Foot Pain/Lyme Disease

Exhaustion, ankle pain

This is such an interesting story…imagine one day, you wake up in the morning…and by the way…yesterday was just a normal day…but TODAY… you can’t STAND UP.  Your FOOT HURTS so badly that you can’t stand.  So you crawl to get your clothes…crawl to the car…and CRAWL into the ER.  The doctor’s assessment indicates a lack of Prednisone in the foot, so they shoot it up and send you on your way.

Huh…they do this with football players…because there is nothing more important than scoring touchdowns, so they SHUT OFF the inflammatory response of an injury…so you CAN’T feel the PAIN…and you go back in for more touchdowns.

This person wasn’t scoring touchdowns, but they sent him back in the game of life…unable to protect his injured foot.  As you can imagine, pretending it isn’t there, doesn’t tend to HEAL!

So next, he scheduled with the SPECIALIST.  The specialist diagnosed “reactive arthritis”…defined as joint pain caused by INFECTION (that’s from medical texts folks!).

The prescription…methotrexate.  This drug blocks DNA synthesis, cellular repair and healing…it is used with autoimmune diseases and cancer to SUPPRESS the immune system.

Huh!?…that seems contraindicated to resolving an INFECTION!

He lived on meds for a year…suppressing the message…until his doctors said, “you know…these drugs are toxic and unhealthy, now that the pain is gone you should wean off them.”  And so he did…and the pain came back just as horrible as when it started!

Next he traveled to John Hopkins Medical Center…he wanted the BEST care possible.  He drove to Maryland to see the BEST Doctor…who suggested methotrexate!  (Yeah, that’s the same pain blocking drug he was already on!)  Only this time the damage was so severe, it didn’t take the pain away!

Then he went to Sisters of Mercy, another prestigious medical center, and they looked deeper than pain meds…they ran some additional tests and offered that it could be Lyme Disease.   Lyme disease is challenging.  The best lab test for Lyme, the Western Blot…I have heard is considered 50% accurate.  Which is the exact reliability of a coin flip.  And then…what to do about it…is pretty controversial…

Finally, a friend tells him to check out DrStone… “this clinic definitely has a different perspective.”

By the time he is in my office,  he is exhausted… he is having headaches and visual disturbances…and his shoulders are aching.  After hearing his story, we tested Lyme and co-infections in multiple ways, and found a hyper-tonic response (muscle tightening…a stress reaction) to borrelia, the Lyme invader.  Then we found a remedy to resolve that tension…from my Lyme and co-infection resources.

And we ran our typical full system labs.

The labs revealed inflammation and adrenal exhaustion…which may have simply been a result of this 2 year journey.  (A 10 out of 10 pain is like surgery without anesthesia!)  I tested for many natural anti-inflammatory plants…and after at least a dozen fails…we located Manjistha.

Manjistha is a plant found in India, China, and some areas of Africa.  Its traditional use is for spider and snake bites…because it flushes the lymphatic system.  It is also known as an immune STIMULANT (based on his testing and diagnosis,  wouldn’t  it make sense to support and stimulate the immune system if there is an infection, rather than suppress it?)…and its history includes treating all inflammatory joint problems, because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Well, after 2 years of pain, which he rated as 10 out of 10 when he came in…which more recently, did not even respond to very intense pain medications…and was wearing a cast for his ankle…including through several of my visits…he comes in after 6 weeks on his protocol…with NO CAST!!  He shares that his ankle is maybe slightly sore…and that his SHOULDER PAIN is gone…and his energy is back!

These experiences surprise and humble me.  No…not feel like some big important doctor.  I bow down to the power and graciousness of God…for giving such potent medicine.  I thank God for giving me a talent for finding the right medicine for people…people REALLY suffering!

There are times of struggle…putting the right pieces together… but there are way MORE times, that I am AMAZED at the RESULTS…that God and Nature offer.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Stone