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What’s the Best Pain Medication for Inflammation and Arthritis

True Pain Relief

Are you tired of worrying about the dangers of  pain relief!?!  Side by side comparison with Pharmaceutical Pain Relievers reveals that Plant Medicines relieve pain slightly to significantly better than Pharmaceuticals, and has NO harsh Side Effects.  ZERO deaths in 3000 years!!

Our Natural Anti Inflammatory plant medicine is the best medication for Inflammation and Arthritis.  That’s not an opinion, that is the result of side by side comparison in clinical trials.  True Pain Relief works as well or better than pharmaceuticals, with almost NO adverse effects.

Pain medication can cost you your life.  16,500 Americans die from NSAIDs, a medicine that is less effective than True Pain Relief, every year. (1)

Over the counter pain relievers such as Advil, Motrin, and Aleve (NSAIDs) earned their parent companies nearly 3 Billion in 2017.  Advil alone made Pfizer over a half billion in exchange for less effective pain relief. (2) .

Prescriptions for NSAIDs earn another 4.8 Billion per year for Big Pharma. (3)

Mortality (deaths) reported from NSAID use is generally linked to GI bleeding.  Much of the literature reports 16,500 deaths annually as a result of NSAID-induced GI bleeding.  That’s 45 people every day in the United States!  Plus, 11% of all hospital visits are for adverse effects of NSAIDs. (4)  In 2015, our government issued a stronger warning to our people that NSAIDs increase the risk of sudden death, and aren’t intended for daily or prolonged use.  (5)

For chronic pain, our doctors prescribe Opioids, such as Oxycontin.  Our government has issued an alert, that our country is experiencing an epidemic of Opioid addiction that kills 116 people everyday! (6)


Purdue Pharmaceuticals still earns 2 Billion per year for their medicine, Oxycontin. (7)

If only there were a safe and effective medicine for pain relief.

In 1976, doctors looked to Nature for help and found enough research to call for larger scale studies.  They found Fourteen RCTs (randomized/double blinded clinical trials) where plant medicines were evaluated as a resource for pain relief.

painCapsicum frutescens (cayenne) reduces pain more than a placebo.  Harpagophytum procumbens (devil’s claw), Salix alba (white willow bark), Symphytum officinale L. (comfrey), Solidago chilensis (arnica), and lavender essential oil also seem to reduce pain more than placebo, but they decided that the studies were too small to be certain. In their conclusion, they recommended well designed large scale clinical trials.

And that there were no significant adverse events noted within the included trials. (8)

In 2006 and 2014, doctors looked to Nature for pain relief again, and found that nobody had moved forward with large scale clinical trials, and came to the same conclusion: C. frutescens (Cayenne) reduces pain more than placebo. Devil’s Claw, White Willow, Comfrey, Arnica, and lavender essential oil also seem to reduce pain more than placebo, but the studies were too small to say anything for sure.

Additional well-designed large trials are needed” to test these herbal medicines to see if they are as good as standard Medical treatments for pain, which kills 161 people everyday in the United States. (9)

So weird.  I wonder why they couldn’t afford to study Mother Nature on a Larger Scale??


Oh well, you can try True Pain Relief w/ CBD, and True Wound Mend, our topical, and see for yourself without worry of harm!  No harsh side effects.  And I named them so you would never take the wrong medicine.  This is the best pain medication on the planet.

I searched and searched for a reported death from plant medicines.  So far I found one reported death, in a person with a terminal illness who took the wrong medicine.  Go ahead and look for yourself.  I don’t think we can fully trust those rich men to tell us the truth.

I have the smaller scale studies if you want to see those for yourself.  These are just a few.

CBD from Cannabis improves inflammatory, spastic, and nerve pain,(8.1) and it provides restful sleep (8.3) and reduction of nightmares for those with PTSD (8.5)  It reduces anxiety, which causes muscle tension.  (8.7)   And helps relieve Opioid Addiction, in case the real doctors (or drug dealers) got you hooked. (8.9)  But I’d use our Addiction Protocol, to heal that addiction, along with True Pain Relief for the chronic pain.

Check out the other plants besides Cannabis that help pain better than pharmaceuticals!

Ayurvedic Medicine believes that Ginger and Frankincense are valuable pain medication.

In this 6-month controlled study of knee OsteoArthritis, Ginger and Frankincense significantly reduced knee pain and improved knee function and were equivalent to Celebrex (celecoxib).” (10)

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is still facing class action lawsuits for misleading shareholders about the safety of Celebrex.  “Celebrex sales were about $3 billion in 2014 and could have been far higher but for safety concerns.”  I love when rich people hurt each other, ie shareholders suing their investment corporation.  (11)

Pfizer pulled Bextra from the U.S. market for high rates of sudden death, and agreed in September 2009 to pay $2.3 billion to settle a U.S. Department of Justice investigation. (12)  I wish I had enough money to do bad things and pay off leadership.  I’m pretty sure I would still do good, though.

Here is the statistical analysis.  The side the square/diamond lean to is the better medicine.

arthritis pain

200 people reported that they felt more pain relief taking Frankincense and Ginger than Celebrex!  Arthritis Relief!!

In 2015, researchers found Turmeric to work more effectively than Ibuprofen.  Just a bit better (rated by the vertical line), but Turmeric has no reported deaths in 3000 years.  Weird.

arthritis pain

nsaidsDevil’s Claw reduced inflammation significantly better than a NSAID similar to Advil for arthritis pain, with no side effects.

Way better, if you see how far the square/diamond lean to Natures side!  Diacerhein is marketed in Egypt and the Middle East by Eva Pharma.  Devil’s Claw is made by God and marketed in the US by Dr. Todd Stone.  I’ve heard it referred to as Nature’s Prednisone, without all the deadly immune suppression.

arthritis painDevils Claw VS Diacerhein

painDr. Stone gets Devils Claw from Herb Pharm, an organic farm in Portland.  Their annual sales are 30 million.  Advil is made by Pfizer with corporate sales of 52 BILLION. (13)

1,700 TIMES more Profit than an organic farm that makes better medicine.  Is this world “right?”

acupuncturePeople have said that Dr. Stone is “not right.”  Could it be that I am the one seeing reality clearly!?

I do act crazy.  I wear sparkly fingernail polish and don’t charge anything for visits to my clinic.  Is that crazy?  Or is this crazy…

White Willow is made by God, while aspirin was made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals in an attempt to recreate what God offered, and patent it for profit. (14)

White Willow was tested as an anti-inflammatory and it decreased lab measurement of inflammation markers by 21.7% while those taking a placebo decreased 3%.  They described that the people taking White Willow showed “improvements in mechanical joint function and pain upon movement of joints specific to the knee and lower back.” (15)

They concluded that there were “no significant anti-inflammatory effects.”  A decrease of 21.7% vs 3%  seems significant to me.  What do you think?  Sounds a bit crazy to me.

In that study, White Willow was partnered with Meadowsweet.  You guessed it, also made by God.  Researchers heard that it was once viewed as good medicine for inflammation and stomach ulcers.  They burned the stomachs of animals with pure alcohol to create ulcers, and gave half of them Meadowsweet.  Conclusion: “I’ll be darned, even when we hurt them, it heals their hurt, ulcers and gastric bleeding.”  (16)

Funny, thats how NSAIDs kill people, by causing bleeding ulcers, and hemorrhage, while Meadowsweet protects the stomach and intestines from the hurt of man.  I mean, not funny.

Supplements work too!  Magnesium has over 1300 published research studies just for it’s use with pain.  The following study evaluated the benefit of the use of Magnesium with chronic low back pain.

All 80 patients received Celebrex, and half received Magnesium.  They concluded: All patients experienced statistically significant improvements in their lumbar spine ranges of movement at the 2‐week point. However, this improvement persisted only in the magnesium group which improved throughout the 6‐month study period (Table 3).  (17)

True Pain Relief contains Turmeric, Meadowsweet, Ginger, Devil’s Claw, White pain Willow Bark, and Magnesium.

The last headache I had, I took one dropper and 4 fish oils and my headache was relieved in twenty minutes.  IDK, maybe it was Placebo Effect?

True Wound Mend is our topical for pain, injury, and wounds.  It contains Comfrey, Wild Indigo (a natural antiseptic for open wounds), Rose oil, Frankincense, and Arnica in grape seed and jojoba oil.

Click Here to visit our online store!

Add Wound Mend to your cart for the most powerful topical pain medication our planet offers.

I wonder why Medicine says Nature isn’t good enough and doesn’t have enough evidence to consider for use when it is safe and effective in smaller scale studies!??!

I’ve seen many Medically incurable conditions resolve with Nature’s medicine.  I’m open to the possibility that I am The son of God, and have the healing powers that Jesus was storied to have.  I also open to being sane, and seeing the truth.  God’s medicine is very powerful and healing, and I was just dumb enough to try it.

I am open to all possibilities, including that I am mentally ill and have lost my grip on reality, leaving me a danger to the way things are.

I don’t like when rich men fill their pockets with money and hurt our people in the name of profit.  Do you like the way things are?


I cannot grasp the reality of those wealthy white men being more attractive than God, Nature, Dr. Stone and True Health.  Maybe more people need to feel me with a nice hug.  Everyone who get’s that far says Dr. Stone feels amazing!

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  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    OH! I was just wishing for a place to be a Testimony for True Wound Mend! Thank you, Dearest Dr. Stone!
    This product is nothing short of amazing. A dear friend sent it to me, actually as a tool to help with the battle of quitting smoking, by using it topically on certain acupressure points. I believe it did help, but that was only the beginning of what I’ve discovered about this product.
    I don’t recall exactly what prompted me to try it on a recent injury to my foot. Perhaps it was something I read in one of Dr. Stone’s blog entries. The place on my foot was Extremely tender to touch, and very painful when walking, though it had been two weeks since the injury. I started putting True Wound Mend on it one evening, and by the next morning it was remarkably improved, after only Three applications. By the end of that second day and three more applications, I was even more amazed at the continuing rapid improvement. I could rub the injured place with no pain, and walk without limping. I consider that a Miracle!
    I then thought of the tendonitis in my foot/ankle. I’ve had it for 8 months, and though it’s No longer “painful”, a great deal of numbness & tenderness to the touch still remained. After two days of applying True Wound Mend, there is at least 75% improvement in that discomfort. This after 8 months of that discomfort staying the same. Another Miracle!
    I’m still applying the Wound Mend to the one injured foot, the other ankle, and have now added a problem area on my right index finger to the areas it’s healing. I consider this to be an arthritic type of discomfort . . . A swollen knuckle joint, tender when touched, weakness & pain when trying to use the finger. This has been with me for probably 6 months, and slowly worsening. After applying the Wound Mend, again, for about two days, there is a marked improvement in the swelling, tenderness, the pain, and even the weakness. Yes, I’m gonna say it . . . MIRACLE!
    I just ordered 2 more bottles of True Wound Mend, though the bottle I’m using still has lots in it. I want to have extras on hand to share! Miracles were Meant to be Shared. I Hope this sharing helps someone to give True Wound Mend a Chance to be their Miracle.

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      Love it! Thank you, sweet woman!! I too refer to the healing I see as “miracles.” We even have a terminal illness, and a blind to see story around here somewhere. Search “terminal illness” on our blog if you haven’t read it. I could not make that up because I wouldn’t have ever imagined.

  2. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    I have another Testimony! Though not my own, ’tis as powerful, if not more, at least to me. As stated above, I ordered extras to share. I emptied one into a small spray bottle & gave it to a Very Dear, 86 year young friend, who has diabetes & has trouble with wounds healing sloooowly. She had a scratch from her cat, so ’twas the perfect opportunity to offer Wound Mend for her to try.
    She didn’t mention the healing of her scratch, but said the dry skin on her hand (around the wound) was much softer, so she was putting it on her arms & legs. She was AMAZED at the difference! Then she thought she’s try it on her feet, for the diabetic neuropathy she has in them. She’s since reported a whole day on her feet with NO Pain. Guess what she said. Yes, “It’s a Miracle!” She wants to “order a gallon”, though she’s on a fixed income. To hear the joy in Dear ‘Mrs. Mary’s” voice, I gladly help with that.
    Hope you have a patent on this, Dearest Dr. Stone!

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      Oh my goodness! That is awesome!! And perhaps the meaning of life, to share love and healing all the way through, especially at 86 or 106!! We need to get a whole lot better at sharing love and healing to get to 106 without wishing for death… because of the lack of healing care. Thank you for sharing!!
      God holds the patent I think…but I don’t want one. Patents are for profit, and I work for appreciation like a strong, soft woman.


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