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Get The Right Diagnosis!
A Different Approach to Health & Healing

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Attention: If you are looking for a different approach to improving your health
that provides an understanding of "why" you have
any condition,
and a personalized road map toward TRUE HEALTH...

As a patient, you must ask…
“WHY do I have these symptoms!?”  
Functional Medicine (FM)
ANSWERS this question…
and provides a clear
step by step process
to discover and resolve
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.

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Dr. Todd Stone is  a Chiropractor, and an internationally recognized Alternative Medicine Physician,
having consulted in multiple countries across the globe, and is best known for his research and
innovative insights into Thyroid and Sleep Disorders.  He is the author of the definitive Functional
Medicine guidebook, "When Did Natural Become the Alternative." This book has been called the best
overview of Functional Medicine ever written for the consumer.

Dr. Stone has advanced training and certification in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, Integrated
Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology; he is Board Eligible in Functional Neurology.

This unique combination has prepared Dr. Stone for meeting the needs, diagnostically and
therapeutically, of the "chronic walking wounded"…those people suffering with pain, fatigue, and
disability who have found no solution, or even adequate diagnosis.

With a combination of kinesiology (neurological muscle testing), a brain based physical examination,
and comprehensive lab testing, Dr. Stone can reveal the big picture mechanism of even the most
complex conditions. And once revealed, it is merely a process of putting the pieces back together to
create a whole and healthy, fully functioning individual. Put in simple terms, after searching far and
wide, you will finally find someone who will answer WHY for you… "Why do I suffer with this problem!?"

Dr. Stone practices in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, a destination for health seekers and nature
enthusiasts. He graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington, MN, in
1994. Along with helping people with chronic and medically unresponsive conditions, another passion
is moving this innovative medicine into the mainstream, leading toward a safer, more effective national
healthcare for all patients.

His focus and determination in "solving the mystery" have led him to this advanced training and
expertise as a sought after "MEDICAL DETECTIVE."

Our Philosophy...

Simply stated, if you have the "right" functional diagnosis, you have your solution.  

The diagnosis must be functional, NOT just a name for a symptom with an unknown cause.  The
diagnosis must report the cause, or underlying process.

You can have "fleas and lice!"  Meaning two causes or underlying processes that produce similar
symptoms or syndromes.

There is always a reason "WHY!"  If you don't know the reason as of yet, look at the questions you
are asking and ask different questions.  (Perhaps hire adifferent question asker!

WHO: Dr. Stone has a doctorate in chiropractic, is certified in integrated natural medicine and applied
kinesiology, and is board eligible in functional neurology.  A combination that allows for “full person”
evaluation and care… physical, chemical, and mental/emotional.

WHAT: We provide state of the art evaluation of nervous system function, body chemistry balance,
and even mental or emotional overload.  We can “get to the bottom of” difficult problems or measure
slight slip ups and keep you in tip top condition.  All based on nutrition, diet, therapy and exercises of
many types (No Drugs)!

WHY:  Our mission is to educate and assist as many families as possible in achieving optimal health,
by increasing knowledge of how health and disease happen, and by raising the standard of
“measuring” health.   Using high tech and comprehensive testing and measuring, your future is no
longer a create the health you want...I can show you how.