Natural Medicine vs Pharmaceutical Science

Natural Medicine has a rich history and tradition, dating back 3000 years.

But is Natural Medicine scientifically based?  “There’s no science,” is the prevailing perception.  Yet over half of the pharmaceuticals developed in the last 50 years are based on the study of the active ingredients in plants.

For example, scientists designed TamiFlu to recreate the effects of Elderberry.  When compared side to side however, Elderberry works 400% better than Tamiflu.

Science claims that double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials are the gold standard of validating any medicine.  A medicine must perform better than the placebo, and it must be a statistically significant improvement.  If a medicine passes this test, it now has a scientific basis.

The problem with this type of study is individual variation.  I have treated people with the same named condition, yet discovered very different root causes.  That is why I suggest the Right Diagnosis is the root cause, and True Health offers just that.

A clinic where you can Get The Right Diagnosis.  The root cause of your suffering.

If I were the president of the American Medical Association, I would be focusing research on the best methods to find the root cause of every disease, in every person.  In the individuals I have helped heal, the root cause is typically some combination of chronic infections, toxicity, and stress.

Natural medicine has convinced me of its virtues, by the results I have seen first hand.  When I created our new website, I spent many hours searching for scientific validation to prove what my eyes have seen.  It turns out, validation by science is easy to find.  Watch.

I typed American Ginseng into the research database of the National Library of Medicine and I found 494 published studies dating back to 1974.  Then I searched fluoxetine, brand name Prozac, and found 12,849 published studies, also dating back to 1974.  Perhaps that was the year scientific validation began.

The analysis of page one of my Prozac search, from the perspective of an over analyzer.

Study #1: This study shows us that Prozac has been proven to slow the progression of memory loss  That’s great, but this study shows that natural medicine has been proven to improve memory, which I would prefer over slowing down its worsening.  Natural  medicine offers a better option.

Study 2: This study was initiated to determine if pharmacies in rural India had a sufficient supply of Prozac to adequately medicate their patients.   The study concluded that there was not enough Prozac available in rural India.  However, the study link above was published by doctors in India, showing that natural medicine can improve Alzheimer’s disease steadily over 12 months!

That is pretty significant.  There is nothing on our planet except natural medicine that actually improves Alzheimers Disease.

In fact, India publishes more research on natural medicine than nearly every other country.  Their doctors use pharmaceuticals when they offer better results, but find they don’t prescribe nearly as much as doctors in the US use by including Mother Nature in their pharmacy. 

The Canadians consider Nature as well.  In this blog post, I shared a study considered to be of the highest scientific standard, that concluded that St. Johns Wort decreased depression 70% more effectively than Paxil.

Study 3: In this study a new drug is compared to Prozac.  Prozac inhibits or blocks dopamine in the brain.  The researchers wanted to see if this new drug could compare favorably with Prozac in achieving that goal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that excites.  It is considered associated with love, success, and excitement.  Prozac and the new one both effectively blocked excitement and love.  I know a couple people who were put on antidepressants, and one said she preferred her dark thoughts to the lack of feeling her antidepressant caused.

Plants improve anxiety by increasing production of the brain chemicals that cause a feeling of relaxation.  Research studies have shown this to be fact.

Study 4: I couldn’t make this up.  This study is a discussion of the complexity of the female brain complicated by fluctuating hormonal levels. Due to the higher numbers of psychiatric illnesses found in women, doctors wanted the study done to see why the numbers were higher than in men.  They can’t figure out what to do with crazy, imbalanced women.

I guess they haven’t heard about my protocol.  I touch them all over (not sexually of course) and tell them how beautiful they are.  And I give them True Thyroid Repair.  The results have been statistically significant.  You can get some in our online store, and I offer my services by donation with a $7/month membership.

Study 5: This is a petri dish study.  Researchers test medications on tissue samples to evaluate the cellular effects.  They compared Prozac, a sedative drug, and fish oils for their effects on oxidation in brain tissue samples.  They concluded that the sedative and fish oils were the best combination and called for clinical trials to begin.

I call for the sedative to be replaced by True Calm, which is available in our online store.  I truly believe that Mother Nature is a better healer than Big Pharma.

Comment below if you’d like me to go through all 12,849 studies!

Top 10 Plant Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

What are the best medicines for Anxiety and Depression symptoms?

I learned about plants by leaning in to the relief I felt as a patient, and discovered near miraculous healing when I started using them in my practice.  These are my favorites for anxiety and depression.  Check out all the side-benefits when you use Mother Nature’s medicine!

Albizia: When I discovered Albizia, I felt complete allergy relief.  Thirty years of severe allergies to nearly everything, was completely resolved.  I felt some improvement of my allergies by taking fish oils to decrease inflammation.  I felt some more improvement when I tried to prescribe Echinacea to a patient, and set a bottle on the counter that was nearly $100.  She said “no thanks,” so I drank the whole bottle myself, taking a sip every day.  I didn’t know at the time that they sell those big bottles to mix custom formulations.  Lol, some people think I must be “smart” to be a doctor.  Now you know that  my best resources were found with my ignorance!

Ashwagandha is best know for adding focus during final exams, and soothing adrenal stress in insomniacs, but it has been research documented to normalize thyroid hormone levels as well. J Altern Complement Med. 2017 Aug 22.

Blessed Thistle is a plant taken when you are not sure what to do.  Healers educated in herbal medicine call plants like this “wide-acting” because it seems to meet the needs of a wide variety of problems.  Other “wide-acting” plants are burdock and echinacea.  In Romania, their “real doctors” scientifically research the value of plants.  They found that Blessed Thistle reverses the aging process of the Brain.  No wonder it is “wide-acting.”  Improving Regulatory systems will affect all other organs and systems.  Pharmacogn Mag. 2015 May;11

Lemon Balm is an ingredient in True Calm, our first official formulation and resource to get little kids to sleep.  In 10 minutes on PubMed, the database for the National Library of Medicine, I found double blind studies confirming Lemon Balms value for PMS, heart palpitations, mood and cognitive improvement, IBS pain, and infant colic.  I wonder why American doctors would want us to believe that plant medicines “have no scientific basis?”

Lemon Balm was combined with Fennel and Chamomile, and they observed relief of crying in 85% of colicky babies within one week.  The average for reduced crying was over 2 hours per day!  The placebo group reduced crying by 28 minutes, as those poor babies learned that their caretakers couldn’t help them, and began to give up.  (Phytother Res. 2005 Apr;19

American doctors offer Prilosec (omeprazole) for infant colic, and they have 5 double blind studies  with these results:  A  review of five placebo-controlled studies in infants concluded that: “Prilosec did not reducing crying time greater than placebo.”  Wait…what!?  (Can Fam Physician. 2013 Feb.  It did reduce stomach acid, however.  Reducing stomach acid has been research proven to weaken your bones, causing osteoporosis.

Licorice Root was studied for its efficacy of eliminating H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach, which is associated with gastric ulcers, cancer, and hemorrhage.  Licorice was able to eliminate 56% of the infections, while placebo was near zero. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013;2013:263805

American doctors use “Triple Therapy,” for H Pylori infections, which is a high dose of three different antibiotics.  This treatment resolved 64% of the infections, with over half the patients experiencing side effects. 

Mother Nature caused no side effects

Nearly the same results with no damage to the microbiome, which is what doctors call the healthy bacteria that live harmoniously within us.  I treat medical failure cases almost exclusively.  Their stories often begin with significant antibiotic use.  Antibiotics solve the immediate crises, but leave people vulnerable to secondary infections, autoimmunity, and food allergies.  We use Mother Nature to clear chronic infections like H. Pylori, and regulate their immune system, and my “medical failure” cases find healing again. 

Licorice is one of the ingredients in True GI Cleanse, along with Larrea, which has shown effectiveness against a brain eating amoeba, and Golden Thread, which has proven in my experience and in research to be effective with antibiotic resistant Clostridium bacteria.  

Licorice by itself was only 8% less effective than Triple Therapy.  Why do American doctors use resources that hurt?

Passion Flower is an ingredient in True Calm and True Sleep.  I have experienced the virtue of True Calm multitudes of times.  One such time, a series of stressful events led to the worst case of heartburn I had ever felt.  I was just learning these plants and their virtues, so I used muscle testing to determine what I needed.   

All symptoms are messages of a need.  Heartburn could need stress relief, stomach soothing or healing, or stronger digestion.  I tested for “stress relief” and True Calm strengthened.  I took a dropper full and 20 minutes later, the worst heartburn ever, was gone.  I even enjoyed a beer, which had aggravated the heartburn so much, it was unbearable. 

This double blind study concluded that Passion flower worked just as well as a pharmaceutical sedative called Midazolam.  Midazolam can cause paranoia and suicidal thoughts.  It can impair memory, judgment, and coordination.  And it can cause death by respiratory failure (suppresses the brain to such an extent that the brain fails to regulate breathing).    Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2017 Jan 1.

Caution: Passion flower could cause heartburn relief.

As I was developing True Calm, I offered my best available resource, Skullcap, to Gates, our 3rd child to calm his intense energy.  He was grinding his teeth as he ran around, or I would have just let him run it out.  But I care for every inch of that kid, including teeth, so wanted to protect his teeth. I gave him a full dropper of Skullcap.  The child dose is considered 10 drops, which should be about half a dropper. 

I just wanted him to calm a bit, but I delivered a knockout blow.  In 20 minutes or less, he was asleep on the couch.  I believe it was the Skullcap because he hadn’t been napping for quite some time and it wasn’t even close to bedtime. 

Doctors in England made note of the changes in mood using Skullcap, discovering “significantly enhanced global mood without a reduction in energy or cognition.”  Phytother Res. 2014 May;28.  

This isn’t a double blind study, but if a group of people took Skullcap for 2 weeks, and reported significant less irritability and significantly more ease and happiness, with no side effects, wouldn’t you want to try it?

St. Johns Wort: Compared side by side to Paxil, a pharmaceutical prescribed for depression, and a placebo, St. Johns Wort decreased standardized depression questionnaire scores by 70% more than Paxil.  And while both improved depression better than a placebo, St. John’s Wort showed results in a higher percentage of patients than Paxil (87 vs 60%) and remission (complete resolution) rates were higher. (71 vs 42%).  . 2007 Sep; 53(9).

Suma is known as Brazilian Ginseng because it increases strength and resilience to stress, which has been scientifically validated in Ginseng many times over.   It is proven to decrease inflammation, Int Immunopharmacol, the strength of red blood cells in Sickle Cell Anemia, Clin Hemorheol Microcirc., causes weakening and degeneration of hurtful breast cancer cells, Exp Toxicol Pathol., and reduced the size and number of lesions in cancer of the liver. Cancer Lett.

We use Suma in True Mood Lift for its toughness.  And it is research proven to contain toughness, multiple times.

You can purchase True Mood Lift and True Calm in our online store.

If you buy both, you’ll get free shipping.

Better yet, you get scientifically proven relief for anxiety and depression, for a relatively low cost!  Check out this story of one of my patients with a very interesting cause of depression.  I’m not sure if True Mood Lift would have worked without our diagnostic testing in her case.  Try one first, and if it doesn’t work, consider our diagnostic testing.  I consult with frustrated patients all over the world.



Will Depression Ever Go Away

What is depression?

What I was taught is that there are two types of Depression.  Low Noradrenalin feels lower than a snakes belly with not enough strength to get out of bed.  Low Serotonin  feels like agitated sadness with crying.

That’s the teaching of both medicine and functional medicine.

Five elements acupressure teaches that every element has a unique form of depression.  Fire: No motive to move.  Earth: I’m not good enough.  Metal: Life is so heavy and cutting.  Water: So disappointing.  Wood: Everyone hurts me.

They call the brain Regulation or Governing Vessel.  That depression feels like no will to live.

Grab a bottle of True Mood Lift in our online store, and I’ll include a copy of my 16 page article, the Five Energy Needs.  True Mood Lift will give you strength and increase happiness.  The Five Energy Needs explains what to do for no motive to move and the other four elements.

It also tells you what to do if your partner doesn’t keep their word, is disrespectful or inattentive, self centered or helpless, or doesn’t appreciate you.

If you can come up with another type of depression, leave a comment below and I’ll send you a trial size for free.  To be fair, I will have to agree that it is a unique feeling, not just another name for the 13 versions I described above.

Check out this story of healing depression.  She had the crying type and her root cause was unbelievable.  Don’t believe what you have heard, there is always a root cause.

Imagine going to a mechanic with a car symptom, and they told you, “We call it car-itis.  We aren’t sure what causes it, but if you put in these earplugs, you won’t be able to hear it.  It’s getting old you know, you have to learn to live with some clunking.”  Lol.

Do You Need Relief From Insomnia?

True Sleep is research proven to gently and naturally resolve Insomnia!

I am a bit on the sensitive side, so upset and agitation are easy to find, along with insomnia.  Even when agitated, five droppers of True Sleep will help me find Sleep with ease, and one dose generally resolves insomnia without agitation.

Research Proven to significantly improve insomnia, compared to hope (placebo), and equally as effective as Ambien.

This is a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial from Germany.   In doctor language, that means the most highly regarded research.  German doctors investigated the effects of Kava on chronic insomnia.  They concluded that Kava was in fact quite an improvement over placebo, with one noted side effect.  The patients taking Kava had a significant improvement in anxiety.   That’s the risk, using plant medicines, they often have side benefits.  J Affect Disord. 2004 Feb;78(2):101-1.  They also found it can save the life of a insensitive man married to a woman agitated by menstruation.  In other words, it effectively reduced “psychosomatic dysfunctions” of PMS. lol  Fortschr Med. 1991 Feb 10;109

Valerian: Mefenamic acid is the drug of choice for calming the anxiety of a gynecological procedure described as “stressful and painful.”   However, it increases the risk of “deadly heart attacks and strokes, and deadly gastric hemorrhage,” which means you bleed to death.   Wow, if that were my best choice, I’d be looking for new resources, too.

They compared Valerian, Mefenamic acid, and a placebo. 

Valerian worked equally as well to decrease the anxiety of a painful and stressful  gynecological procedure.   Valerian, which is offered by Mother Nature, provides the same comfort as Mefanamic Acid,  without the side effects.  Glob J Health Sci. 2015 Apr 2;7(3):358-63

In this double blind study, Valerian offered significant improvement compared to a placebo, for OCD, aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  The only side effect noted was sleepiness.  J Complement Integr Med. 2011 Oct 11;8

True Sleep also contains California Poppy:  In France, Poppy was considered for the treatment of chronic anxiety disorder.   Poppy had the help of another plant and magnesium, but two plants and a mineral resulted in a clinically significant improvement in anxiety disorder, compared to a placebo. Curr Med Res Opin. 2004 Jan;20(1):63-71

Passion Flower: In India, doctors compared a sedative hypnotic drug to Passion Flower, Valerian, and Hops, all found in True Sleep.   They compared a portion of True Sleep to Ambien and a placebo.  True Sleep worked equally as well as  Ambien, which has a history of lawsuits for the hurt it has caused.  HuffPost Story   Ambien sales were 2.8 Billion is 2011.  I wonder why doctors in the US prefer Ambien to True Sleep?    

Mother Nature offers True Healing, and True Sleep.  True Health offers you the most cared for versions of these plant medicines, from suppliers that grow for doctors.   And it is research proven.  Indian J Pharmacol. 2013 Jan-Feb; 45(1)

Purchase physician grade plant medicine in our online store, and click on shop around.  I can personally vouch for True Allergy Relief.  I had horrible seasonal seasonal allergies until I discovered the plants in True Allergy Relief.