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Do you Need Strength!?  To Keep Going? Do you Want More Strength!?  To reach new levels? It’s THIS SIMPLE! Touch the points you see below, to massage or tap, or even just touch and hold… left side first, unless you can touch both sides at the same time…and read the description by the point.  Spend […]

Breakfast Options

Eastern medicine energy flow suggests that your breakfast be your most nourishing meal!  I grew up in the Western tradition of a bowl of sugar for breakfast!  Here are some yummy ways to increase nutrition content! Instant oatmeal with grass fed butter and whey protein.     Scrambled eggs with mixed veggies.    

Liver Meridian

The Wood Element corresponds to the season Spring… A time of new beginnings and growth, pushing through boundaries, and stretching for the Sun…a bursting, lively energy that follows a highly organized plan called Natural Law. The Liver is the energy of your blueprint for following your heart desire and completing your Mission (whichever your heart […]

Experience True Health

Thank You for Connecting! With True Health and Feeling Amazing! To have a consultation with DrStone… please fill out our INTAKE FORM!  It’s online, takes just a few minutes, and gives DrStone an idea how your body is trying to communicate with you.  He’s pretty good at interpreting the “language of the body” after 25 years. […]


Exercise Resources I use These are all affiliate links, so I get a little something for the referral. Dumbbells Exercise Ball Gymnastic Rings   Parallel Bars   Pull Up Bar   Exercise Bands Acupressure Resources The Rebuilder is a nerve regeneration device used for Neuropathy, but I use it on acupressure points to stimulate points […]