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Are You "Good" Enough?

“If I Could Just Eat Better…”

Have you ever uttered those words on your journey to better health?  Is that resource
working…eating better?  I mean are you getting better…healthier?  Are you having a reduction in
symptoms?  Can you stick to what you think is the ideal diet long enough to become well?

I often say that a good resource is not a useful resource if it is not working.  If eating better is not
working, it’s time to look for a different resource.  

If I personally waited to end all my bad habits to relieve my symptoms, I would be just as tired, allergic,
anxious, and hurting now as I was when I was 22.  But I’m not.  In fact, I feel my best ever, just like
some of my “wellness” patients who you can read about here.  

I count indulgences (AKA "bad habits) as any high carb food or drink.  Bread, chips, sugar (soda and
sweet treats), and alcohol are the main sources.  Most servings of any of these are around 15 grams
of carbs.  Some high intensity cakes and bagels can be a double serving.

My indulgence servings per week are around 30-40.  That’s 5-6 per day.  I am not counting whole
grain items…that is all chocolate, chips, cookies, beer, and non-whole grain breads.  Straight up
refined flour, corn, sugar, and alcohol.  

Could you “limit” yourself to 40 indulgences a week?  If so, you are capable of achieving “best ever.”
Indulgences affect blood sugar and insulin, so are most challenging to the liver and gall bladder,
pancreas and adrenals, and if the binge exceeds 6 servings in a row, the intestines become inflamed
as well.    

I have witnessed natures medicine put cancer into remission, help diabetics no longer “qualify” for the
disease, treat exhausted thyroid patients to best ever, and quiet pain to zero.  

Could nature’s medicine also meet the challenging needs of overindulgence?   

As I mentioned in the
Best Ever article, while being far from perfect, I have achieved best ever energy,
allergy response, pain levels, anxiety, and stress resilience…plus, I haven’t gained a pound since
college.  I have gained and lost as I developed the precision of my indulgence antidote protocol, but
nothing that has stuck with me.  

Without telling on anyone, I can share that none of the others from the Best Ever article are perfect,
either.  One of them will occasionally bring in some candy to his wellness checks to see if they are
overwhelming his system.

Instead of delaying a natural health program until you are “good enough,” get started right away on a
natural health program so you can be “more bad!”

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