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The “average American” lives 78 years and the last 11 years s/he is at least partially disabled, unable to perform normal activities of daily living on their own!  Ouch!  That is the consequence of not following Natural Laws!  You will learn to follow Natural Law in our coaching programs.

If you’d like to learn more about functional medicine, click to our conditions page to watch a five minute video teaching what every healing science has to offer each condition or symptom, how they diagnose, and their unique approach to healing.  If you need inspiration or hope, read our case studies.  Actual patients… the most complex and complicated cases over 20 years of practice, discovering True Health and recovering True Health!!

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    Daily Self Care! The practice will be 1 minute of acupressure and 2 minutes of movement.  Pick 2 movements and do each for one minute.  Showing and teaching take a little longer, but once you get it – 3 Minutes a Day!! Commit to 3 minutes and you will naturally add more, bc it feels […]

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    Possession: AKA Addiction or Obsession ALL methods of escaping or distracting qualify.  If you eat for comfort, escape into screens, or work, or anything other than your heart based vision of your life, you need to clear your energy and connect with your True Spirit! And, as always, it can’t hurt, and it sure seems […]

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Dr. Todd Stone Asheville Functional Medicine

Dr. Todd Stone is an internationally recognized Alternative Medicine Physician; a chiropractor with certification in Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, True Health offers care for families and hope for the chronically walking wounded, who have found no solution or even adequate diagnosis.

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