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Adrenal Exhaustion

When the going gets Tough

Living in Nature, there is a season for planting and storing, hunting and gathering, tending our sprouts, all leading to the Harvest.  And it can get tough.

When I helped out at a Hemp farm, there was a week or two of 24/7 picking, trimming and hanging the hemp to dry.  The consequence of stopping was that they would lose more of the harvest to mold.  A hurricane had made it’s way up to NC and they were trying to salvage what they could from the heavy rains.  It was a tough time, a hard time, to watch so much effort be lost.

I felt bad for their loss, but when the sun was shining again, they still had the best harvest they had produced.  And it still stung, what could have been.

When the going gets tough, and hard.  Do this to give yourself the strength and spirit to keep going.

Rub each acupressure for 10 seconds (more is better!) first on the left side and then on the right.

LI-11 and LU-5: Pool at the Bend and Cubit Marsh.  Where water pools, becomes a place of rest and resources, and a marsh is the most fertile and nourishing place on Earth, for plants, not humans.  Humans feed on power and greed, and the rest battle for survival.  Plants feed on carbon dioxide and fertile soil.  They clean our nurturing environment, which has been abused from the lack of feminine values.

LI-11 is a ghost point, which are used to treat mental illness, and this one is for “losing grip completely,” medically defined as psychosis.  I call it using the power of the mind to create a new reality when this reality feels hopeless!  It is also the best point on the body (arguably) for letting go of the shit in your life.  Which medicine defined as constipation.

LU-5 “descends rebellious Qi” aka energy, and activates the energy of Revolutionary.  This is the yin, or feminine partner of Metal Element, and she is wise enough to know that fighting and war is only useful if your survival is threatened.  All other times you use your feminine influence.  This point gives the strength to be adamant about your feminine values.

I said nobody left behind unless our survival depends on it.

KI 1 and LV-3: Gushing Spring and Great Surge.  The force of Old Faithful, and the strength of a blade of grass pushing through concrete, all wrapped up in one energy.  Touching anyone, including yourself, never increases the energy of greed and control.  All healing increases the greater good in you.  All organs and all cells.  Every person, animal and plant.  Our home.  Taken care of.  Let’s apply some force and strength in that direction.

KI-1 has been called the courage point.  It is the sedation point of Kidney, a Water Element organ, and calms raging water, like dangerously high blood pressure, or when you are feeling like raging waters, which is the most destructive energy on this planet.LV-3

LV-3 is the source point, the source of the energy of planning an exciting future, and eliminating waste that offers nothing to your vision.  The Liver eliminates anything hurtful to our health, and the spirit of Liver eliminates anything hurtful to your life and vision.  Including discouragement.

When you are no longer afraid of being hurt, you relax, no need to rage if you aren’t in danger, and now you can plan the future.

HT-3 and TH-10: Lesser Sea and Celestial Well.  The love of self that avoid comparing, and instead, reaching into your spirit for Love.  I am not the biggest, but I am great.  I contain the energy of our Creator, often called God in this culture, so I am in love with me and the people I care for and care for me.

HT-3 is the Water point on the Heart channel.  This point is considered very calming, almost like you know in your heart that you are a gift of God.  And nobody will rain on your parade.  Water energy carefully teaches Fire where to burn without putting it out.  Discouragement is a hard and cold use of water energy, and this point softens your fire and teaches it gently where to burn.  Not around discouragement or criticism.  Find the people who care for you and care for them.

TH-10 is the Earth point and Sedation point of Triple Heater meridian.  It has been called the serene tranquility point.  Earth energy is nurturing and nourishing.  Sedation is calming, never oppressing or depressing.  It lightens the heaviness of discouragement, and relieves all types of pain, physically and emotionally!

Nobody will rain on your parade.

ST-36 and BL-40: Leg Three Miles and Middle of the Crook.  When you feel like you can’t keep going, but you have three more miles.  Middle of the Crook is where you find perfect balance, perfect equilibrium, and together they give you the strength to find your center, your heart center.

ST-36 is arguably the most used point of all, because it strengthens the function of Earth and Stomach, Pancreas, and Spleen.  It delivers nourishment to all of your parts with greater speed and efficiency, which on the level of body means glucose and oxygen to every cell.  All the tiniest parts of you.  Nobody Left Behind.  Everyone fed and encouraged to be a part of the whole.  Nobody made to feel useless, even Appendixes and Toe Nails.  I have yet to find a use for ear hair, but my Earth energy seems to keep feeding them, so I keep looking.

BL-40 is the Earth point of Bladder meridian in the Water Element.  The Bladder channel runs right alongside your spine and up over your head to the inner corner of your eye.  This point gives flexibility and strength to your spine and mind.  To find your perfect balance and your perfect partnership.

There is strength in partnership and loyalty.  Start with you, your masculine and feminine, which eastern medicine says we need in balance to heal and thrive.

In this culture, even women use feminine references to insult a man.  Serious imbalance!  We could heal our culture by femming UP!  If you’re not too scared to be feminine (caretaking, nurturing, encouraging and the strength to stand up for those values)!  If you are, go back to the courage point and spend more time.

KI24-27: Celestial Graveyard, Spirit Storehouse, Lively Center, and Shu Mansion.  To wake the dead, gather the reserves, wake up the heart center, and energize the wealth of Shu, aka movement or transport.

What has died in you?  Innocence?  Dreams?  Ideals?  Wake them up, and reach into your spirit to liven you heart and get it moving.

KI 24 is a very powerful point to resurrect your spirit.  KI-25 nourishes your spirit.

KI -26 unbinds the chest and livens the heart.  KI-27 dispels weariness and gives strength and movement to your spirit.

Massage these points to combat whatever caused your adrenal exhaustion and weariness, or better yet, give yourself more care through the tough times and stay strong.

And consider True Stress Resilience to assist your recovery or to endure hard times.  Or Bupleurum Formula if you are very sensitive and feel like existing on this planet is overwhelming!


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