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Office fees, deductibles, and or copays are due at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made. We are also
providers for CareCredit, which offers monthly payments for health care services extended up to 12 months interest free.
Office Fees
Our fees for clients not filing insurance are based on time spent with the doctor. Treatment times are scheduled based on expected
time frames, depending on the type of visit. For instance, a new patient examination generally will be scheduled for 45 minutes to
an hour, a follow up examination (re-examination) is generally 30 minutes, and follow up treatment is 15 minutes. This may vary
with the complexity of the problem solving required for each situation.

Supplements, and other products are billed separately depending upon need.

Insurance billing is based upon services provided, such as the adjustment, examination, muscle work, exercise instruction, etc. We
do file all types of insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Crescent, etc., and your deductible
and/or copay will be based on our verification of your coverage in our office. We will verify coverage prior to your visit if you
15 Minutes: $60
30 Minutes: $
45 Minutes: $1
60 Minutes: $1

Labs and supplements vary based on need.

contact us with any questions or concerns.

Your health is our priority, and we are flexible in payment arrangements
, if

*These fees are for self pay only. Individual co-pays may vary by provider.