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Attention: If you are looking for a different approach to improving your health
that provides an understanding of "why" you have
any condition,
and a personalized road map toward TRUE HEALTH...

Five Elements Video:  The Five Elements is an eastern medicine philosophy that explains the flow
of energy in any system...the earth, nature, communities, families, and you.
Watch Here...

Lab Test Explanation of Values Video: Confused about what lab test means what?  Watch as Dr.
Stone goes down your entire lab, explaining what each test indicates.  
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Diet Basics: A simplified overview of dietary needs that support healing and True Health.  Watch

Genetic Research: Feeling helpless or worried about genetic factors?  Watch as Dr. Stone
overviews a simple strategy to erase genetic weaknesses.  
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Exercise Basics: Dr. Stones basic exercise program that promotes brain and body fitness in minimal
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Female Hormones-The Normal Cycle:  Dr. Stone overviews the necessary hormone shifts for a
normal cycle.  
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Applied Kinesiology Treatment of Stress:  Watch as Dr. Stone identifies the stress chemicals that
are harming your body.  
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Applied Kinesiology Treatment of Inflammation: Identifying sources of Inflammation that amplify
pain, increase risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  
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Overview of the True Health Philosophy of Health and Healing:  Watch Here...

Overview of True Health Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols: Watch Here...

To impact global cooperation and happiness by teaching and guiding parents and families to meet
their own needs, thereby multiplying their available energy.  Individuals and families with sufficient
energy naturally share their energy.  

A philosophy and practice of looking within to meet individual and family needs will not only improve
health, it will allow access to passionate, value based action, improve self esteem, and increase the
probability that each individual will discover and reveal his or her own deepest gifts to humanity.  

A person sharing his/her greatest gifts will receive value and significance from others, thereby
creating greater connection for people as a whole.  Each person we reconnect to Regulation (my term
for internal wisdom) is a pebble of cooperation and happiness in the pond of humankind.  

It all starts by discovering and meeting your own (first) need.  

Acupressure Tapping Handout
Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology,
and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in
Functional Neurology.  This clinic does not treat named conditions,
rather we treat each individual toward health.
The FIVE ELEMENT Meditations

Body Reflex Handout