Goldenseal – Hydrastis canadensis

Goldenseal – AKA Yellow Root – Clinical Trials Being Native to the US, there are few studies on humans.  (Our AMA has been found guilty of criminal business practices and conspiracy to destroy natural medicine.) (1) Lab Conclusions: Hydrastis Canadensis has been identified as effective in controlling ‘hormone-independent or basal-like breast cancer. (2) This study […]

Frankincense – Boswellia Spp.

Frankincense – Clinical Trials There are over 100 studies published.  It seems pretty clear that Frankincense is an amazing anti-inflammatory for aches, pains and arthritis, as a medicine or a topical cream/oil.  (1) Frankincense History If you were exposed to Christianity, you know, Frankincense was as good as Gold, when Jesus walked the Earth! The […]

Sarsaparilla – Smilax Spp.

Herbalist Notes on Sarsaparilla: Sarsaparilla’s most enduring recommendations have been for rheumatism and psoriasis. Given these are famously hard health problems to get better from it shows how high is the regard held for this herb that it is still widely used around the world for these problems to this very day. The ancient Greeks […]

Noni Fruit – Morinda Citrifolia

Noni – Clinical Trials Science says Noni is very helpful for feeling better after C-Word, and reduces the hurtfulness of medical care (surgery, chemo).  Noni helped with hangovers, multiple infections, repairing the damage of smoking, and reducing the side effects of chemo. (1) History The fruit has been used as a food source both unripe […]

Peppermint – Mentha piperita

Peppermint – Clinical Trials Over 100 published studies.  Many identifying effectiveness with digestive issues, including constipation and nausea.  IBS trials are inconsistent, but when I looked for root cause in IBS cases, we had to eliminate infections prior to calming and settling digestive function.  One study showed that adding peppermint to your drinking water before […]