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MIGRAINES, IBS for 35 years!! Check out what was the ROOT CAUSE…and how we finally created a
happy ending.

The woman in front of me started having stomach pains in grade school. Her momma took her to the
doctor and after “thorough diagnostic testing,” her diagnosis was… “nothing wrong!” C’mon!! If you
took your car to a mechanic because the engine was knocking, would you accept, “there’s nothing
wrong!”?? Why is the standard different!?

Her migraines began with puberty. Severe incapacitating headaches that basically stopped life until it
let go of her. Another doctor…another diagnosis of “nothing wrong.”

Do you know what that means… “Nothing Wrong”? It means they ruled out ONE condition…such as
brain tumor. Not “nothing”… but one or two things…are not wrong with you. A lack of a brain tumor
doesn’t mean nothing is wrong. Back to the mechanic…if they say… “well, it’s not the exhaust
system.” What do you say? Yes… “I don’t give a flip what it ISN’T…I want to know what it IS!”

By the time she sat in my office, some 35 years later, she had seen so many doctors that she couldn’t
count them anymore. And every single one told her the SAME THING… “nothing was wrong with her,”
and she just needs to learn to manage stress. They offered her an antidepressant….and at this point
she was willing to try anything!! And she truly wondered if it was all in her head. Unfortunately, it
improved nothing…not even a tiny fraction better!

She was gathering that medicine wasn’t going to answer her questions! 35 years of stomach pain and
migraines…which had worsened to DAILY, but only 1 or 2 per week bad enough to keep her out of
work. ONLY!!!

Over the years, she had also developed severe PMS, exhaustion (she went to bed at 6 most nights to
make it to work)…and then developed insomnia, which caused severe depression. Any wonder why
the antidepressant didn’t work? Clearly…the only cure for her depression, would be getting rid of the
pain, exhaustion and insomnia.

She also related that she felt “weak” like her muscles couldn’t contract to hold even a cup of
coffee…and YET…she couldn’t shut down to sleep!

I have studied sleep in great depth, and one critical component of “switching off” is ENERGY (ATP).
Isn’t that ironic…if your body can’t MAKE energy, it can’t shut down to rest, restore and heal!

The last symptom she reported was “flu like” body aches.
When you have the flu, your body’s immune system is fighting off a rather resistant intruder, and the
inflammation from the fight opens up pain reception pathways to the brain, and even while lying in
bed, your brain is certain your body is being beat with a sledge hammer. I remember the last time I got
the flu…over 10 years ago…even my hair hurt!

OK…it wasn’t that bad, more of a nagging achiness…but add that to the rest and it MULTIPLIES her
MISERY! I swear…I can’t even imagine…I have a low pain threshold to begin with, so I’m pretty certain
I would be suicidal by this time. I have to give her credit for being one TOUGH woman!

So now she is in my office…hoping…and hope is pretty slim at this point…that I can do something that
dozens of medical specialists were not able to do…find out WHY she was suffering with all these
agonizing symptoms. But I think about health and sickness differently. I don’t rule out one condition…I
check EVERYTHING…and just like everybody else with symptoms, we found a ROOT CAUSE!

As of this date, I have yet to find “nothing wrong” with someone with a symptom…because, by
definition, a symptom is a message indicating something is wrong.

We did a full system blood panel…3 pages of test results. Isn’t that what your mechanic does…run a
system scan? And mechanics NEVER find “nothing wrong” …RIGHT?!?

We found THREE THINGS!! Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Anemia. And Inflammation (C-Reactive

When your blood sugar drops, your body releases adrenaline…if you have experienced
hypoglycemia, you know the shaky, irritable feeling of adrenaline surges. Guess what else adrenaline
does? A: Constricts blood vessels! So we already have a good reason for the migraines, which are
considered to be caused by blood vessel constriction. But what causes the constriction…?!? A:
Adrenaline OK…what causes the adrenaline surge? A: Hypoglycemia…when blood sugar drops, it is
a survival concern! Ok…what causes hypoglycemia? A: Keep reading to find out her CAUSE!

When you are anemic, your blood doesn’t carry oxygen efficiently…which is critical for energy. So
when she lies down to sleep, her brain is needing oxygen to make the energy (ATP) to shut off…and
it never comes (enough anyway). We have a CAUSE of her insomnia and exhaustion/weakness!

Next we ran a pretty complete hormone panel. Do you know that there are 67 hormones that we are
aware of? Well we ran about 10…the hormones of the female cycle and of sleep. Cortisol is essential
for restful sleep. Too much and you can’t fall asleep…too little and you can’t stay asleep. Clearly this
woman was messed up…she had both!! WHAAAT? How can you have too much AND not enough at
the same time?? A: The adrenal hormones run on a day/night cycle…so she had DOUBLE the normal
at night when trying to fall asleep…and HALF the normal in the morning, indicating her ability to stay
asleep. WOW!

She apparently liked factors of two…her testosterone was DOUBLE NORMAL…and her progesterone
was HALF normal. She was just a few points away from a normal MALE testosterone level…which led
her to acknowledge another symptom…she had grown a beard and moustache in the last few
years…the least of her worries, but a nice addition to her misery.

And finally, we ran a comprehensive stool analysis. We use a specialized lab that scans for
everything…and here’s the smoking gun. Hookworm!! The CDC website describes that hookworm was
once very common in the southeastern United States. It is contracted mainly by walking barefoot in
soil fertilized or contaminated by human feces. Eggs are passed in the feces of infected people, and
hatch in the soil…the babies can enter the body through bare feet, moving through the body to their
favorite home, the intestines. There they ‘hook’ into the walls of the intestine, causing bleeding and
eventual ANEMIA! It is fairly rare now, so it not commonly tested for.

And the story is complete...a little girl walking barefoot, steps in the WRONG spot, and hookworms
embed in her feet, traveling to her intestines, reproducing and inhabiting her for 35 years. (Creepy!)

Her first symptom is stomach pain, and her doctor fails to check for hookworms, so they diagnose
“nothing wrong.” Any infection is a STRESS to a body, so her adrenal glands are taxed, causing
hormone imbalance and a rough start to her cycle. As the hookworms wear her body down, the
symptoms multiply, causing anemia (exhaustion, weakness), adrenal fatigue (insomnia,
hypoglycemia), and inflammation (now we have the CAUSE of inflammation).

35 years, and countless doctors didn’t find what I found, because I listened and refused to stop
looking until it was revealed. We revealed the CAUSE…completed the story…so now what?

What does a natural doctor do for parasites…hookworm!? We need medicine, right?! Wrong… There
is a spice in your cupboard right now that is documented on the National Library of Medicine to
remove parasites effectively…called…oregano.

We used a concentrated source of oregano oils, in fact that very product used in the published study!
Six weeks after starting oregano, she noted that she felt the “heaviness” lift…that she could last
longer through the day, and that her muscles started working again. She felt strong(er) and alive(er)!!

It took a bit longer to fully build back up her adrenal glands and other hormones from the chronic
infection and inflammation…35 years of hookworms is damn exhausting to a body! We used American
Ginseng to build UP…and in three months her morning cortisol was optimal! We used a calming plant
called skullcap to relax her body to sleep.

At six months, she had no more pain, and constipation was RARE…she had NO urgency or loose
stools, and NO headaches! She said her energy was so high, she couldn’t stay still!! I imagine so,
after carrying that excess baggage for so long. We did verify on repeat testing that the parasite was
eliminated…and we retested the high testosterone…back to normal, and the puny
progesterone…back to normal. Nature’s medicines really work!

And as much as anything, she was so grateful that she wasn’t crazy after all! I still remember when I
was breaking the news of the hookworm. I was laying it on gently… “here’s the bad news…hookworm.”
I have never seen somebody so excited and happy to have hookworms!! She was validated…after 35
years! Literally…she was so happy…that she was not crazy…that it was not ALL IN HER HEAD!

The REAL CRAZY thing…was that soooo many doctors did not take responsibility for her health, and
allowed her to suffer, struggle and question her sanityfor so many years! DR: “I ruled out the disease I
work on…next.” How? Why? Can that happen!?

Please… do your fellow humans a service and SHARE this to spread the word of HOPE and the
rapidly expanding science of Functional Medicine…these are TRUE “root cause” doctors… doctors
that take responsibility for finding cause, and YOUR wellbeing! Don’t let ANOTHER human suffer for
so long…SHARE and spread the word. We need YOU…

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