Thyroid Acupressure – Movement

Ancient Healers prescribed touch and movement to heal. These are prescriptions for Thyroid.

Five Elements – Control Cycle

Earth Controls Water Earth controls Water with her banks.  Like her arms stretched out, and Water is falling, tumbling down, in her arms.  A bit of a free fall.  Earth is our harvest/results, our value and values.  Earth needs to control our movement.  Our values need to guide our choices. Simple Right!?  Take a look at […]

Five Elements Creation Cycle

Earth Creates Metal Everything that has ever been and ever will be…begins… at the end.  Metal is the end of the year, the autumn.  In the autumn, we look back at our harvest (results) to reflect…reflect on your results, and then look forward to next season, creating an inspired VISION.  Originally, our vision was more […]

Natural Law – Elements

​The Elements are really just a different grouping of organs and functions. Like we have a digestive system that includes stomach (really even mouth and saliva), pancreas, small intestine, liver and gall bladder.  A circulatory system that includes heart and vessels. Metal includes Large Intestine and Lung.  Elimination of waste and taking in “pure Qi […]

Take 3 – Daily Acupressure + Movement

Daily Self Care! The practice will be 1 minute of acupressure and 2 minutes of movement.  Pick 2 movements and do each for one minute.  Showing and teaching take a little longer, but once you get it – 3 Minutes a Day!! Commit to 3 minutes and you will naturally add more, bc it feels […]