New Patients

Welcome! You are about to join the leading edge of healing and become one of our many success stories.

For 25+ years, Dr. Stone has been researching and practicing the best methods of root cause diagnosis and treatment.  If you listen carefully and do your best, you will achieve a healing trend within 30 days.  Whatever your problems or symptoms, or none at all, you will feel and function better, your energy and metabolism will begin to improve, and there will be no way you’ll want to stop your healing trend.

Start Right Here!

Dr. Stone will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your condition/s or symptom/s and our approach to healing.  If he thinks you are a good candidate for this approach, he can get you started on your Labs, acupressure and movement protocols same day.   Your meds can be shipped anywhere in the US in 3-4 days.

That FAST… you will be moving toward your healing trend.  Feeling better every week, bad days not as bad, and good days more and more often!

Currently, the Metabolic Tune-Up is 397 per month for 4 months, with NO upsell.  Our goal is empowered health, and when you get it, you got it. We give a discount for a one time payment, and offer a 6 payment option.  You’ll get a link to the sign up page, with payment options, after your consultation with DrStone!

Dr. Stone is certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Functional Diagnostic Medicine… This clinic does not treat named medical conditions, rather we treat each individual towards health.