Case Study – PCOS/Infertility


One of the most heart-breaking conditions is INFERTILITY. The story is all too common…a young couple excited to grow their family and have their first baby…and… NOTHING HAPPENS. Month after month… no baby. Or, as in this case, a pregnancy is achieved, but within the first trimester…a miscarriage. This family’s hearts were broken by 2 miscarriages before calling True Health.

Yes, they did consult with a fertility clinic…which is the ‘first stop’ for most heart-broken parents. But, by choosing Natural Medicine, she not only got her wish, she also experienced the “side effects” of natural medicine…health and healing!! (You’ll see what I mean!) I often ask, “when did natural become the alternative!?” When and how did that happen? One of the ideas created to ensure medical clients is that “Natural Medicine is not scientific.” You read this through, and tell me if this is not a scientific approach!

HISTORY: She had a history of irregular cycles with severe menstrual cramping at her period. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with PCOS and offered birth control pills as her treatment plan. That seemed detrimental (HaHa) to their goal of pregnancy, and no other options were given, so they opted for no treatment, leaving her to suffer through her period like too many women.

Her energy levels were very low (2 out of 10), she had problems with insomnia despite the low energy, and severe back pain that started after a fall years ago, which was finally concluded to be a ‘permanent injury.’ (We’ll see about that!)

LABS: We ran a full system lab plus a female hormonal panel both at day 7 (peak estrogen phase), and day 21 (peak progesterone phase) and an adrenal hormone panel (24 hour). The point of the testing was to evaluate the domino effect of hormones during a female cycle. During the first half of the cycle, a gradual increase in estrogen signals to the ovaries to release an egg…so if the estrogen peak is too low…no signal…no egg. In the second half of the cycle, progesterone gradually increases to thicken the lining of the uterus in preparation for implantation…so if the progesterone is too low… no warm. Cozy home for the baby, often the cause of miscarriage.

We discovered that her progesterone levels were very LOW on day 21 (19!, with a minimum of 65 needed to nourish the uterine lining enough to make a safe home). Fertilization occurred, but the fertilized egg could not implant and / or survive in the undernourished uterine lining.

Remember…keep asking why! Why was she not producing progesterone normally!?

Your adrenal glands are known as the “stress glands” because they were designed to survive famine. If you have no food, these glands produce a hormone called cortisol, which instructs the liver to convert stored energy (fat) into glucose for energy production. (I know what you are thinking, but, sorry, starvation doesn’t work for fat burning, as it also suppresses your thyroid to lower metabolism).

Obviously, this would be a bad time to become pregnant (during famine). So God created us in a way that cortisol and progesterone are made from the same raw material…cholesterol! So… if you need more cortisol to survive, you cannot make progesterone for reproduction because the raw materials are being used for survival. (which, of course, is a higher priority in that moment!) Pretty flipping amazing and well constructed, right??!!

We discovered very HIGH levels of cortisol, and still…hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)…because her LIVER was failing to convert fat to glucose. Her energy creation system was “broken!” And without energy to ‘thrive,’ her body REFUSED to make progesterone… or a BABY!

One of the nutrients that the liver needs for energy production is an amino acid called Methionine, and its partner Vitamin B12. We prescribed both to “mend” the broken energy machine. This was likely a genetic weakness, and this partnership strengthens that weakness…not only providing energy, but protection from genetic diseases! (Visit the ‘Resources’ page on our website for a video on genetic protection!)

The next nutrient was Phosphatidyl-Serine. Ok, ok…forget the name (long and complicated)…remember the FUNCTION! This nutrient is used by NFL football players to decrease the effects of spring training (serious physical stress!!) It reduces the production of cortisol after STRESS. This is a regular in our natural medicine cabinet for the stress of being a parent…and a kid! (I think the kids take it MORE!)

We also used two adaptogenic plants…which are thus named because they seem to help us ADAPT to and reverse the effects of stress…called American Ginseng and Eleuthero, also known as Siberian Ginseng. (They don’t resolve stress, but help your body hold up to it!)

Current research indicates that these plants reduce stress hormones and increase energy and reproduction hormones.  The perfect match for this energy, healing, and reproduction stressed out woman! Energy is required for healing and reproduction…and both…weren’t working (remember the ‘permanent’ back injury?)

RESULTS: As mentioned, Progesterone levels at day 21 were 19 in April, with 65 being the bare minimum for a healthy uterine lining (AKA Baby Home). By July, her progesterone levels were 61…more than tripled!

She started asking about “planning and trying” again. I shared… “I have five kids, and here’s how it works…let nature guide…when it is time, your libido will rocket launch…your husband will suddenly look irresistible…just follow natures urges.”

In the fall, she remarked at one visit that her husband suddenly looked like Brad Pitt…but just for a week. (I’m paraphrasing…read that as “Quite Desirable!”) Her next lab showed that her progesterone levels were 108, (ready for BABY), but her hormones (and handsome husband) “naturally” beat me to reporting that to her…she was ALREADY PREGNANT!! And now…she is a proud MOMMA, of a beautiful baby…conceived naturally, with NO HARSH DRUGS!! (That HAS to be better for BABY and MOMMA, don’t you think?!?)

And yes, her “permanent” back injury was resolved by the end of her first month of care, using the healing power of ‘energy’ and a neat resource called ‘cold laser’ which aids muscle and ligament healing. I referred to it as ‘magic,’ because what other than magic could heal a “PERMANENT” injury!!??

Her energy and sleep are wonderful, when baby allows them… and her menstrual irregularity is completely resolved…because she is nursing her baby (which tends to keep her cycle from returning)!!

When her cycle returns…and IF she still needs it…we have wonderful resources for PMS! Oh…how many hugs and thanks I have received…for COMFORT…through a female cycle!!

But NOTHING…compared to THIS Relief!

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