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Find YOUR Healing Trend

What the heck is a healing trend??  Picture thisWhatever feels BAD, horrible, miserable, or uncomfortable, starts to easeYou begin to heal, which we all know takes time.  But as soon as you feel a healing trend, despair is lifted!

Tired becomes less tired, and pain begins to soften.  Discomfort and dis-ease begin a journey toward comfort and ease.  I swear, if you haven’t had the experience of a healing trend, exhaustion and pain are 100X more bearable, when it is less than last week, which was already better than the week before.  


If you long for the feeling of HOPE and Relief, your goal is a healing trend!

I learned about the concept of a healing trend by experience.  The best teacher, right?

When my healing adventure began, I was at the county fair with my family.  I was pushing a stroller around while the big girls and momma braved the rides.  Suddenly, a pressure filled my sinus cavity behind my right eye.  Then a knife stabbed through my eye, into my brain.

Where’s my family!?  Time to go.  (Men don’t tend to take pain very well!)

Back home, I took some Advil, and my best allergy and infection supplements.  I could barely sleep from the pain, and complete blockage of my sinuses on both sides.  Mmmm…mouth-breathing.

In the morning the pain was worse.  I desperately pulled supplements from my shelf and downed them hoping for healingRelief.

By day three, the pain was so bad I couldn’t move.  It was as if my body said, “it’s clear that you don’t know what you are doing, so just lie still and I’ll use the energy we save to heal.”  Lol.

Somehow my body managed to locate uncomfortably functional by the fourth day, and there I stayed for the next six months.  I tried everything I knew…every lab test we had…nearly every supplement on my shelf.  I think I passed on PMS and Menopause Relief.  lol

Finally, I called a doctor who I knew was a “root cause doctor” and had a few years more experience finding.    He diagnosed a fungal sinus infection, and prescribed something I had never heard of.  A plant medicine from the Amazon rain forest called Una De Gato, or Cat’s Claw.

I feel things pretty intensely compared to most it seems, but I swear I could feel the first dose I took.  It felt powerful, healing, and relieving.  Just a tiny bit of relief, but enough for a “sensitive” person to feel.

Despair was replaced by HOPE!

The next six months I learned the “ins and outs” of a healing trend.  I learned to compare bad days to past bad days, or I would freak out comparing to how good yesterday felt.

A couple years later, I woke to the unpleasant reality we call Appendicitis.  I had to feel the trend by the second, and if I read it wrong, it could mean death!  I had moments of doubt, but I stuck with my heart and healed Appendicitis naturally.  No surgery.  No kidding.

I don’t recommend you try this at home.  Only experienced healers should ever attempt such a risky situation.

That was an INTENSE education on monitoring a healing trend!

This webinar shares my education, and the Five Resources I use in my clinic to help desperate people find their healing trend!

With my first three resources (you have to watch the Webinar to learn my resources!) I was able to heal body aches and pains, headaches, and sometimes a painful knee or elbow.  When I added resources four and five, I began to see healing that I was taught was impossible!

The first medical condition I resolved was Graves Disease.  My Functional Medicine professor taught me to refer those cases out.  “Don’t mess around with Graves Disease, they will have a heart attack and you will be sued.”

I’m guessing he didn’t know about resource five, because I was able to decrease her heart rate from 180 to a reasonable 100 during our first session.  No, it didn’t stay down, but we kept doing it until the whole situation resolved.  A matter of months in a closely monitored healing trend.

Yes, healing takes time, but when you feel it’s trend, the despair of “stuck” or “slipping away” is relieved.  OMG, that feels amazing.  Our culture calls it HOPE!

I have a bunch more stories of how I helped find hope for some pretty desperate people when you click through.  They all gave it one more try, and I was able to find Hope and Healing using these five resources.

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But, you will receive the page link by email as well, and if you reply to that email, you are talking to me “live!”   If you are searching for healing, I will help you as much as you want or need.

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I’m so confident I can help you find healing, I stopped charging for visits, and you pay whatever you want, as a donation.  You Can’t LOSE as a patient of True Health Clinic!

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