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Attention: If you are looking for a different approach to improving your health
that provides an understanding of "why" you have
any condition,
and a personalized road map toward TRUE HEALTH...

As a patient, you must ask…
“WHY do I have these symptoms!?”  
Functional Medicine (FM)
ANSWERS this question…
and provides a clear
step by step process
to discover and resolve
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in
Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.

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Natural Pediatric Care

True Health Family Wellness Center has been providing natural family health care,
including natural pediatric care for 10 years in Asheville.  

If you worry about the side effects of pharmaceutical care with your infant or child, we offer natural
care, using supplements, plant medicine (herbs and spices), and hands on physical care, including
chiropractic and acupressure.  

We have had success with many common pediatric concerns, including:

Allergies        Asthma        Food Sensitivities        Infant Colic

                Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Sinus and Ear infections

                                Reflux and other digestive problems

                      Eczema and other skin problems (warts, rashes)

...and other non-emergency health concerns.  

What Is the Cause!?!

Instead of naming and prescribing a medication based on the symptom (ie. Reflux), we investigate
what is causing the irritation in the stomach (infection, stress, inflammation).  This puts us in greater
control of your child’s health.  If we can locate the cause, the correct medicine will bring the condition
to resolution, rather than hoping that “he will outgrow it.”   

Is It Safe and Scientific?

Natural medicines are very safe, with even the harshest medicines (ie. for parasites), having relatively
mild side effects.  You would certainly know if you took too much though, but if you promptly stop the
medication, the side effects will subside generally in a day or so.  

Natural medicines have a surprising amount of published clinical research behind their use, plus
thousands of years of anecdotal (case studies and clinician observations) documentations…which
you could argue is far more than most common pharmaceutical medicines.  

Getting to the Root Cause

Our diagnostic process begins with careful listening.  Symptoms are messages of internal imbalance,
and often give clues to the cause.  We also us applied kinesiology, which is a muscle testing
evaluation of the child’s nervous system and acupressure (energy) system.  PLUS...cutting edge lab

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

We can easily evaluate delayed sensitivity food reactions in 30 of the most common food offenders
with a finger stick (no tubes of blood).  

Intestinal Infections

An easy home collection of stool, allows for full detection of yeast, molds, bacteria, and parasitic
infections, along with sensitivity (what will eliminate it) testing (if the lab is able to culture the infection).

Natural First

The name of my first book is “When did natural become the alternative?”  It’s a question you should
really consider, and consider using natures safe and effective remedies first…and if the condition
doesn’t respond, then use pharmaceuticals.

In our experience, although we have come close a couple times, natural medicine has resolved all our
common childhood health challenges…and with 5 kids, we have personally faced every condition
listed above.  
"I have tried more treatments than I can count to help heal (daughter) Jaiden's severe eczema.  She had lots of
food allergies and food sensitivities since 3 months old.  By our first appointment with Dr. Stone, at age 2, we had
learned to control outbreaks through her diet, but it was still there causing significant discomfort and itching.  
Dr. Stone treated her for inflammation, "leaky gut," and overall digestion.  He suggested several supplements that
she reacted quite well to.  Now, she is able to eat almost all foods without a reaction."  -Beth B. (mom)
"Our daughter, since birth, had serious breathing problems, sinus drainage and coughing with heavy mucus.  
We took her to her pediatrician who prescribed Amoxicillin.  It helped, but within a few days after the prescription
ended, the coughing and mucus would be back.  We went back, and were prescribed the same antibiotic 3 or 4
more times.  Each time with the same result.  At 10 months old, she was diagnosed with allergies and asthma
and prescribed Albuterol and Zyrtec.  Again, it helped some, but required constant medicating.  Fed up, we found
Dr. Stone, who quickly identified a food sensitivity, and prescribed some natural herbals to desensitize her
immune system.  Once the irritating food was removed, and a few days of the natural supplements, she was fine,
breathing normally and happy again."  -CoreyW
"Our son was having severe headaches and extreme sensitivity to certain smells and noises.  He was also
suffering stomach cramps, nausea and gagging, and random fevers.  He was missing a lot of school, and neither
his doctor nor a GI specialist had any clear ideas of what was going on.  NOW…he has gone months with very
few headaches or stomach issues, and none as severe…and he only misses school when he is “sick.”  He also
has learned to care more about what he eats, how he copes with stress, and what he trusts to help his body.  He
loves Dr. Stone!  (and so do we!!) Thank you!!!"     -Robin J