Hypoglycemia/Panic Attack

What is causing my panic attacks or hypoglycemia? Is it that I worry too much, or is it a tension in my body that causes my heart to flutter or spasm? Am I under too much stress, or is my body trying to tell me something else? How do I discover stability? “How do I heal?”

This video describes what the 6 most utilized health care systems on our planet offer your panic attacks or hypoglycemia. Chances are your solution is in one of these healing sciences.

One suggests you need anti-anxiety medication, while another suggests that you need stability of nourishment, which is a nice even supply of glucose. One suggests it a need for balance of neurotransmitters, while another suggests that you need to trust yourself more. What the heck is the truth? Take about 5 minutes to watch and decide for yourself. We have found value in every perspective.

We offer a full perspective assessment of your health and healing needs through comprehensive lab testing, including looking deep for chronic infections, stress hormones, and over 10 tests for energy production alone. We have never, ever reported to an exhausted patient, “everything checks out ok” after checking 1 or 2 markers for thyroid. We ask what you specifically need using biofeedback from your body in the form of muscle testing, and we match your needs to the resource that best meets that need. Nourishment, plant medicines, bodywork, acupressure, and a strategic response to your life stressors. The only resource we do not offer on this list is pharmaceutical medicines.

In the links below, you can hear directly some of the patients who have turned their health around using our thorough diagnostics, and our clinical understanding of how to properly treat hypoglycemia and panic attacks.

Hypoglycemia/Panic Attack Success Stories