Lab testing provides two benefits…first, an evaluation of your body.  What should we be supporting, and what is the top priority.   And, second, accountability.  When we retest, we are measuring how effective the action steps were.

Multi-Chem:  This is our all systems evaluation.  It offers a measure of function for every system in your body.  This is the test I use to discover your greatest need, as well as monitor our progress.  I may suggest a further evaluation of the system showing the greatest need, or we can choose a protocol for 60-90 days and let your symptoms decide if we are on target or not (along with a retest).  (150)  THIS IS THE ONLY NECESSARY TEST…ALL OTHERS ARE OPTIONAL…You tell Me if you desire additional testing…all provide benefit, but we can assess your needs with this cost effective baseline testing.

Note: we can always dig deeper for greater clarity of what is out of balance, it is just a choice of cost and time.

Thyroid Add-On:  This checks for all 7 types of thyroid problems.  The Multi-Chem includes a basic thyroid evaluation, and this one digs in deeper for greater clarity.  (140)

Inflammation Add-On: Check for homocysteine, Vitamin D, and Fibrinogen levels, all different types of inflammation.  This add on is suggested for inflammatory conditions (95)

Male Prostate Add-On: Check PSA, Testosterone, and DHT levels for a more thorough evaluation of prostate health.  (140)

Candida Add-On: Check for systemic candida (130)

Food Hypersensitivity:  Identify foods that are reacting in your body, allowing you to customize your diet and minimize inflammation, which affects energy and metabolism. We are now using ALCAT, which has a higher detection rate for any food reaction.(50 foods: 325; 100 foods: 425)

GI Microbiology: This test measures the organisms living in you.  There are some parasites and bacteria that create acute distress, but others are more subtle, such as H.Pylori and Candida.  We also get a count of beneficial bacteria to see if you would benefit from probiotics.  In addition, if an infection is discovered, in most cases they will test sensitivity to drug and natural treatments so we know what exactly will remove it.  (495)

Adrenal Stress Panel:  This test provides a inside look at stress physiology and the health of the adrenal glands.  It is important to know if you are in adrenal HYPER function or adrenal fatigue, or mixed (high at times and low at times)  It measures cortisol output before breakfast, after lunch, (plus a fasting and non-fasting insulin with these 2 samples, after dinner, and right before bed, giving a good look at your full circadian rhythm.  (250)

Female/Male Hormones:  This test measures estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, as well as the pituitary hormones FSH and LH in men and women.  For cycling women, we have a full cycling panel that measures every 2-3 days over a 28 day cycle.  Male and Menopausal hormones are tested in one sample.  Great test for clarifying issues with fertility, PMS, menopause, PCOS, libido, or ED (you know what that stands for if you have it!).  (Full Cycling 495Male/Female Hormones 250 (2 samples, day 7 and 21 or random 2 weeks apart))

There are other tests as well.  I often see patients come in with the same two tests run, over and over, for years…with NO answers or solutions to their problems.  Meanwhile, the Quest Diagnostics test menu is nearly the size of the Asheville phonebook!! Wouldn’t a good detective run some different tests if the mystery is not solved!?

The tests you see above are the core of our diagnostics, and most mysteries can be solved with those tests.