I don’t bring my family in for every itch, sore throat, ear ache, or
headache, and I don’t expect you to either.  I have been asked by
several people what we keep in our natural medicine cabinet to treat
the routine health issues that come up.  Here’s my answer:

Black Currant Seed Oil:  This is our little miracle pill.  We use this for
teething, any aches and pains, including headaches and earaches,
skin irritations or diaper rash, even sunburn.  As an oil it works great
topically, and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory internally.  I don’t treat
fevers most of the time, as it is the body’s way of enhancing immune
function, but if our kids are uncomfortable, I will have them chew a
couple of these (or poke it with a pin and squeeze it in their mouth)
for a bit of relief.

Pro-Cortisol Balance:  This works awesome for stress induced
headaches.  Chew one, and wait 20 minutes, and chew another (if
needed).  This will relieve a stress headache, and is harmless if the
headache is coming from something else.  You generally know when
you are having one of those days though!  This is also a great
recovery formula for intense exercise, used just after your session,
or any stressful day as a “happy hour” de-stressor.  

Probiotics:  I give this to the kids if they are having discomfort
urinating or vaginal itching.  You can even mix it into yogurt and apply
directly to a yeasty, dark red diaper rash.  Also a good option for any
tummy aches.

Zymex Wafers:  This is my sore throat cure all.  It is made from a
moss that is a great antibiotic.  It tastes slightly sweet, so our kids
take it pretty easily as well.  And it is really good for your digestive
system.  For a really bad sore throat, you can also crunch up whole
raw garlic and swallow it with yogurt.  Sonya is brave enough to do
this and she swears by it.  

Immune Support Liquid:  A cough syrup like formula with an
elderberry base that is good for any upper respiratory infections.  
Elderberry is especially good with viral infections.  We have never
had to use antibiotics, even for suspected strep, using these natural
home remedies.

Vitamin C:  This is often overlooked as a great therapy for colds and
allergies.  We have been using
Emergen-C with the kids as it tastes
good, and compliance is always a consideration in our family.  For
seasonal allergies, often a good dose, like 5-10 grams of vitamin C
will have a drug like effect on symptom reduction.  

Liquid B6:  B6 is important in the elimination of histamine.  So if we
see a bit of a histamine response, which generally appears as itchy
skin with our kids, we give them a squirt of B6.

Green First:  A green drink the kids actually like.  Good way to
counter the effects of a sugar and bread addicted kid.  Great way to
start your day as well.  We just use this as general support.  We also
try to get the kids to take some sort of Omega 3 oils as well.

Chewable Catalyn:  This is our kid’s multivitamin.  It is based on the
principles of Weston Price, so it is not vegetarian friendly.  They use
glandular preparations and whole foods, so it is safe for those times
when Sacred eats a whole bottle.  (Which she has done!)

These are our “go to” remedies and I would say they work 90% of the
time.  We do have the occasional confounding situations though.  
Most recently, both girls got “sick” which looked like throwing up
and diarrhea.  We gave the probiotics, immune liquid, vitamin c,
Zymex wafers, and no let up for a week.  It was odd, because they
would wake up groggy, and then be fine throughout the day, but at
bedtime would start the throwing up / diarrhea bit.  

After a week we took the time to test them, and found a chemical
sensitivity to their washable markers.  They use a chemical called
phenol to create the non-marking effect.  I know that phenols are
bound in the liver by sulfur and use B12 to complete the elimination.  
We gave them liquid sulfur and activated B12, and the next day they
were fine.

We kept up the regimen for a week or so to rebuild those nutrients,
and confiscated all the washable markers, and haven’t had a
problem since.