Breakfast Options

Eastern medicine energy flow suggests that your breakfast be your most nourishing meal!  I grew up in the Western tradition of a bowl of sugar for breakfast!  Here are some yummy ways to increase nutrition content! Instant oatmeal with grass fed butter and whey protein.             Scrambled eggs with mixed […]

Liver Meridian

The Wood Element corresponds to the season Spring… A time of new beginnings and growth, pushing through boundaries, and stretching for the Sun…a bursting, lively energy that follows a highly organized plan called Natural Law. The Liver is the energy of your blueprint for following your heart desire and completing your Mission (whichever your heart […]

Experience True Health

Thank You for Connecting! With True Health and Feeling Amazing! To have a consultation with DrStone… please fill out our INTAKE FORM!  It’s online, takes just a few minutes, and gives DrStone an idea how your body is trying to communicate with you.  He’s pretty good at interpreting the “language of the body” after 25 years. […]


Exercise Resources I use These are all affiliate links, so I get a little something for the referral. Dumbbells Exercise Ball Gymnastic Rings   Parallel Bars   Pull Up Bar   Exercise Bands Acupressure Resources The Rebuilder is a nerve regeneration device used for Neuropathy, but I use it on acupressure points to stimulate points […]

health coaching

Transform Your Health-Coaching

How so many of my patients were able to overcome chronic symptoms, Feeling Bad, even though many had a medical condition that was considered “incurable.” And what does “incurable” really mean?  It means that you get to be a patient and customer for the rest of your life. I have met so many clients over […]