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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

What is IBS?  The big picture is that the enteric nervous system, which is like the brain for the gut,
has become irritable, just like our central nervous system (that brain in our head) can become
irritable.  The main chemicals that cause irritability are stress hormones…cortisol, adrenaline, and

We have all experienced a time when we “had to go, really bad” and something shocked us or scared
us and we forgot about the having to go…even though it was “really bad.”  This is the impact of
adrenaline on the enteric nervous system.  

What causes stress hormones to affect the enteric nervous system?  The main cause of
stress hormone surges is inflammation and blood sugar imbalances, and each time the stress
hormones respond, they get better at responding.  It’s like trying to touch the rim in basketball…if you
jump enough, you get better at jumping.  If you release stress hormones, over and over, the
hormones jump higher and higher.  And, since it isn’t occurring in your brain, you may not have a clue
you are “stressed out,” and you may not be in the way we normally think of stress (jobs, relationships,
money, etc.).  

When your GI doctor checks your stomach or intestines, he or she is only checking for pathology…
changes in the lining of these organs that are consistent with a named disease.  Diverticulitis, Crohn’s
Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, etc.  They want to name you something else, because they
have a treatment for these named diseases.  For IBS there is nothing but an offering of
antidepressants, and a couple other symptom based medications.  

Fortunately, research continues behind the scenes, and
research doctors have identified a
correlation between stress hormones and IBS.
 Here’s the bad news.  The only “tools” traditional
doctors have for stress hormones is antidepressants, and they do not correct cortisol levels.  So
typically they will not test for them…and they cannot see them with scopes or scans.  So, you are left
to wonder…what is GOING ON WITH ME?!  

Fortunately, we can correct these hormones with natural medicines.  Below is an example of
normalizing stress hormones…same person…using anti-inflammatory herbs, supplements that
improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control, and a group of plants called adaptogens, that
actually reset the output levels of adrenal hormones over time.  

Listen to a real story of a woman left to wonder…and actually began to believe it was all in her

She came to me as a referral from an acupuncturist who knew I offered the diagnostics.  She was
trying anything and everything to feel well again.  She struggled with IBS for 20 years, and it had torn
down her health over those years.  She was told that there is nothing wrong with her, put on
antidepressants, and was ready to call a psychiatrist.  I love talk therapy, but I still think you should
rule out hormonal and immune causes to the illness.  If you are infected, I’m just not sure how talking
out your problems will make that right (although I’m open to the possibility).

As I interviewed her, she described the IBS symptoms, plus she had headaches, body pain, extreme
fatigue, and a whole laundry list of symptoms.  She had seen multiple doctors and specialists for her
increasing disability.  Yes, it was disabling…causing her to miss work a couple days a week on
average.  Her bowels had been called lazy, sluggish, and irritable…and remember, nothing was really
“wrong” with her according to her many doctors and specialists.  

With our diagnostic testing, I found several things “wrong” with her, including a parasite.  For 20
years, she had struggled, suffered, and become more disabled…and nobody ever checked for

Her “nothing” problem took its toll on her entire health.  She had become anemic, had low cortisol
levels, low progesterone that contributed to the headaches, and a handful of other problems that we
are now rehabilitating (it takes awhile to get these glands functioning again).  
And, can I say it again, with all these problems, diagnosed via lab testing…she would leave her doctor’
s office having been told there is nothing wrong with her.  No wonder she began to believe she was

I wish this weren’t so typical…but I see it all the time.  And not just with IBS.  Doctor’s are trained to
look for a handful of things…cancer, Crohns, Inflammation, blockage…you get the idea…these are all
things we can see with our eyes.  They looked at the poor woman’s colon, but these parasites live in
the small intestine.  They scanned and scoped, and they didn’t SEE anything, so they said nothing
was wrong with her.  

This woman finally has her happy ending…she is nearly symptom free, her energy is coming back,
and she has worked several full weeks now.  She has her life back…and, she is not crazy.  

What is IBS?  Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition with a cause.  It is not one thing…for some
it is infections, for others food allergies or sensitivities, and for others it is a hormone problem.  
Unfortunately, few sufferers ever find out what it is.  If YOU were a doctor, and your patient kept
coming in with the same problems…getting worse over time…wouldn’t you run the tests?  That seems
like common sense to me!?

I hope her story gives YOU hope.  I hope you acknowledge your symptoms as messages that
something is wrong…and don’t allow this many years of struggle before finding out you there is
something wrong, and that it can be resolved. (or worse yet, carrying this struggle with you your entire

You found this website with your diligence and desire, and to me, that means you are ready for a
change.  Start by watching the free videos so you can see for yourself all the work that we do for you.  
We are a small doctors office in a small town…we don’t share your private information with anyone,
and you can stop our emails anytime you wish.  If you are anything like this woman, you deserve to
take a look.  
IBS.  Normal cortisol levels are the green
shaded areas.  

You might ask why the levels should be high
in the morning after snoozing all night??  
This is the perfect function of cortisol as the
hormone that prevents hypoglycemia.

During the night, we are fasting, and cortisol
slowly rises to protect from dangerous blood
sugar drops.  In this patient, you can see
that the cortisol is lower in the morning than
importantly, at night when she is trying to go
to sleep.  

This disrupts sleep and really the healing
that occurs at night.  This simple test shows
significant disruption to her health and

Fast forward several months...we treated
inflammation, blood sugar, and these
hormones...all naturally.  

This is the potential of natural medicine.  Diagnosing things that are overlooked in to
treat a stress process and move you toward health...and, most to resolve the
discomfort of your condition!