The top 10 Plant Medicines for Cancer

Is Mother Nature helpful for treating cancer?

Very few cancer patients find True Health.  I have helped one find healing, or what they call remission, after five fails at the Mayo Clinic.  He shared his story here.  The next cancer patient was so burned by his medical care that he couldn’t swallow his own saliva.  I recommended a clinic in Mexico that does IV nutrition, but it was too late.

I have cared for one other cancer patient.  She was leaning a bit too heavily on marijuana in my opinion.  She didn’t follow through with my recommendations, and what she did follow, didn’t win.

I have my version of help and healing in our online store, True Cancer Fighter.  It’s half the Hoxsey Formula.  If you haven’t heard the Harry Hoxsey story, check it out here.  The other half is traditional natural remedies for cancer, from cultures around the world.

What does science say about Nature’s helping and healing of cancer?  I give you Nature’s Top Ten.

1. Reishi Mushroom is used in eastern cultures for all tumors.  This is a study of studies.  Doctors in Australia searched for what studies have been done, and summarized the findings.  They concluded that Reishi, when taken alongside chemotherapy and radiation, significantly increased the probability of a “positive response.”

They concluded that Reishi increases immune cell counts and activity, and that it’s been proven four times, to increase quality of life and decrease the side effects of chemo and radiation.  

2. Maitake Mushroom is research proven to increase the immune cell response for cancer specifically.  Doctor’s worry that stimulating the immune system while they are suppressing with chemo could be dangerous.

That could be, but Maitake mushroom stimulates the exact part of the immune system that helps fight cancer.

3. Larrea was used by the Native Americans of the southwest for cancer and infections.  Researchers in the US concluded in this study, that Larrea is “especially effective against viral diseases and cancer.”  I still had to see for myself because of the many lies I was told.  Yes, I have witnessed “especially effective.”

4. Cordyceps Mushroom is research proven to increase the survival rates and life span of cancer patients.  It also reduced the number of tumor sites and slowed the spreading or metastasis in lung and breast cancer.  This study is on animal models, but there are no side effects, so it safely offers hope.  Momma doesn’t hurt, I promise.

5. Shiitake Mushroom was given to breast cancer patients to alleviate the side effects of chemo and radiation.  Researchers concluded in this study, that Shiitake “significantly increase quality of life scores and improved the patient’s immune function.”

6. Turkey Tail Mushroom is research proven to increase the five year survival rates in patients with stomach cancer.  This study is a review of all the mushrooms I have mentioned.  If you can understand doctor language, there is a summary of research on all of them.

If you believe in symbolism, Fungi grow in something rotten. God grew these shrooms for the weakness in our cancer immune defense caused by vaccination.  He really wanted us to have those childhood illnesses.  But He understands the lack of Faith, and grew these mushrooms for us.

7. Stillingia was studied in a lab setting for anti-proliferative qualities (Doctor language for, “does it stop cancer from spreading“).  Researchers found that it significantly inhibited the spreading of cancer.  This type of study is done to evaluate if money should be spent on further research.  With no side effects and potential benefits, I’d give my trust to Mother Nature.

8. Red Clover has been awarded the virtue of “apoptosis.”  This study concludes that Red Clover inhibits cancer growth and kills living cancer cells.  They call that apoptosis.  It means that they observed cancer going away.

9. Burdock is research proven to terminate cancer by cutting off its oxygen supplyIn this study, Burdock showed significant inhibition of angiogenesis.  Thats how doctors say “cutting off the oxygen to a tumor.”

10. Barberry is research proven to rid the body of cancer causing chemicals.  Carcinogens.

The Mayo Clinic says that genetics plays a small role in tumor growth.  They say that carcinogens cause almost all cancer.  If we removed carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals from our world, cancer would be rare.

If you want to know what the known carcinogens are, so you can avoid them, I made a video here.

Cancer isn’t rare.  Half of us will get it.  I have used True Cancer Fighter for lip cancer, caused by carcinogens in tobacco.  Tobacco companies use addictive chemicals to hook your brain to their product.  There was a movie about it.  Tobacco companies hooked me in the tenth grade with chewing tobacco.

Something felt good about it, but I couldn’t quite explain what it was.  Until  The Insider, with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, was released in 1999.  I was already an addict for 15 years.

Dang!  It seems like our leaders and lawmakers would do something about that.