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Do you feel horrible in every way?  Depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, PMS,
rashes, allergies, constipation, pain?
 Check out this story of what I call “multiple system failure,”
and her unique cause(s) and solutions.  

When I first met with this person, she was angry.  She felt horrible most days, and her doctor kept
saying, “Everything checks out fine.”  (But wait…I’m not fine!  Should we test something else?)  Since
doc didn’t take action to solve this mystery…she read, researched…and returned to her doctor,
explaining that she had read about yeast…heavy metals…could we test for those?!?  And he would
say, “Silly woman, you are so ignorant.”  (Not exactly, but that is how she felt)

The first lesson here, is that when your Doctor says you are fine, he means that you do not qualify for
our named conditions.  “I can’t fit you into any of our categories.”  It doesn’t mean you are fine, and
you CAN find the cause, if you are willing to look “outside the box.”

For example, when her doctor tested her thyroid, he tested TSH and T4, and declared that “you are
fine.”  Yet she had so many thyroid symptoms…  I tested T3, the next step in thyroid function, and it
was low.  Sheesh…that wasn’t overly difficult.  Now at least she is validated… (“I knew it!”)  But it
doesn’t yet answer WHY…because this hypothyroid pattern is caused by stress and inflammation, so
we still need to discover WHY!  

When I first met this person, she was able to “eat about five foods.”  Meat, egg, cucumber, squash,
green beans.  Almost anything else and she might feel a terrible tightness around her neck (I was
sure it was autoimmune, but it wasn’t!  That’s why you test to find out…anything else is an opinion),
her hair would come out in gobs, she would get adrenaline rushes in her tummy, or she wouldn’t sleep
for 4 days.  She ate almonds and couldn’t catch her breath.  If she had any carbs, most of the above
would happen…and yet she craved carbs intensely!  

When I first met this person, I tested the heck out of her.  First…we talked a long time.  She filled out
multitudes of questionnaires, asking about more than she had ever been asked.  And when detail was
applied, this is how simple the diagnosis was (the repair was much more difficult).  

She had a history of significant antibiotic use.  The risks of using antibiotics, even once, includes a
“super-infection.”  This means that when you kill bacteria, both good and bad are killed…and
sometimes, another species moves in.  In her case, the “squatter” was a round worm.  Her doctors
never thought to test her poop!  

She had been exhausted, unable to focus or remember, rashy, depressed, anxious, unable to sleep,
etc.  FOR 10 YEARS…while her doctor kept telling her she was “fine,” all while she had worms.  And
more…she also had yeast (not found in her poop, as she had self treated from her own research, but
it was still detected in immune antibodies), adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, and the low thyroid (T3)
mentioned earlier.  

ALL DOCUMENTED WITH LAB TESTING in this woman who had been told she was FINE for 10

As I mentioned, the recovery was challenging.  Her intestines were destroyed by the yeast / worm
infections.  That accounted for the severe food reactions.  But over time, it was gorgeous to see

At 3 months, her hair was sticking to her scalp, she started sleeping again, her energy was returning,
and the terrible tightness around her neck went away.  At 6 months, she was adding foods back in,
with some reaction, but minor by comparison.  At a year, her period stopped “wrecking” her, and
shortly after that, she felt well enough to try my favorite carbohydrate indulgence…beer.  

Oh, it whipped her butt at first… couldn’t sleep for 4 days.  I remember her visit when she brought in a
beer.  I thought she was bringing me a gift, but she said, “Ok, this is the last thing I can’t take, fix me
so I can have it.”  And 3 months later, she reported drinking beer without an incident.

3 years later, she is still a “sensitive.” (As am I!)  She is still discovering her limits of indulgence.  (As
am I!)  But she knows we can respond to her exceeding her metabolic capacity (AKA “over doing it”),
and treat her system back to center and toward greater resilience.  

If you relate to her earlier experience…I invite you to join our practice and relate to her more recent
experience.  Find the root cause, fix the root cause, and build your body back up, system by system.

PS. I didn’t mention any remedies…there were so many over time…but I do want to mention the worm
remover.  I used to refer, with the lab test documenting the infection, to local MDs, for parasites such
as these.  The first few they prescribed for, and then they called my office and said they would not
take my patients anymore.  So I figured out how to treat parasites naturally.  Her remedy was Noni
fruit…one of many natural anti-parasitics I have found.  We retested her poop, and it was
gone…which furthered my amazement with natural medicine.  At this point, I feel I have discovered
more powerful, more potent PLANTS, to kill infections, than any pharmaceutical, and they work WITH
your natural immunity to INCREASE your infection defense in the future.  

As a patient, you must ask…
“WHY do I have these symptoms!?”  
Functional Medicine (FM)
ANSWERS this question…
and provides a clear
step by step process
to discover and resolve
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.

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