Add Resilience to Stress Sensitivity

Are you sensitive to stress?

I have created the perfect formula for even the most energetically sensitive.  True Stress Resilience is a new formula, but I have taken all of these ingredients to help strengthen me, and the result is more stress resilience than ever, at 47 years old.  I’ve even cut my sleep down to 4 hours a night for extended periods, to finish a project.  I share what the project was, near the bottom of the page.

Read about the plants that make up this medicine, first.

After hearing of their virtues, I bet you’ll want to give it a try if you are worn out or hurt by the stress of our world.

Culver’s Root:  Establishes a positive mental state in people with chronic liver stress and unhappiness.  It nourishes the wood element organs, liver and gall bladder, and the wood energy in our mind/body.  Wood represents structure and boundaries, and the energy is anger when you cannot find the structure or steps to win in this world.

I’m fairly sensitive or empathic, so this world has felt painful a great deal of the time!  I’ve experienced joy and happiness, of course, but the way humans interact here, made me angry.  I’ve scared people with the intensity of my anger or upset when I felt they were being hurtful.

I’d never hurt a fly though, I’m a healer type.  I take away pain, and it hurts like heck when anyone suggests that I am their pain.  I have learned to say, “there must be a mistake, let’s check intentions,” instead of yelling.  I have less anger than ever before in my life, and the two variables that have changed are Culver’s root in my body, and realizing my empathic abilities are the perfect resource for healing.

Goldenrod: As a medicine, it energizes the body’s electric fields, which shows up in our life as exhausted Kidney’s and tired lower back.  One indication for Goldenrod is “looking for the nearest chair.”  Goldenrod is also one of the best medicines for allergic sensitivities, especially healing for cat allergies.

It nourishes the water energy in our bodies, which is the flexibility to bend, and to make choices, including whether we “go with the flow” or not.  When this energy is stressed, we feel fear and paralysis.  Not physically, but our energy is paralyzed, usually by uncertainty and self doubt.

I was super sensitive to cats, and a master of paralysis by analysis.  Overthinking everything, until it was time for bed and nothing actually got done.  The latest version of me was our cat’s favorite chair, and after learning I move forward by feeling, not thinking, I have gotten more done in the last year than my previous 45 years!  With a little help from Goldenrod.

Albizia: In China, where this tree originates, they give its medicine to patients suffering the grief of a great loss.  It nourishes the metal energy in our bodies, which is the feeling of value and significance.  Metal is represented in our planet as the minerals and rocks, and our precious metals, like diamonds and rubies.

If Earthlings offer you the energy of “you’re not good enough,” you mourn the loss of your significance.  I felt that about five years ago.  I shared the story of healing a woman with severe pain and exhaustion and an autoimmune thyroid condition.  My thanks was being chastised and removed as an in-network doctor, for “treating a medical condition.”

Turns out our culture doesn’t look for the unique value in people, and they hurt the ones that “don’t fit in.”  They list her condition as “incurable” and I didn’t “fit in.”

Our government lists Albizia as invasive and dangerous because “it can grow in several types of soil, reproduce profusely and re-sprout after damage so it has a significant advantage over other plants.”  They want to protect they way things are, while I want those nourishing and strengthening attributes of Albizia.

I feel the pain of we don’t value your uniqueness, very deeply.  Well, to be fair, sensitives feel everything, very deeply.  lol.

Rhodiola and Cordyceps Mushroom: Both of these medicines grow and flourish at over 10,000 feet above sea level.  I have read that humans need an oxygen mask at that elevation to survive.  I don’t believe everything I read of course, but I have been witness to their effects in my patients.

They nourish the fire energy in us, which includes more organs than any other element.  Fire must be an important part of us, because it includes heart and gut, thyroid and adrenals for energy and rest.  Sexual organs for reproduction, and if we are being honest, fun.  And the immune organs, for keeping us safe from invasion and hurt.

Fire energy in life is our passion and beauty.  If you don’t feel wanted or included in life, it leaves you feeling vulnerable, waiting and even looking for the next rejection.  Again and again until you just stop speaking and feeling.  Or at least you try.

I was afraid to speak for most of my life.  I hated the feely part of me and tried to suppress it with alcohol.  The current version of me won’t stop speaking about healing and taking care, and now that I understand the purpose of my softness, I think our world could use some softening.

Boron:  From Wikipedia-“Boron is a chemical element with symbol B and atomic number 5. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation and supernovae, it is a low-abundance element in the Solar system and in the Earth’s crust.  For those who read words instead of feel them, that feels like an out of this world nourishing mineral, and perfect for the sensitive Boys, who seem to be rare on this planet.

The list of Boron’s health benefits, includes increasing depleted sex hormones, and strengthening bones.  I’ll let explain in their way…

Likely effective for…

  • Boron deficiency. Taking boron by mouth prevents boron deficiency.

Possibly effective for…

  • Painful periods. Some research shows that taking boron 10 mg by mouth daily around the time of menstrual bleeding reduces pain in young women with painful periods.
  • Vaginal infections. Some research shows that boric acid, used inside the vagina, can successfully treat yeast infections (candidiasis), including infections that do not seem to get better with other treatments. However, the quality of this research is in question.

So at the very least, taking boron by mouth will in fact prevent boron deficiency.  So sayeth our leadership.

Di-Methyl Glycine (DMG):  I know, it sounds like a chemical, but “it is found naturally in plant and animal cells and in certain foods such as beans.  DMG is produced in cells during the metabolism of choline and is considered an antioxidant and enhancer of oxygenation at the cellular level.”  -Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  (They actually have a great herbal medicine reference library on their website.)

I have read (I know, dangerous, but you should check facts yourself, always!) that DMG is used in horse racing to increase speed and stamina.  Whether or not that is true, it nourishes the earth energy in our body.  So does boron.  A nutrient mineral, and an amino acid.  The building blocks of cells.

Earth is the Mother energy.  The spleen, stomach and pancreas unselfishly make sure every cell receives glucose and oxygen.  DMG strengthen the Mother in us, because this world often feels like a lack of appreciation, and nobody feels that more than Mothers.

I felt pretty unappreciated by insurance, but it turns out I was never working for them.  I was working for YOU, and they didn’t like that.  I’m not sure who or what they are working for, but I see news articles about the profit of BCBS.  Maybe they are working for profit?  IDK.

True Health is working for you by donation.  So everyone can afford True Health.  Today one woman donated 1,125 dollars for her session with me.  I cried a bit.  Dang sensitivity thing.

It wasn’t just for today though.  She knows that I am vulnerable in offering care without expectation, and she gave what she wanted to give.  Whatever she could afford, for the value of our relationship.  She also knows it will help more people find the healing they need.  She’s a fairly sensitive woman.

I have found incredible generosity by faithfully offering unconditional love.  Sure, sometimes all people have is a hug, but everyone gives as much as they can and more.

And it feels really good.


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