Desperate Times…

I see some people at the brink of desperation.  Literally, I have had people say that if I couldn’t help, they were going to accept death.  If you are near or even on the desperation spectrum, this article is for you.  This is for helping you find your path…the GOOD path…even if doesn’t include my sage guidance…
This is my advice…my offering of direction….
First, you have to daily, if not hourly, remind yourself that every symptom is a message about caring for your needs.  Picture a old, wise guru, giving you the most painful advice you have ever heard…and even though it hurts like crazy to hear it, you know from the kindness in his eyes that he loves you and wants you to find your direction and soar. 
Next, get the book, Spontaneous Healing, by Dr. Andrew Weil.  When you bathe your brain in healing and possibility, you tune your focus and attention to healing and possibility.  It’s as simple as this…if you focus on finding blue, you miss a ton of red in your environment.  By tuning into healing, you will come across (find, discover) the resources you need to heal.  My book, “When Did Natural Become The Alternative,” was written with this same purpose.  My book is just a few bucks to buy onAmazon.  Dr. Weil’s book can likely be found for a buck at a second hand book store. 
Adopt the attitude of the “Curious Scientist.”  To the curious scientist, every failure is an indication of a need for change…and change what…VARIABLES.  Nothing more.  Doesn’t mean you are an idiot…you are NOT supposed to know…that’s the point of a scientific experiment…which your life IS.  You are here to find the variables that work for you…only YOU.  So you change variables and get curious… “What do you think will happen?”  The curiosity, which could drift into excitement, will push back against the depression of feeling helpless.  
If you don’t know what to do, how the heck do you change variables?!  Well, you know more than you think.  Remember that plant medicines are to your organs and systems, what your dinner plate is to your body…they meet a specific needs (soothing, stimulating, nourishing, healing!).  So you could walk into a store that sells plant medicines, and pick the one that you most like the name of.  Just TRUST that you are drawn to the name because it is meant for you.  
You could ‘google’ “your symptom + relief or remission or cure” and find a story of someone who overcame a very similar condition or situation, and just model their behavior.  Do what they did…and be curious as to what will happen.
You could do your own research.  And with your brain tuned in to healing, you will likely find something of value.  The National Library of Medicine (you will need to search “your condition or symptom herbal medicine or alternative medicine”),, and the Life Extension Foundation are well referenced resources with tons of content.  Now you have a variable with some research behind it.  Add one, get curious, and pay careful attention to the results.  
All the while, you must adhere to my dietary guidelines.  I have a short video HERE!  And relax, I am not of the mindset that dietary perfection is the only path to healing.  You will find them much easier to follow than most.  
You must also meet your life needs.  Go to the “Resources” link on our website, and scroll down to find a document called “The Five Energy Needs.”  Read and memorize the scripting in that article.  Use it to meet your boundary needs and desire needs.  Five percent more each week (aka…a step at a time).  
You will have ups and downs…everyone does.  Remind yourself that you are at least as normal as Dr. Stone.  Your health will change in direct correlation to your ability to interrupt your ‘down’ patterns.  Focus your attention on finding pattern interrupters that work for you.  
Which would be…Anything that changes your perspective or alters your focus.  
I spent my most helpless times watching a film called “What the Bleep Do We Know.”  Others can interrupt by reading the Bible or something uplifting and empowering.  My wife made me a video of old pictures set to music.  I find it quite impossible to not feel gratitude and appreciation seeing pictures of the kids growing up. 
I realize this isn’t the list you quite expected.  But, it’s my best advice after seeing thousands of patients wanting to change!  And…it appears…based on the tally of results …that I am pretty good at this thing…