A Child’s Plea…

Dear Mom and Dad, “Hi…it’s me…I want you to know that I have a hard time understanding and sharing my feelings, but I will do my best.  The truth is that I am very afraid…I am afraid that I am not good enough for you.  I feel like I am a bother, annoyance, and even […]

What I DID get…

I am thankful for understanding this energy…for 2 reasons.  1. I can more effectively help people!! (Yay!).  and 2. I am really thankful that I am beginning to understand people who aren’t me!  There have been enough people ‘like me’ to help…and make a living with my unique value…BUT…seeing the perspective of those NOT like […]


The five elements philosophy suggests that there are people who attract disappointment.  It suggests the reason, cause or initiating factor to be an experience of, “fear with a lack of acknowledgement or reassurance.”  These people have a “Water” imbalance.   Water, in nature, is “the transformable.”  Flexible, sensible, it holds the energy of gratitude.  It holds […]

Exhaustion…Severe Foot Pain…Lyme Disease?

Interesting story…imagine one day, you wake up in the morning…and by the way…yesterday was just a normal day…but TODAY… you can’t STAND UP.  Your FOOT HURTS so badly that you can’t stand.  So you crawl to get your clothes…crawl to the car…and into the ER.  The doctor’s assessment indicates a lack of Prednisone in the […]


I awoke Wednesday morning, early, to that all too familiar mouth watering and stomach cramping.  Throwing up is one of the least enjoyable activities a person can experience, so even one time is familiar enough.   My initial assumption was something I ate, and…bummer…but my body would purge and I would be fine by daylight.  […]