Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dr. Todd Stone do?

I‘ve been to a dozen doctors, all of which say I’m fine! How do I know this visit will be different?

What you have experienced is naming and categorizing. If the doctors could not find a clear disease to label, they will likely prescribe a medication to help your symptoms. Unfortunately, if you don’t find the cause, not only does your problem still exist in your body, but now you may have some side effects from your medication!

We test for the root cause. If you have a symptom, there is a root cause, and there is a need that must be met.  As a result, we have never found someone with a symptom to be “fine.” We search for clues within your complete system to find your answer. Then we treat toward healing while monitoring results.

What can I expect as a True Health Patient?

After we receive your intake forms, we contact you to schedule an initial exam and consultation. At your appointment, we will discuss the onset and history of your condition along with current circumstances.  

Our examination is focused on muscle function and the connections to the brain and central nervous system. We locate weak muscles via applied kinesiology and search to find what types of therapy will strengthen your body. Our treatment resources are touch and nourishment. Touch includes massage, acupressure, gentle mobilization/stretching, and spinal manipulation. Nourishment includes vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, glandulars, and plant medicines. Many patients are surprised with the amount of insight we gain in this first appointment.

Based on our exam findings, Dr. Todd Stone will recommend any labs needed to determine the root cause of your problem with certainty. We give you any necessary kits and requisitions for collecting. Lab blood draws are done at Quest Diagnostics while some other tests are collected by you and mailed to a lab. We will cover the details depending on which tests apply to you.

We schedule a follow up visit for the next week, where we will discuss all the findings including lab results and treatment plans.

Root cause diagnosis is very different than simply naming diseases. Our goal is to improve your function and enjoyment of life instead of stick you with the label of an “incurable” condition.  

When you meet your body’s needs using healing touch and nourishment, over time our expectation is you will feel your “best ever.” The timeline is different for every patient. You have likely had imbalances for some time contributing to louder and more problematic symptoms. It takes time for the body to heal, but we will track progress and fine tune your treatment to optimize your healing.

Is Functional Medicine safe?

Our healing resources include both physical care and plant medicines, both of which have such an extraordinary safety record that the risk of serious side effects is essentially zero.  The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 2015 that all non-pharmaceutical medicines resulted in 23,000 doctor visits per year, and the majority were from overdosing on stimulant weight loss products and unsupervised child consumption. They note that this accounts for less than 5% of doctor visits and hospitalizations from adverse effects of pharmaceuticals.  It also states that 7000 deaths per year occur due to prescribing errors of pharmaceuticals and 106,000 deaths per year from fatal adverse effects of drugs prescribed with the correct dosage