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This is the healing story of a woman with THYROID problems that went WAY deeper than her
THYROID!  She actually came to see me because she was sick…but not a normal sick…it had lasted
12 weeks by the time of her exam, with crazy spikes in body temp (almost 105!), and continuous
lethargy, cough and sore throat.  

She was diagnosed Hypothyroid 4 years previously after her first pregnancy and birth.  She had
extreme fatigue, hair loss, and gained 30 pounds in 3 months!  Her doctor prescribed Synthroid,
which improved all her symptoms!  Yay…a medical healing miracle, right?  Hey, if it leads to good
health, I am open to anything.  But that wasn’t the case…she was in my office in a healing crises, and
the root cause of her current crises was why her thyroid was suppressed in the first place.  

But she felt good initially!…had another baby a couple years later, which required some dosage
adjustments, but she did ok.  Then a third pregnancy, but this time she was not OK.  She got
sick…and it never went away!  

The significance of all this, is that she had an autoimmune thyroid problem called Hashimotos
Thyroiditis.  During pregnancy, your immune system shifts to prevent rejection of the baby, and then
near birth, shifts back.  It is a common observation that pregnancy is the “tipping point” for the onset
of autoimmune thyroid problems.  It’s a normal and healthy shift, but it can be too much for an
unstable immune system.

You can easily look at history and observe that, right?  The first baby tipped her into hypothyroid…
number 2 stressed her system, but it didn’t break (yet)…and the 3rd tipped her into crises.  

That brought her to True Health…and full system diagnosis.  We saw the shift of her immune system
into bacterial defense along with high inflammation (no surprise there)…we notice a low LDH
indicating hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue (also not shocking)…and her HDL cholesterol, the
“good” cholesterol, was 106.  If you are not familiar with HDLs and health, there is a statistical
observation that low HDLs increases heart disease…but in autoimmune disease, the body
INCREASES production in an effort to control inflammation.  I have never met a person who felt good
and had HDL cholesterol over 80 (which is our optimal health top range).  

We also noticed in her thyroid labs, that her T3Uptake was extremely low, which is suggestive of high
estrogen levels.  (In her case we didn’t measure estrogen, so we didn’t know how high, but we had a
symptom and lab number, so we could check back if we were effectively treating her).  (We’ll learn
later that she also suffered with horrible PMS…disabling at times…for the past 15 years!)

To effectively treat autoimmune conditions, you have to control the immune challenges first, and then
shift the immune system back to balance. In her case, the challenge was a bacterial infection that she
was very ineffectively dealing with. We chose a combination of a plant called Golden Thread (a
Chinese herb) and another called Waltheria (Hawaii), which have thousands of years of history
treating infections, fever, and sore throat.

She noticed some improvements pretty quickly, but it took a couple months to really get full control!
I describe health priority like this…if thyroid and energy production is analogous to eating dinner, and
you go home to find a burglar (immune invasion), dinner is waiting until you solve that problem…and if
you arrive home to find the basement flooded (stress hormones)…again, hamburgers are later.  

During this initial 2 months of strengthening her immune system, we began to move into the flooded
basement problem (stress physiology/Adrenal glands).  We knew that blood sugar was a challenge to
her adrenals…but what came up as her primary stressor (via muscle testing) was CRITICISM!    

Now hold on…what does life have to do with our health problems?  Well here is the
reality…sometimes I can’t locate the stress factor hormonally…ie. cortisol, adrenaline,
caffeine…meaning none weaken her…so I test the five LIFE STRESSORS…and every time…will find
one to produce a weakening effect.  I call them emotional triggers, and they are criticism, unfairness,
ignorance, ignored, and disruption.  Nobody prefers any of these, which is why they are triggers…but
if you are NOT emotionally triggered, disruption is an opportunity…criticism is just advice…

We discovered that her strategy to avoid criticism was “The Pleaser.”  With this strategy, she tries to
predict what other people want, and then does what she thinks will make them happy.  Holy Stress

I employed a strategy called “antagonism.”  It proved successful, so don’t judge.  In this strategy, I
challenged her every choice.  And I made it ridiculous, so she would see the stressful pattern.  I said,
“I don’t like purple, you should wear blue when you come for your visit.”  I don’t recall the actual
conversation, but the concept is this…people NEED to be authentic and honest…if they are not…if
they say and do what they think you want to hear/see…you’re most compassionate action would be to
keep asking until they reached the tipping point of change.  The kindest thing you could do would be
to help them find their limit…so I did.  

One more interesting piece before I move to results.  As we moved into stress physiology and immune
balance, meeting those needs…she tested for a plant called Rehmannia.  This plant is traditionally
used to overwhelm out of control energy…it has the properties of sticky, heavy and dense…and very
SWEET with its high starch attributes.  It causes energy to “sink” into the lower abdomen
(gut/intuition), and control energy flow from below up.  

With that unique character, it is known to be an adaptogen…meaning that it helps you to respond to
stress, lift energy, and be more alive.  Because of its character of suppressing out of control energy,
and lifting energy production, it has become a modern tradition for autoimmune thyroid…which is a
modern calamity because of environmental chemicals, overuse of antibiotics, and apparently even the
out of control energy of trying to Please people!  

The RESULT:  (and NOTHING matters but the result!)…she naturally recovered from her immune
challenge, giving her natural and permanent immunity and resilience…she weaned herself off thyroid
medications over the next several months, and she is now healthy, happy, and uninterested in your
approval!  I’m kidding, sort of…a core desire is to serve others and be an important part of a family
and community…but she serves for Authentic SELF now, and is much more confident and trusting of
her choices!

Currently, she is pregnant with her 4th baby…and excited to work through the natural immune shifts
using plant medicines with our clinic!  Her first challenge was nausea, which was improved with
peppermint and gentian root…second was migraines, at the start of her 2nd trimester, which
responded almost immediately to Echinacea and Lemon Balm…literally, she would start getting a
migraine, take the tincture and tap an acupressure point I gave her, and it would go away!  

And, as I mentioned, she had this long history of PMS, disabling cramps, and irritability for a week
every month.  She finally “complained” about it when the irritability kept getting worse and worse.  She
was losing control…yelling at the people she loved…and finally (she hadn’t even mentioned it
because she had learned that this symptom was “NORMAL”) she said, “Oh my God, can you help with
my insanity!”  

A plant combo with an extensive history and tradition of helping women manage cyclic symptoms,
dandelion root, yarrow, and hyssop was prescribed…a month later she said she had only minor
cramps and irritability…and the next month she reported getting her period with NO Pre-or during
symptoms at ALL!  

She said something like… “It would have been nice to know about this 17 flipping years ago!”
And, yes, I agree…it WOULD be nice to reacquaint more people to our so amazing and wonderful
healing traditions…you can help make this happen by sharing this story!  Thank you on behalf of the
one additional person who finds this story because of your share, and avoids years of unnecessary

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