Conditions Treated

Many of our new patients are eager to understand why they suffer with their symptoms and what options they have. We are committed to offering you the best information empower you to find healing.

This video highlights how the top healing sciences approach health problems. You will learn about Western medical care, biochemistry, chiropractic, functional medicine, five elements, and applied kinesiology. We believe that when you understand the approaches, you will know which is the best fit for your healing needs. One reason our patients see such incredible results is that we offer 5 of these healing sciences in our clinic:

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Our organization of conditions comes from an ancient philosophy of healing still used today in eastern medicine.  It is based on observations of the flow of energy in nature.  Winter becomes spring, and water dampens fire. There are five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.  

Click on the conditions to learn more about the root cause and how we can lead you to True Health. The number of various health conditions Dr. Todd Stone has treated is too long to list here, but we have summarized the top conditions so pick what is the best fit for you.