Thyroid Acupressure – Movement

Ancient Healers prescribed touch and movement to heal.

These are prescriptions for Thyroid.

Five Elements – Control Cycle

Earth Controls Water

Earth controls Water with her banks.  Like her arms stretched out, and Water is falling, tumbling down, in her arms.  A bit of a free fall.  Earth is our harvest/results, our value and values.  Earth needs to control our movement.  Our values need to guide our choices.
Simple Right!?  Take a look at a VALUES Inventory, and deeply consider what your most important values are.  Which Five or so override or “trump” the others.  From your perspective. Then reflect upon how well you are living your values.  Or compromising, or getting used to the way things are…?  Happy Reflecting!  If you see an imbalance, you’ll know what to do!!

Water Controls Fire

Super obvious, right?  We even call people with water hoses if a fire gets out of control!  Now, just add attributes.   Water is cool, flexible, soft, accommodating and represents our movement/choices.  Fire is bouncy, bright, hot and represents our heart passion and the warmth we share.  (Consider-How often your interactions are cool or hot, not passion hot but fiery-defensive hot?  How could you increase warmth in your interactions?)
This is the Natural Law that led to THIS VIDEO.  “Don’t tell me NO, tell me how I can!”  Gentle boundaries without putting out the fire!!
How else can Water attributes control Fire?  Unwanted war, battle, or combat.  “DrStone, you are an idiot.”   “Ha…You might be right.” (Flexible and accommodating). Unwanted heat from the opposite sex…would you act cool?  Sounds logical, but our culture thinks partnering is a game, so it might not work.  It might be seen as playing the game!?  This is not like the cool kids, but this is effective for me.  “Have you read Plato’s dialogue, the Symposium?  He said that the purest love is the love of beauty itself, which cannot survive intimacy.  That’s why we say ‘Platonic’ when we describe a non-sexual relationship.
We could follow the kid rule…tell them how they can!  “Of course… I’m attracted to philosophical and intellectual types who have a strong connection to their femininity, but still powerfully masculine.  I’m into healing, nature, plants.  If you haven’t been working on your healing, at least to the point that I can expect emotional maturity, consideration, and exclusively Non-Violent Communication, then you’ll have to get back to me.  Otherwise, I’d be open to a ‘get to know you’ coffee.  And just a heads up, I’m far from easy.  Some would actually say difficult.
Yeah, thats mine.  LOL.
Mostly, this Law is about providing gentle encouragement, enough guidance to avoid breaking laws or getting anyone hurt, and teaching an innocent heart how to ‘Shine Your Light’ in this culture.  YOU are your momma, the one who mothers you now… so that is your responsibility to provide to yourself.
Thankfully, if you give it out, it tends to come back, so you get some help!  The little girl in the video was so excited about watching a movie together, she told me the whole story before it began.  I said, “Many earthlings get upset if you tell the story before they watch it…they call it spoilers.”
…providing gentle encouragement, enough guidance to avoid breaking laws or getting anyone hurt, and teaching an innocent heart how to ‘Shine Your Light’ in this culture.

Fire Controls Metal

This Law reminds me of ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and the hammering of steel pulled from the fire to make swords.  Fire is used to shape Metal.  Fire is our heart passion and warmth, and Metal is our What Matters Most.  The precious gift inside of every person, simply called a unique perspective.  We might call these the ‘tools and resources’ our perspective uniquely contains.  How do we “shape our tools” on a life level?
Socrates was known in his day for “dialoguing.”  To dialogue is the Yin or feminine form of communication, where the interest is knowing someone more deeply and completely.  To sharpen the tools in the subject through showing interest and asking questions of clarification.   The Yang or masculine form of communication is “debate.”  To compare ideas and provide evidence that yours would be of greater value.  This is how endangered “dialogue” is.  I asked a college aged person why he was getting a new phone.  I was interested in his reasoning, perhaps a new feature that he was interested in.  He heard it as debate, that I was “questioning” his choice, and his friend said.  “You don’t have to answer him.”  LOL.  I agreed…I wouldn’t force anyone to dialogue, or debate.  Currently, dialogue is defined as a script for characters in a movie or play.  Hmmm…?  Seems yet again, we need to increase Yin to improve the health of our culture!
Socrates was like super smart and stuff, so when he dialogued with young people, asking them about their interest, beliefs, and values…not directly, but by asking “why they would make that choice”…he would point out contradictions and incongruities.   “If that is true, then this cannot be true.”  He encouraged questioning and critical thinking.  He encouraged the sharpening of the tools in the Gifts from God he was dialoguing with.  Socrates was sentenced to death for “corrupting youth” and “impiety,” aka failing to honor the city Gods.  He comforted his followers by telling them that he was not scared bc “we don’t know what happens when we die, and it might be a great blessing.”  Some say his punishment wasn’t about corrupting the youth, but embarrassing a noble-man by pointing out the contradictions in his reasoning.  We don’t know.
Socrates was called the wisest man in Greece for his observations and examinations of life. He doubted that could be true, since he found so many contradictions in what we ‘know,’ that he felt like he knew nothing!  But after contemplating, he decided to accept the title, bc at least he was aware of his knowing nothing.  “Perhaps I am more smarter than anyone else!?”  We’ll never know for sure.
Natural Law seems to suggest that we need more sharpening and shaping of the innate gifts in our kiddos.  We need more dialogue. We need more questioning.  Not necessarily questioning authority, but Socrates refused to participate in an execution ordered by the court…an act of civil disobedience so significant that MLK mentioned Socrates 3X in his Letter From Birmingham Jail.  Socrates questioned it all, but the Socratic Method is a perspective of knowing nothing.  It’s not a masculine debate.  No agenda, no ‘truth’ to pass along, just sincere curiosity in another human, and willing to help them sharpen their tools by asking for clarification and pointing out contradictions.
“If all people are created equal, how would that be represented
in our culture?  What would we see happening
if we lived, all people are created equal?
One thing for sure…more dialoguing.

Metal Controls Wood

If Wood is everything sprouting from the earth, then Metal is a lawnmower!  Metal cuts, carves, and shapes Wood.  Wood matures to become our structure and boundaries, including the plan we create to pursue our vision / express our passion!
If Metal is our tools and resources, unique to our perspective, and Wood is the sprouting of next…our resources shape our future.  Our tools and resources are discovered or develop naturally, in our quest for our inspired vision.  So naturally, the weeds we cut from our path, or let go of, simply don’t support our vision.  Simple rules for life.  Natural Law.

Wood Controls Earth

​I was taught this law with the analogy of a desert.  Nothing sprouting.  The wind picks up the Earth and throws her around.  Wood controls Earth by keeping her grounded.  Wood is our boundaries, structure, and plan.  Wood is spring time, sprouting energetic life.
Earth is the harvest, the provider, and our value.  This is the law that protects the provider.  When I was growing up, I learned that consideration was a bad word.  It looked bad, anyway.  It looked like being a provider or caretaker was a life of sacrifice.  It hurts.  My intention is to remind providers and caretakers that they should be the best cared for.  A cultural symbol of good caretaking, embodying health and vitality, because their super power is meeting needs.  Sacrificing to the point of pain or suffering is just a bad example for our children.
Wood is your ability to say no, and your wisdom to watch the struggle and see how it turns out.  Along with the wisdom to know when to offer help.  Let’s model healthy boundaries for our kiddos!


Five Elements Creation Cycle

Earth Creates Metal

Everything that has ever been and ever will be…begins… at the end.  Metal is the end of the year, the autumn.  In the autumn, we look back at our harvest (results) to reflect…reflect on your results, and then look forward to next season, creating an inspired VISION.  Originally, our vision was more fun, until something developed inside us, to create purpose and meaning…
The pressure of Earth creates precious metals, like diamonds.  When our results are hard or heavy, the pressure can bring out amazing attributes and abilities.  It’s the same Natural Law that Mother’s observe when they watch their children struggle and let them “push through.”  Same Natural Law that moves children toward ‘more helpless’ when you “fix” their discomfort.
Metal is What Matters Most.  Your greatest significance. 
The loving care of Earth creates your Metal.  A safe place. 
She always provides what you need.
Most of us didn’t grow up with a “safe place” we could count on.  A place where “no matter what happened” you will feel validated and cared for, without judgement or punishment.  I trust that you have enough pressure applied!? (I have often wished for LESS pressure, Lol!), but now, create a safe space you can count on.
The points in the video are tonification points.  Each meridian has points that bring in every other energy – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth points on each meridian.  Earth points bring in nurturing, nourishing care. Wood points bring in Springtime, bursting forth, sprouting and growing energy.  Fire is bouncy, lively, warmth.  Tonification points are the energy of the mother.  Ie. Wood is the mother/creator of fire, so if you want more lively warmth, you stimulate the wood point on Heart meridian.  See how it feels to give your body, mind and spirit some motherly love!

Metal Creates Water

Water is cold and still, the season of Winter… yet represents our movement, our choices and flow.  In the Winter, we rest and recuperate (and plan) for next season (self care), holding our inspired vision (Metal).  We use something called Visual Motor Rehearsal in sports and other high performance work/activities.  We visualize what we want to do, being done.  Then when the time comes to move, we already have “muscle memory” for positive actions.
The richness and hardness of Metal creates Water.  Filtered through minerals, Water is held in tables, created by large minerals called stone.   It’s the same Natural Law that we observe when people hold hard and rich (firm and valuable) visions (goals), they filter out anything that is not moving towards that vision, and statistically, achieve way more goals with the same amount of energy.
Water is your Next Best Step.  Metal is the purpose and meaning that comes from What Matters Most to YOU, and that creates your Movement.  Your choice of actions. Your Water.  
When your vision is clear and exciting, movement/action becomes automatic.  Like Water, you simply choose the path of least resistance toward your goal.   Let Metal – What Matters Most – Choose your Next Best Step!

Water Creates Wood

Wood is the Spring and sprouting energy!  Tend Your Sprouts.  In the Spring, we stretch and move with excited energy.  Everything sprouting.  Flowers, fruit, people, ideas.  Sprouting…not blossoming.  Blossoming is a summer and Fire energy.  The “massive movement/action” of Water creates Wood (Your actions determine what sprouts in life).

What flowers, fruit, people, and ideas are sprouting in your life?  We must use the good judgment of Water to determine which sprouts are weeds and which are nourishing of our vision.  What do we choose to nurture to blossoming?  This is a Natural Law that almost everyone has observed.  Watering plants.  Do you see the symbolism?  Watering = Giving attention.  Plants = Anything that You Want to Blossom.  If you want basil, don’t plant a cherry tree!
Wood is Everything Sprouting and Tending Your Sprouts!
Water is movement and actions you take toward your vision.  
Let Water – Movement directed by What Matters Most (WMM = values) – Choose what Sprouts in Your Life.  (The button takes you to a couple vids I did about how I taught my kids to use intuition to choose direction and how to stay connected to What Matters Most!)

Wood Creates Fire

Fire is the Summer and blossoming energy!  Shine Your Light!  Share Your Love!!  In the Summer, we share our greatest beauty and value.  Everything ‘tended to’ is now blossoming.  Well, with natural losses, as we must learn to “let go” in every season of life.
The “structure” of Wood creates Fire.  On a physical level, the cellulose fiber of Wood burns long and warm, like fat-burning in a body.  On a mind level, Wood structure is a good plan or blueprint, which creates a beautiful build-ing.  On a spirit level, Wood structure is holding a vision, hope and optimism, which creates the beauty you wish for in this world.  Another Natural Law that almost everyone has observed.  Putting wood on the fire.  Do you see the symbolism?  Not the sprouts, but mature Wood = “Wisely Structured Plan” creates Fire = Your Dream Home.
Fire is Your Passion and Desire!  Your Most Beautiful Expression!
Wood is the Plan and Execution of the Steps it would take to create the beauty you desire. 
I’m pretty sure the “beauty” they speak of is the whole beauty, inside and out, yin and yang!  Let Wood (Wisely Structured Plan)  – Create the Fire in Your Life.  Nature is not that complicated!  Keep doing what you Love is most of the plan.

Fire Creates Earth

Earth is the Harvest and “Reaping what we Sow.”  Count Your Blessings.  During the Harvest, we gather our resources for assimilation and distribution.  Everything blossoming has now come to fruition.  Well, with natural losses, as we must learn to “let go” in every season of life.
The bright, hot, beauty of Fire Creates Earth.  Sharing your Love and Warmth creates Bountiful Blessings.  We observe Fire Creating Earth with forest fires.  It looks like destruction, but Nature has just created Earth.  Fertile soil that will soon be sprouting with Life.
That big ball of Fire we call the Sun, along with the breath we exhale (CarbonDioxide), creates oxygen for our inspiration, from plants!  (Photosynthesis – Remember Grade 10 science!?). Earth is the caretaker, provides for our needs.  The organs, Spleen and Stomach, deliver oxygen and glucose to every cell in your body.  Fire is the Heart and Gut…the Gift of God, inside each of us.  Our unique perspective… what only these eyes can see, only these ears can hear, and only this brain can beautifully process to create solutions.  Solutions that only can come from this heart.
Earth is Your Compassion and Sense of Worth!  Your Most Valuable Resource!
Fire is the burning desire that drives you to Practice your Passion, until your Passion Creates your Harvest.  
Let Fire, Your Heart Desire  – Create your Harvest.

Natural Law – Elements

​The Elements are really just a different grouping of organs and functions.

Like we have a digestive system that includes stomach (really even mouth and saliva), pancreas, small intestine, liver and gall bladder.  A circulatory system that includes heart and vessels.

Metal includes Large Intestine and Lung.  Elimination of waste and taking in “pure Qi from the heavens.”

Water includes Kidneys and Bladder.  Management of fluids.

Wood includes Liver and Gall Bladder.  Boundaries (get the toxicity out) and structure of cells, emulsify fats.

Fire includes Heart and Small Intestine, plus Triple Heater and Circulation Sex, which might include adrenals, thyroid, and gonads.  To provide warmth and life.

Earth includes the Stomach and Spleen.  Turning food into nourishment for the whole body.

Do you need more:
  1. Stop and reflect, create vision, and let go of anything not supporting that vision.  (Metal)
  2. Calm relaxed movement towards your vision (Water)
  3. Tending what is sprouting, that you want more of (Wood)
  4. Shining your Light/Love – Sharing the beauty that is your unique perspective and talents. (Fire)
  5. Gratitude – Counting Your Blessings, Self Care (Earth)

Five Elements – What do you NEED most?

If you need a vision – Keep letting go, keep letting go, and your vision will appear.

Metal Element

When I learned Natural Law, I learned from bigger to smaller. Bigger is what the element means to Nature, then human nature, and last, human anatomy and physiology.  Smaller.  Metal organs are Large Intestine and Lung.  Letting go and inspiration.  In Nature, Metal is Autumn.  Trees letting go of their leaves to provide richness to the soil, resting for next season with a vision to reach higher. The human nature of Metal is to bring purpose and meaning to life, to love the journey, to process loss and disappointment, let go and move on.  Maintaining our inspired vision.

The Metal energy is developed in humans by Validation and the Father relationship.

Invalidation – “You don’t need that, that is silly, how you feel is inappropriate, or you are Bad/Wrong.”  Suggesting you are not normal or OK, causes “the seeking of recognition and approval.”  (Creating the Fixer, Over-Analyzer, Know it All, and Workaholic) Validation – “It’s ok son, I’ve made bigger messes than that.”  That develops the seeking of What Matters Most.  Purpose and meaning in life, an Inspired Vision.  Significance, which only comes from sharing your gift.  Your unique perspective.

As adults, our boundary to hold is invalidation.  If you allow anyone to invalidate you or your people, your Metal weakens.  I taught my kids to hold boundaries by making space, and if someone won’t allow you to walk away, come get dad.  Or confront.  “That’s not ok.  My wants, needs, feelings, or ideas are just as important as yours.”

Take Care of your Metal Energy!  (Consider all attributes and boundaries as potential subjects for tapping!)

Water Element

Water organs are Bladder and Kidneys.  Managing the fluids.  In Nature, Water is Winter.  Fallen seeds sleeping in the soil, resting up for spring.  The human nature of Water is to assess risk and use good judgment in choosing your forward movement.

The Water energy is developed in humans by reassurance in the face of fear.  Dismissing fear – “There’s no reason to be afraid” or discouraging our trying hurts our Water.  Lack of reassurance leads to poor judgment and anxiety in making decisions.  Gullible or distrustful. “When I did this the first time, I was scared too.  You can do it.  Take as long as you need.  That was a great try!”  Reassurance and encouragement strengthen your Water Element, which includes your determination to find a way.

As adults, our boundary to hold is discouragement.  If you allow anyone to discourage you or your people, your Water weakens.  I taught my kids that their best effort was wanted and perfect!  They didn’t say “I don’t know,” bc I asked them to give me their best answer even if they didn’t know.

As adults, we are our father protector and mother nurturer, so we may have to teach.  “If you discourage his trying, he will stop trying.  If you encourage people to do their best, you will get their best.”

Take Care of your Water Energy!

Wood Element

Wood organs are Gall Bladder and Liver.  Creating boundaries and structure.  They break down fats to create every cell wall in your body, and put ‘toxicity’ out with the trash.  Structure and boundaries.   In Nature, Wood is Spring.  Seeds sprouting from the Earth.  The human nature of Wood is a clear vision of your path, and the patience to allow it to unfold.  Wood contains your hope and optimism.

The Wood energy is developed in humans by clear boundaries, rules, and structure.  Punishment without warning, inconsistent rules or a lack of boundaries and structure creates a person who struggles with boundaries, abusing or allowing abuse.  Abuse is controlling, taking, or hurting.  (Defined by US Justice)

Flexibility and Guidance create healthy boundaries.  (Allowing natural consequences to guide, feeling the results of not wearing gloves)  As adults, our boundary to hold is abuse.  If you allow anyone to control, take or harm, you or your people, your Wood weakens, and you are teaching someone it is ok to abuse.  In fact, you are teaching someone that ABUSE is how they get what they WANT.  And it only ever gets worse until the abused can’t take it anymore.  I taught my kids that they may not control someones words or actions if it doesn’t physically affect you, but you may not antagonize!  Using your words or actions with an intention to hurt (anger, sad, fearful) is not allowed.

As adults, we are our father protector and mother nurturer, so we may have to teach.  “You may not control, take, hurt, or antagonize.”  And then get the heck away!   Take Care of your Wood Energy!

Fire Element

​Fire organs are Heart and Small Intestine.  And thyroid, adrenals and gonads, which are called Triple Heater and Circulation Sex.  Warmth, Heart Desire, and Gut Intuition.  In Nature, Fire is Summer.  Warm, blooming brilliance. The human nature of Fire is the ability to give and receive love in all types of relationships.  Fire energy is developed in humans through inclusion and acceptance.  Feeling outcast, abandoned or rejected develops into awkwardness, sharing too much or not enough.  Unconditional Love creates unconditional love.

As adults, our boundary to hold is ‘conditions.’  If you allow anyone to reject you or your people, your Fire weakens and you are teaching someone it is ok to prejudice.  As adults, we are our father protector and mother nurturer, so we may have to teach.  “If there are conditions for your love, you will never experience True Unconditional Love.”  And then make space!   Take Care of your Fire Energy – Love Yourself Unconditionally!

Earth Element

Earth organs are Stomach and Spleen.  Churning and distributing nourishment to every cell in your body.  The providers.  In Nature, Earth is Harvest time.  Reaping what you sow. The human nature of Earth is the ability to give and receive support and nurturing in all types of relationships.

The Earth energy is developed in humans through receiving care and safety from Mother.  A lack of bonding and care, or a safe place to explore, develops into Mother seeking and over sacrificing.  A safe nurturing environment creates healthy consideration.

As adults, our boundary to hold is criticism.  In a healthy culture, you can critique (generally if requested), and you can compare, but putting anything down to make yourself appear higher, is toxic.   I understand that our leaders criticize and put down.  And by Natural Law,  that is unhealthy.  We can compare philosophies and perspectives without hostility.

Natural Law would suggest that if you are close enough to criticize, the solution is in “mating” the two perspectives, not hostility or being right.  As adults, we are our father protector and mother nurturer, so we may have to teach.  “If you call someone bad or wrong, or put them down in any way, they are less likely to see your perspective.”  I know, it’s a tough crowd out there.  Just keep telling the truth, and that is the truth!  Take Care of your Earth Energy!