Lab testing provides two benefits…first, an evaluation of your body.  What should we be supporting, and what is the top priority.   And, second, accountability.  When we retest, we are measuring how effective the action steps were.

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Get a kit to collect saliva, etc., or lab requisition to go to your nearest LabCorp Lab Drawing Center.  Lab report and email questions to DrStone are included!

LabCorp Diagnostics Lab Testing

Opti-Chem:  This is our all systems evaluation.  It offers a measure of function for every system in your body, which we use to discover your greatest need, the laundry list of imbalances that stand between you and feeling/functioning optimally, as well as re-testing to monitor our progress.

Identify: Chronic Infections, SIBO, Candida, Parasites, Toxicity, EBV, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Problems, Blood Sugar Imbalance, Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia, Liver Congestion, Fatty Liver, Lymph Congestion, Organ Function, Organ Repair, Systemic Inflammation, Energy Metabolism, Nutrient Deficiency, Anemia, Immune Depletion