity
(basically a gentle chiropractic adjustment) improved her tests!  So we slowly performed these
exercises with oxygen therapy to strengthen her brain.

I know that sounds a bit weird…but what is more scientific than identifying the weakness…which was
left cerebellum and right frontal cortex…diagnosed by standard neurological tests…and then
identifying ANYTHING that improves that weakness.  That is the SCIENTIFIC PROCESS!  

The brain is stimulated by MOTOR activity…movement.  And SENSORY activity…feeling.  When I
discovered the significant weakness of right brain function, I tried everything I could think
of…massaging her arm, electrical muscle stimulation, cold, heat, vibration, and many movement
stimulations, such as eyes following a pen, squeezing a ball, air “art” where she draws pictures in the
air as if her whole left arm were a paintbrush…and then rechecked her “lab” test (vibration, finger-
nose, pulse).

I kid around that I would try singing and dancing, or telling her jokes… to see if it changed.  The
point…I am open to anything “working” if it WORKS.  And the way you know it works is that it improves
your function verified by improving the tests.  

Now…with that open-ness and focus on the ONE ORGAN we see failing in EVERY fibromyalgia
patient…here is what we observed (in her words)…

“In one month, I feel so much better that I’m in disbelief…I have seen more specialists and had more
tests than I can even begin to list, and Dr. Stone is the first Dr that (I feel) can wrap his head around
what’s going on inside me enough to help me heal.”  

We continued to “exercise” her brain, and yes, we had to support her adrenals and immune
system…we supported every part of her that needed strength…over the next several months.

She recovered fully and has kept that strength without my support or the support of any meds.  She
moved away several years ago…but I am still in touch, and I know she is strong, happy, and healthy.

When you are willing to look at every system, and consider every possibility…you will discover the
root cause in virtually every problem.  

As a patient, you must ask…
“WHY do I have these symptoms!?”  
Functional Medicine (FM)
ANSWERS this question…
and provides a clear
step by step process
to discover and resolve
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.

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