A Child’s Plea…

Dear Mom and Dad,
“Hi…it’s me…I want you to know that I have a hard time understanding and sharing my feelings, but I will do my best.  The truth is that I am very afraid…I am afraid that I am not good enough for you.  I feel like I am a bother, annoyance, and even a burden to you.  I am afraid I am not important to you.

I know you say you love me…but I FEEL more than hear.  I feel this powerful urge to do what I want to do…to follow my heart in curious exploration, self expression, and everything FUN.  I also feel  this powerful urge to be loved, protected, accepted and nurtured.

I am afraid that I can’t have both.  I follow my heart desire, and it keeps upsetting you. 
At times, I feel like I would sacrifice all joy to have your love.  And other times, I am so angry that I don’t have the space to be me.  Would God create an existence that didn’t provide the opportunity to be me AND be loved for it?  I am new to this world…please… tell me. 

I follow my heart…I run, climb, create, explore…I play my heart’s desire.  You tell me to stop, quit, knock it off, or that I did it wrong.  I FEEL your upset…so intensely…and don’t know what to do with it. 

I wonder if there is a way to follow heart desire AND please you.  Every time you tell me that I am wrong…or bad…I learn to NOT trust my joy.  Please…help me…figure this out.” 
The five elements philosophy suggests that if any energy is allowed the space to meet its needs and desires…the natural progression is service toward the greater good.  Our heart desires significance.
 Which means…if provided the space to really explore heart desire…the heart will find service.  Service is providing a VALUE to another energy…and this hearts service will be a passionate expression of love. 
“Providing space” does not mean permissiveness…it means a structure, with clear boundaries…
where every energy is safe to express desire.  It means allowing natural consequences…it means TEACHING how to express heart desire…how to get what they want…while still getting what you want. 
It means focusing on positive intention…positive actions…and positive consequences. 
I recommend learning “NVC” (Non-Violent Communication)…for the “greater good.”  
It goes like this… 
“You were curious (positive intention)…so you explored mom’s purse (observation)…that’s not ok (boundary)…because I have important things in there…like cards that allow us to buy groceries…like those delicious chocolate coconut treats (value of boundary)…if you are curious and want exploration, I have the perfect place for you… (Teaching the structure to win!)” 
Then… “You found a diamond!!! (energy toward the positive exploration)…that is worth 10K!”  (positive consequence)
The five elements is a study and observation of energy flow…the philosophy is over 3000 years old (the flow of energy is a bit older)…and this ancient wisdom insists…they WILL find a diamond…if provided the space…
Yours in Health and Hearts Desire (aka happiness),