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We offer "Physician Lines" of Natural Supplements.  This means that these products have
passed the most rigorous test...they work on sick patients.  They make patients well in doctors offices
across the country and globe, and they change the lab markers we use to identify internal needs and

This page contains our most common home remedies for common symptoms.  We have
handled colds, flu, bronchitis, tummy upsets, and itchy plenty of skin problems (poison
ivy especially, and other rashes), aches and pains, injuries, allergies, headaches, etc.  The most
common everyday symptoms.  We have yet to use an antibiotic, steroid cream, or whatever you get
when you bring these problems to your GP.  We have had stubborn problems that didn't respond to
our natural medicine cabinet...but that's where daddy doctor comes in.  Most times, this does the trick.
Immune Products

Black Elderberry:  We add this for extra viral support and cough relief with
upper respiratory infections.  This one is in a glycerin base, so tastes good for
the little ones.   

Sublingual B6:  We use this liquid Vitamin B6 for acute histamine reactions
of the skin.  Which means any rash, eczema, or redness that may be allergy
related.  This is coupled with the topical Black Currant Oil to help the body
eliminate histamine.  

Stress Products

Pro-Cortisol Balance:  This is the acute stress remedy.  Rough day with the
kids, and a headache is brewing?  Pop one or two of these and it will bring
your cortisol levels back down and often relieve the stress headache in 30
minutes.  Also useful for kids that are too wired to go to bed or have a hard
time falling asleep (adults too).

General Health

These two products have been a part of my daily regimen for over 10 years.  

EPA/DHA Essentials:  These are the fish oils I have used that entire time.  
Fish oils are preventive for inflammation and brain aging, help regulate
immune function, thin bile (improve gall bladder function), prevent or treat dry
and cracking skin, and on and on.  This is probably the number one product I
recommend for patients with chronic health problems too.  

Greens First:  Years ago I dropped my multivitamin and kept the Greens
First. I didn't notice any decline in energy, in fact my energy continues to
improve.  This is a whole food, low temperature, dehydrated and powdered
vegetable and grass drink that tastes good.  Every product on this page,
except B6 and Procortisol is a whole food.  I believe that we should take in
nutrients as close to nature as possible.  This helps me fill in the gaps from
my indulgences, provides extra whole veggies and other "super" nutrients.  

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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology,
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Functional Neurology.  This clinic does not treat named conditions,
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