Exercise Resources I use

These are all affiliate links, so I get a little something for the referral.


Exercise Ball

Gymnastic Rings


Parallel Bars


Pull Up Bar


Exercise Bands

Acupressure Resources

The Rebuilder is a nerve regeneration device used for Neuropathy, but I use it on acupressure points to stimulate points while I am writing or watching a movie.  The TENS device is a nerve stimulator, and a much less expensive way to stimulate points.

Foam Roller Ball


Rebuilder EMS Therapy


Acupressure Arm Bands

Magnetic Acupressure Patch


If you want to monitor your blood sugar before and after meals, or to perform a glucose tolerance test, test 60-90 minutes after consuming 70-80 grams of sugar.  We always used fruit juices for a natural sugar.

Glucose Meter

Home – Kitchen – Bath and Body Products to reduce total toxin load.


Laundry Detergent

DishWasher Detergent


Body Wash

Hand Soap

Multi-Surface Cleaner

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