Case Study – Shoulder and Neck Pain

If healing is our birthright, why doesn’t NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN just heal? Some scientific minds have somehow calculated that every cell in our body is replaced over the course of a trip around the sun. So why would anything NOT HEAL?!? This is the story of a shoulder that wouldn’t heal for 15 trips around the sun! And how creating the “conditions for healing” allowed healing in less than half the next trip… (in under 6 Months…15 years of pain was resolved!)

The person who failed to heal for 15 years was “getting old”…which is often used as an excuse for NOT healing. The natural medicine one liner for that excuse… “Oh…how old is your other shoulder?”

But this guy was not making excuses…he was seeking solutions. When I met him, he had been through PT, chiropractic care, massage therapy…he was consulting with an herbalist to facilitate healing. He wasn’t giving up…

And yet, his Neck and shoulder pain were still rated at an intensity of 8 out of 10! What did we FIND that nobody else could find!?

We did our standard lab…which is a FULL SYSTEM evaluation. I see so many people who have thyroid problems and their TSH is ok…pain problems where there nerves and discs check out ok…and the doctor says “You are fine.” But you are not fine. A MESSAGE (symptom) from the SMARTEST part of your body…Regulation…is saying you are NOT OK.

WHY WOULDN’T YOU (as a doctor, body mechanic, problem solver…)??…check everything????

The body SHOUTS its greatest need…the loudest symptom. But, when we LISTEN carefully …beyond the severe shoulder pain, which had all his attention, he acknowledged that his ENERGY was 4 out of a possible 10. When asked more carefully, he noticed that he has had loose bowel movements for 7 YEARS! And, he noted that he has an asthma inhaler that he only uses every once in awhile…when he is exposed to chemicals.

When we look at the diagram, we see a representation of the flow of acupressure meridians or channels, identified by color. Red indicates the FIRE Element, which includes all the fire functions…immune defense, energy production. Brown indicates the METAL Element, which includes the Large Intestine and Lung. Green is WOOD Element, which includes the liver and gall bladder, the primary organs for detoxifying chemicals.

His LAB TESTING, which I call, FACING REALITY…showed that his immune system (FIRE/RED) was exhausted. His EOSINOPHILS were elevated indicating a struggle with yeast/fungal infections (LARGE INTESTINE/BROWN). AND…His Triglycerides were low, indicating a tired LIVER (GREEN).

Now LOOK at the MAP of how organs refer pain to the body. Do you see it….the side of the neck is LIVER (green)… the top of the shoulder is LARGE INTESTINE (brown)…and the rest of the shoulder is FIRE…immune and adrenals (Red). HUH…??? You don’t learn that in medical school. And if everything to be known about human health and disease was learned in medical school, we wouldn’t have been able to observe these RESULTS.

We provided a trace mineral called molybdenum which helps the LIVER eliminate chemical exposures , a mushroom called REISHI which empowers the immune system to control invasions such as yeast/fungus…and then a plant called EUTHERO…(AKA Siberian Ginseng)…which builds up EVERYTHING broken down from stress.

Nature (or God, whatever your belief)…has gifted us with healing…and the tools to heal. Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries …respond to touch (have you ever wondered why you rub a smashed finger…naturally…without having to be TAUGHT to rub a smashed finger??…YES…it’s BUILT IN…touch HEALS!).

So, I manually worked his injured ligaments and tendons, AND we met his organ needs, to allow the healing systems to work. (Are you getting this…these plant medicines are just extensions of your plate…spinach, kale…with specific NOURISHMENT for specific ORGAN NEEDS and healing.

He needed to rejuvenate his immune system (REISHI)…he needed to increase energy and healing (ELEUTHERO), and he needed to nourish his liver to detoxify the all too common chemicals of modern life (Molybdenum)

And with all his NEEDS met…he could HEAL…like NORMAL! In under 6 months…his shoulder and neck pain was 0-1 out of 10 (Nothing to minimal)…and his energy was 8-9 out of 10 (pretty awesome to awesome). And all the little things…like always having loose BMs…normalized too!

You CAN live with that shoulder pain…he had learned to work around it for 15 years! But why NOT live up to the expectation that God/Nature has of you…TO HEAL! Be KIND to your body…and vow to NEVER ignore a symptom again! Knowing that each symptom is a message…attempting to get you to meet your needs, and optimize health and function. Which allows…YOU to be more YOU…for the ones you serve and love. Far from selfish to care for your needs!

If you want help deciphering your “MESSAGES,” CONTACT US to learn how to become a patient!