Gall Stones

Gall Stones

I Love hearing the patient perspective….

“I’d like to share my experience with Dr Todd Stone at True Health Family Wellness Center in hopes that others may experience the kind of healing treatment I did.

After the usual morning routine of dropping the kids to school and driving in to work I began to have what is only described as an attack.. All of a sudden I could not get a good breath, I was sweating and doubling over from pain in my chest. I began to panic. I had never experienced symptoms like this before and they came on so suddenly. The week prior I had had a full routine physical with labs and everything g came back normal.

I somehow arrived at work and after lying down for an hour with no relief my coworkers brought me to Emergency Room of the local big hospital. I was given multiple tests and had a lot of waiting. I was given precautionary tests… EKG and CT scan to rule out heart attack and blood clots. My vitals were erratic and I was in pain. 8 hours later and being denied food or drink all day …I was advised that I had Gall stones. I had had no symptoms or any clue that this was an issue for me. I was sent home and felt like I had to recover more from what was done to me than from the actual gallstones. I was told to contact a surgeon the next day for prompt removal of my gall bladder.

This felt contradictory to what I believe, that the gall bladder serves a purpose and there must be some way to heal. I felt that there must be some way to deal with this “on my own”. I did some research online and followed the recommendations, liquid diet… apple cider vinegar. blah blah. While the initial attack had subsided 4 days later I was still struggling to walk or get a good breath. I submitted and met with the surgeon. The surgery would remove the cause of my immediate discomfort but there would be side effects to living without one of my organs. In my heart I knew there must be another option.

I contacted Dr Stone as I know he practices from the perspective of healing rather than removal of symptoms, and was seen the next day. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. He listened while I discussed my ordeal. He seemed to have an innate knowledge of what was going on and began testing me with a gentle touch. I simply relaxed while he pulled various herbs and tinctures from his shelves to gauge my body’s receptiveness to them. He educated me and showed me points on my body that I can tap/touch to stimulate my gall bladder. He provided me with a tincture and dosage instructions. We discussed the cause of the gallstones and how I can support not just the immediate issue, but the liver and other organs as well. The appointment was efficient and easy.

I began the regimen immediately and began taking the tincture and supplements hourly. Within 48 hours I felt back to my normal self again. Coworkers began commenting how I looked “Like myself again”. I continued with the tincture as recommended (even though I felt better) and continued to improve. I was so glad to be healing my gall bladder rather than removing it! I decreased my dosage and finally stopped taking the supplements once I felt secure and safe that the immediate issue had been resolved. In subsequent conversations with Dr Stone (who is always available when I’ve had a question about symptom ) we’ve begun to address the underlying issues. Now that the acute symptoms are relieved the work of healing the whole body, emotionally and physically can begin.”