No Science?! Except this Science.

Real Doctors are Real Hard on Nature

They say my Medicine is unscientific.  So let’s see about that.

They say my Medicine is dangerous and causes harm.

A trip down memory lane reveals…

Calm Feminine Vitality

Vitality: Strong and Active, Full of Energy

Feminine:  In Eastern medicine Feminine is an energy called Yin, which represents care taking, uplifting, meeting needs, the greater good, nobody left behind and Love, not war.

Feminine Values.

DrStone as Esther, his Feminine half

The Feminine is the more sensitive, nurturing, and intuitive energy.  The feminine can see things up ahead, almost predict the future, and guide the masculine in a more peaceful direction.  If they listen!

The Feminine can see all perspectives, and treats all people like Gifts from God.

The Feminine insist that the only reason for battle is if your survival is threatened or your boundaries invaded.

In Native American and traditional Eastern cultures the Masculine served Feminine Values.  Fought for Feminine Values, if there was no other choice.

This is Vitality for the Feminine.  And the strength to remain calm, and insist that nobody will be made to feel less than or inferior to a Man.  No innocence will be lost.  No child will be made to feel bad.

Calm Feminine Vitality.

This medicine had very little scientific backing, because cultures led by feminine values can trust their predecessors, and thousands of years of healers told their students, that this is the medicine to give the Feminine… Calm Vitality.  And they trusted.  But in the last 10 years, the healers, influenced by Western Medicine, have put their traditional Medicines to the test.

Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs).  A group of people are given the medicine, compared with a group of people who are given nothing.  A Placebo.  Neither the patient nor the doctor know which patients received the medicine.  Double Blind.  Then after a specified period of time, tests are measured and patients report to the doctors.  After seeing the results, they learn who received the medicine and who received nothing.

The people who received Calm Feminine Vitality reported improved energy and focus, increased strength and muscle mass, significantly improved satisfaction and happiness with life, including sexual satisfaction and desire.

The people who received Calm Feminine Vitality reported significantly more Calm while enduring stressful situations.  Fewer “mistakes.”  And less irritability.

The doctors who examined the people taking Calm Feminine Vitality reported decreases in inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar, improvement in body composition, increased thyroid production.  With side effects comparable to Placebo.

That means that this medicine is no more dangerous than nothing.  But some people get stomach aches and headaches regardless of what they take and report that to the doctor.  NO serious side effects.  At all.

Are you interested in Medicine, made by God, and tinctured by healers, that is proven to give the Feminine, Calm Vitality?  These are the plant Medicines that make up Calm Feminine Vitality.

Chaste Berry: When women took this plant Medicine, it significantly reduced the pain of Femininity.  PMS, PMDD, Infertility, Menopause.  Truly a girls best friend at every age. They also reported significantly more sexual satisfaction and frequency of orgasm.  (1)

Our plant medicines are produced by suppliers serving Functional Medicine doctors, Naturopaths, and Eastern Medicine practitioners.  You can’t beat the quality and experience of our plant medicines!

White Peony:  When women took this plant Medicine, it protected them from attack.  They had significantly less harm from harmful chemicals and radiation burns on their skin.  In fact, in healthy women, it improved skin elasticity and decreased wrinkles.  It also soothed the harm of self attack, aka autoimmune disease.  Significantly improving multiple autoimmune diseases.  (2)

Yes, Calm Feminine Vitality resolves or improves the feeling that the feminine is something less than a man.  Go ahead, check for yourself.  All the studies are RCTs with women, published in the National Library of Medicine

adrenal fatigue supplementsRhodiola:  This plant grows where humans have to wear a respirator to survive.  It passes along that resilience to weather harsh conditions.  It is proven to improve mental processing, calm the heart, and weather the storm.  Women who took Rhodiola reported better moods, and an improved ability to catch their breath.  And it is PROVEN to get you focused on what you want…Feminine Values! (3)

Ginseng: American Ginseng is federally protected because it was over-harvested by people selling it to china.  Eastern Medicine knows the value of ginseng, and while they consider American Ginseng a bit more feminine, we put Korean Ginseng in Calm Feminine Vitality to energize the Yang in women.  The Accept-Nothing-Less than your Heart Desire, which is a more masculine trait.  Women can put up with alot, and have, but Feminine Values deserve to be honored.  Without apology.  Because it includes Nobody Left Behind and the Greater Good, not trampling innocence to get what you want.  Yuck.

Ginseng is proven to improve mental clarity and processing, elevate energy levels, and strengthen your calm response to stress.  (4)

Licorice Root: This plant enhances feminine boundaries.  If you don’t contribute and consider others, you are OUT.  Women who take Licorice Root eliminate chronic viruses and bacteria that just eat away at your gut.  It protects your body from toxicity, and even self imposed.  Significantly reduced liver damage from binge drinking.  And it was more effective at resolving hot flashes in menopause than Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Which was found to increase cancer, heart attack and dementia.  Licorice had no significant side effects, let alone an increase in death rates! (5)

Tribulus:  Women who took this plant medicine noted increased sexual desire, satisfaction, and frequency of orgasm.  It also protects the vagina.  Infectious invasion of the vagina was resolved just as well as an antibiotic.  And antibiotics have a significant risk of superinfection, which is the root cause of most chronic illness.  So this is MUCH better! (6)

Lemon Balm:  This plant is not that pretty, just green and persistent.  It takes over gardens and yards if you don’t watch her closely.  Frickin’ proven to decrease depression, stress overwhelm, anxiety, and insomnia.  Lemon Balm calms your heart and gut so you can focus on what matters most.  Feminine Values.

Lemon Balm was the first medicine on the planet to prove that it holds the boundaries of gross men, significantly relieving herpes outbreaks.  DrStone has had a few patients who reported that they couldn’t remember the last attack.  It had been that long.  (7)

Ashwagandha: Women who took this plant medicine reported increase quality of life and sleep, plus improved cognitive function.  It is proven to improve thyroid function and endurance when you push your body to do more.  It improves focus and calm in patients with ADD or ADHD.  And Ashwagandha also increases the Female Sexual Function Index Total score for “arousal”, “lubrication”, “orgasm”, and “satisfaction.” (8)

Passion Flower:  Women who took this plant noticed that they slept much better, and their racing thoughts, aka “monkey mind,” calmed down to a easy conversation.  (9) Women with General Anxiety Disorder reported that it significantly reduced anxiety, equally as effective as a benzodiazepine sedative without causing drowsiness. (10)

Passion Flower significantly reduced the mental anguish of opioid withdrawal. (11)

Skullcap:  This plant is a relaxing “nervine” which means it is calming and soothing to the nervous system, relieving anxiety and the muscle tension associated with stress.  Women who took this plant medicine reported significant elevation of mood. (12)

If you struggle with chronic depression, you might want to try True Mood Lift.  That combination of plants has proven to work better than prescription antidepressants in double blind studies. (13)  But for “normal” stress and life, Calm Feminine Vitality will suffice to keep you mood and spirits UP in a hard masculine world!

Eleuthero: Although technically not a Ginseng relative, it is often referred to as Siberian Ginseng, for its similar Adaptogenic qualities, which means adapt to stressful conditions.  Women who took Eleuthero reported greater ability to focus and made fewer mistakes.  It improves endurance and sports performance.  It boosts the immune system and decreases swelling and edema by activating the lymphatic system.

Eleuthero significantly improved the symptoms of “burnout” which might also be called adrenal fatigue, but the researchers called it burnout.  And if you need a drink or six, well, it significantly reduced the intensity of hangover after binge drinking! (14)

You can order Calm Feminine Vitality from our Online Farmacy.  If you want to feel feminine vitality.

NOTE:  This is a wellness product.  It may have positive effects on Medical Conditions, but if you want to treat a condition, start with root cause diagnostics!


Endometriosis, PID, Uterine Fibroids Natural Treatment

Natural Treatment of Fibroid Tumors and Endometriosis.

Modern Medicine is seeking safe and effective treatment for Uterine Fibroids, PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), and Endometriosis.  Medical treatments have harsh side effects including infertility, which is often why a woman is seeking help!  An ancient Chinese healing tradition was tested using the rigors of Modern Medical science, and it was safe and effective!  Could it be a natural cure for Endometriosis and Fibroids?!

From the article… 

Uterine Fibroids are the most common benign tumor, affecting 20–40% of reproductive-age women [1].  Although frequently asymptomatic, Fibroids can cause abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, infertility, PID, and miscarriage.  Current treatments include surgery and drugs that block/stop hormone production [2].”

“Surgery has risks and is not suitable for patients who refuse operation.” [3]  

Uterine fibroidPharmaceuticals also have limitations.  Pituitary Gland hormone blockers can relieve Fibroid-related symptoms but cause premature menopause. [45].  Progesterone blockers, such as Mifepristone, significantly reduce uterine Fibroid volume and alleviate symptoms without major adverse events.  However, Mifepristone is also known as RU-486, the morning after Abortion pill.  (I would consider abortion a major adverse event if we were trying to have a baby!)  Mifepristone significantly affects fertility [6], therefore, safer and more effective therapy is needed for uterine Fibroids.”

Natural Treatment of Fibroid Tumors and Endometriosis

Guizhi Fuling (GZFL), is a famous traditional Chinese herbal formula, consisting of five herbs: 

White Peony, Tree Peony (Cortex Moutan), Cinnamon, Poria, and Peach Kernel (Semen Persicae). [7]

Approximately 1800 years ago, this formula was first presented in “Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet,” a Chinese Medical Textbook.  It has been used ever since for the treatment of gynecological diseases [89], enhancing immune defense, and reducing tumor size [10].  In recent years, clinical research confirmed that this medicine is an effective natural cure for Endometriosis and Fibroids. [1112].

GZFL has more than 20 published clinical trials demonstrating effectiveness in reducing the size of Uterine Fibroid tumors (13).

This medicine is the accepted medical protocol for Uterine Fibroids in China.  Its used for strengthening blood and improving circulation, reducing tumor size, and dissolving vessel blockages (clots, atherosclerosis) [14].  GZFL has been scientifically validated for the treatment of Uterine Fibroids, [15] and it’s the best endometriosis natural treatment available.  

Our Natural Fibroid Treatment significantly improved Uterine Fibroid symptoms, including pain and bleeding, and reduced tumor size better than Mifepristone when compared side by side.”  

GZFL improved endometriosis in animal models by clearing damaged cells and inhibiting the reproduction of abnormal cells [16], and it was found to have the same effect on Liver Cancer [1718], Bladder Cancer [19], and Cervical Cancer [20].

The present study demonstrated that GZFL inhibited reproduction of abnormal cells and dissolved the Fibroid tumor cells.” (21)

Mifepristone, or RU-486 costs $200 per pill and can induce abortion through the second trimester. (22).  GZFL costs $30-40 for a 30 day supply, and can heal your uterus to have a baby.

Natural Cure for Endometriosis

When you add Ginseng, Ligusticum, and Rhubarb to the original formula, it’s 80-91% effective for mild to moderate endometriosis.  Severe endometriosis resolved in 58% of the cases, which is amazing because Modern Medicine says “cut it out, it will never heal.” (23, 24)

Click Here for Relief from fibroids, endometriosis and PID.

If you aren’t sure yet, allow me to help your pain for no personal gain.  Acupressure is an amazing healing tool and I give you this resource with the hopes you’ll try it.

I use acupressure and plant medicines in my practice, and I’ve helped many serious medical conditions.  Just apply pressure, tap, or massage these points!

If you’d like to add the healing plants, I’d appreciate if you bought the Medicine from True Health.

Our farmers grow and produce for Functional Medicine Physicians and Naturopathic Doctors.   You cannot buy better quality plant medicines!

True Fem Love.  Physician grade Plant Medicine!

Yours In Health and Happiness,

Dr. Todd Stone

weight loss

We Desperately Need Natural Law!

Get Ripped: How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat!

The Five Best Weight Loss Supplements

How to lose weight and how to lose belly fat.  These weight loss supplements, plant medicines, have published research validating their value and effectiveness as the best weight loss supplements on the planet.

1. Ob-X: Mulberry, Lemon Balm, Artemesia

Eighty patients with abdominal obesity were prescribed a reasonable diet and exercise program.  Half were given Ob-X.  Abdominal fat was measured by CT Scan and rechecked after 12 weeks.

The patients who cleaned up their diet and added a little exercise lost 2 square inches of belly fat.  The patients who also received Ob-X lost 6 square inches of belly fat in 12 weeks! (1)

Ob-X is featured in True Trim Fat, our number one selling weight loss supplement!

2. L-Carnitine: How to lose belly fat and decrease hunger.

The protein with the most L-Carnitine is red meat.  Maybe that is why keto-diets work?  All that fat and protein give therapeutic levels of L-Carnitine, which is the amino acid that turns fat into energy.  Makes sense why it would naturally exist with red meat!!

In this study they took away all the carbs, and all the protein and fat, which we call fasting.  They gave half of the fasting subjects L-Carnitine.

They were all fasting, but the L-Carnitine group lost 11 pounds and 1.9 inches of belly while the others lost 5 pounds and 2/3rds of an inch of belly fat.

As expected, fasting caused increasing hunger and fatigue over 7 days in the control group, while the L-Carnitine group reported increasing energy and decreasing hunger! (2)

3. Moringa, Curcumin, and Green Tea: Study quotes. It means “effective medicine.”

“The participants received either 900 mg/d of Moringa/Curcumin in two divided doses or two identical placebo capsules. In addition, participants were counseled to follow an ~1800 kcal/d diet and to engage in walking for 30 min, 5 d/wk throughout the study.  At the end of the trial period (16 weeks), the Moringa supplemented group showed significant reductions in body weight, significant reductions in waist and hip circumferences, compared to a placebo, and a 2.08-fold reduction of waist/hip ratio.” (3)

“12 weeks of treatment with high-dose green tea extract resulted in significant weight loss, reduced waist circumference, and a consistent decrease in total cholesterol and LDL plasma levels without any side effects or adverse effects in women with central obesity.”  (4)

4. Triphala: One of the most popular plant medicine formulas in Ayurvedic Medicine

Sixty patients at an obesity clinic submitted to a randomized control trial on Triphala, an herbal remedy containing three Indian fruits.  Half were given Triphala and half were given a placebo to compare the results.

Over 12 weeks, the patients receiving Triphala dropped 9 pounds and lost almost one and a half inches off their waist.  The placebo group gained a couple pounds on average and stayed the same size.  That is considered statistically significant when all other variables are the same, making Triphala a safe and effective medicine to assist in fat burning and weight loss.  (5)

5. Taeumjowi-Tang: Job’s Tears + Shizandra Berry = The most widely used herbal formula in Korea.

Obese children in Korea were prescribed this medicine and after 30 days, averaged a >2% decrease in body fat and their abdominal skin fold measurement decreased by an inch and a quarter!  (6)

Obese adults were given a calorie restricted diet (12-1500 calories/day) and half were given this herbal formula.  Their goal was to achieve a 3% weight reduction in 12 weeks.  Calorie restriction alone allowed 42% to achieve that goal, while the addition of these herbs brought that number up to 62%. (7)

In math and statistics, that is a significant increase in success, making this a safe and effective weight loss and fat burning medicine.

I’ve put these medicines together in the True Health Weight Loss Kit.  Heres how it works.

You take True Trim Fat 2x per day which triples the normal fat loss of a reasonable diet and exercise program, and True Fat Burner, with L-Carnitine to accelerate fat burning and suppress your appetite so you can fast or keto without starving.

And you finally get what you want.  Success.

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I teach my children that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that our culture can be horribly cruel.  I feel the pain of softness, in a hard body.  I’m a little squishy here and there, but in pretty decent physical shape.

Our culture didn’t create space for a sensitive man, so I can relate to the pain of women (and men) who are considered overweight or obese.  The word obese feels so hurtful and judgmental to me, but I understand the definition, of course.  I also feel the judgment, and it hurts like a Mother.

weight lossNatural Law teaches that beauty is the energy of attraction, which draws people toward.

The beauty of Metal is wisdom and resourcefulness.  Water‘s flexibility gives us the beauty of trusting your path, and calm confidence when the path is bumpy.

Natural Law teaches that the energy of Metal “trimming” the overgrowth of Wood is how to lose weight!

The beauty of Wood is strength and acceptance of other perspectives.  The Dalai Lama has amazing Wood beauty.  I’ve read that people are often moved to tears just by meeting him or touching his hand.  He describes that connection as “I can feel their pain,”  and he loves their pain.

The beauty of Fire is the passion of heart desire.  Earth’s beauty is kindness and how to lose weightempathy, which makes this “ugly” man, very beautiful.

My children would never judge a person as bad for the way they look, which is what our culture teaches.  And they will tell you the honest truth if you ask them if they like your new outfit, which isn’t always appreciated in our culture.

They are just giving you their honest preference, and they wonder why the heck their opinion is hurtful.  “Of course, we all have different tastes.  Mine can’t hurt you if you’re at peace with your heart.

If I have my way, our culture will soften and love people for their soft hearts.  Not for their ability to find your vulnerability and crush the competition.

If you are reasonable with diet and exercise, which is what the first study required, I’ll refund your purchase price if your results are disappointing.

Nothing works for everyone.

I’ve compiled a near can’t lose by statistical standards.  If I missed the mark for you, I would rather give your money back, because I feel pain pretty intensely.

I can’t enforce this, but Natural Law says you must be reasonable to win this game.

Click Here for the diet I recommend.  And the exercises I teach Here.  Minutes a day if you pick two and do them until failure.  Or just do 10 of all 6 exercises every day.  That would take you 10-15 minutes.  And I have another resource!

The how to lose belly fatFive Elements teaches that acupressure is an effective way to shift energy around to help the body heal and improve function.

Stimulating acupressure points resulted in a decrease in body mass index that equates to a loss of 15 pounds if you started at 200 pounds.  That’s how to lose weight!

That would translate into 10 pounds for me, at 170 pounds.  Researchers divided 90 “obese” people into acupressure and placebo groups.  They stimulated the Earth element,  a point that calms the mind and spirit, Small Intestine to improve digestion, and the the point to reduce cravings and hunger.

Nothing else.  Just wiggle your acu-beads when you get a craving or around meal time to make good choices, and you lose 10-15 pounds in 8 weeks. (8) (9)

You can order them online for under 20 bucks! 

If you don’t lose and you were reasonable, click that contact button at the top and message me.  I’ll  refund your purchase without a question.

I’m not that worried!  The results have been proven by the highest scientific standard of medicine, the double blind, randomized clinical trial.  But if you are one of those statistical anomalies and it doesn’t work, I’ll refund your money.  I promise.

If you want to read more about being beautiful and attractive without looking “right” I found this article.