Thyroid Conditions/Exhaustion

We hear a lot of stories of people struggling with exhaustion, insomnia, unexplained weight gain, depression or low motivation, cold sensitivity, and/or hair loss. Some reporting they were “getting worse” for 20 or more years even while taking the prescribed thyroid hormone replacement. With our protocols, patients often see results in the first few weeks…imagine that!!


Whole system diagnosis and treatment is the KEY to Thyroid Relief.
What is a thyroid condition? Is it a broken down thyroid gland in hypothyroid, or a stressed out thyroid gland in Hashimoto’s and Graves Disease? If it is autoimmune based, is it really a thyroid problem, or is it an immune system problem? “Did I just wear myself out?” “How do I wear myself back “in”?” “How do I heal?” “How do I energize and metabolize again?” “Is this just how it feels to get older?”

This video describes what the 6 most utilized health care systems on our planet offer your thyroid problem. Chances are your solution is in one of these healing sciences.

One suggests your thyroid is broken, while another suggests it is an adaptation to preserve energy in an effort to survive. One suggests it is a lack of nutrition, while another suggests it is a lack of boundaries. What the heck is the truth? Take about 5 minutes to watch and decide for yourself. We have found value in every perspective.

We offer a full perspective assessment of your health and healing needs through comprehensive lab testing, including looking deep for chronic infections, stress hormones, and over 10 tests for energy production alone. We have never, ever reported to an exhausted patient, “everything checks out ok” after checking 1 or 2 markers for thyroid. We ask what you specifically need using biofeedback from your body in the form of muscle testing, and we match your needs to the resource that best meets that need. Nourishment, plant medicines, bodywork, acupressure, and a strategic response to your life stressors. The only resource we do not offer on this list is pharmaceutical medicines.

Your liver is the primary site for “activating” your thyroid hormone (a slight shift in chemical makeup) so it can be used by your cells to make energy and heal.  If your cholesterol is high (a sign of liver congestion), you are probably not converting Thyroxine to an active hormone.

And insulin suppresses the pituitary production of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).  If you have high triglycerides, high Hemoglobin A1C, and struggle with feeling “sleepy” after meals, high insulin might be telling the pituitary to go to sleep.

The adrenal hormone cortisol will directly suppress your thyroid (decrease Thyroxine output).  A common sign of adrenal hormone imbalance is Insomnia.

High testosterone or high estrogen can bind up thyroid hormone, preventing connection at the cell level (defeating the desire for more energy).  Common signs of hormonal imbalance are facial hair, PMS, or abnormal cycle.

AutoImmune is now the number one cause of low thyroid symptoms, and many doctors refuse to even test for it.

Several doctors have honestly acknowledged that they won’t test it because it wouldn’t change their treatment (synthroid)…they are using the “old” model.

The new model offers in depth testing of your immune system, and treatment protocols that really work for AutoImmune or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

In the links below, you can hear directly some of the many patients who have turned their health around using our thorough diagnostics, and our clinical understanding of how to properly treat the different types of thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid Success Stories