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True Calm Heals Anxiety, Fatigue, and Insomnia

Do you know the anxiety of exhausted insomnia? Anxiety and stress overwhelm, meet True Calm. Ashwagandha is a plant medicine that not only eases anxiety, it is research proven to heal thyroid problems.  Doctors in India took a group of people with thyroid conditions, and gave half Ashwagandha and half a placebo.  This is a double […]

Healing IBS and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a disabling condition. This woman planned her life around bathrooms.  IBS alternates between miserable constipation and urgent diarrhea, and it shifts suddenly.  Wherever she went, she had to map out the bathrooms every step of the way.  And still, she had to carry extra panties in her purse for […]

Healing Chronic Pain

Do You Remember When The Pain Began? I bet you remember exactly.  Because when pain becomes chronic, it consumes your life.  If you have chronic pain, I bet your faith in doctors has diminished.   Especially when you hit double digits.  This woman told me that I was the 10th doctor she had asked to help […]

The top 10 Plant Medicines for Cancer

Is Mother Nature helpful for treating cancer? Very few cancer patients find True Health.  I have helped one find healing, or what they call remission, after five fails at the Mayo Clinic.  He shared his story here.  The next cancer patient was so burned by his medical care that he couldn’t swallow his own saliva.  […]