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Infertility and PCOS Natural Treatment

Natural Remedies for PCOS and Infertility

Did you know that using herbs for PCOS and Infertility nearly doubles the chances of a full term pregnancy and birth?  PCOS is the most common cause of infertility in the US, and is characterized by mild obesity, irregular or lack of menstruation, and signs of elevated Testosterone, such as acne and facial hair. (1)  In PCOS and infertility, estrogen levels are elevated, increasing the risk of endometrial cancer, and testosterone levels are elevated, which increases the risk of Metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance.

Herbs for PCOS and Infertility?

Doctors in Australia searched the medical research database for Randomized Controlled Trials or RCTs, measuring the effectiveness of different treatments for female infertility with and without PCOS.  RCTs are a type of scientific experiment which aims to remove bias when testing a treatment.

They looked at two treatments; Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses herbs for PCOS, and Western Medicine, which uses pharmaceuticals and hormones.

Natural remedies for Infertility nearly doubled the probability of full term birth compared to Western Medicine.

I created a 20 minute video that overviews the comparison between Functional Medicine and Pharmaceutical Medicine approaches to infertility.

Forty RCTs involving 4247 women with infertility caused by PCOS, endometriosis, and other causes, pregnancy success rates in the herbal medicine group were 60% compared with 33% in the Western Medicine group. (2)

Based on the review of 40 randomized clinical trials, you will nearly double your probability of a successful pregnancy and birth, if you opt for Nature over Pharmaceuticals.

Traditional Chinese doctors have the experience of 3000 years of historical documentation to aid in their expertise of prescribing plant medicines.  You can’t ask your Western Medical Doctor to prescribe plant medicines.

Well, I guess you could, but it would be like asking Dr. Stone to fix your car.  Lol.

One time I took my car in for an oil change.  The mechanic said, “There was no oil in your car, so you saved 15 dollars on the recycling fee.  But, if you drive your car like that, it will blow up.”  Or some sort of bad thing, I wasn’t listening.

I’m much better at caring for people!  True Health’s effectiveness in achieving a successful pregnancy and birth is 100%. We use the more effective medicine, and we use the advantage of in depth medical diagnostic testing to assist in prescribing the more effective natural remedies for PCOS.

Our PCOS Natural Treatment data base of patients is pretty small, because Western doctors steer people away from the more effective plant medicines by spreading the mistruth, “there is no scientific basis for natural medicine.

I’ve written up one PCOS and Infertility Case Study so you can get an idea how we work through regulating hormones using herbs for PCOS and infertility. (3)

I could be wrong, but 40 clinical trials, randomized to eliminate clinician bias, and placebo controlled to eliminate the possibility of spontaneous resolution, seems to offer a scientific basis.

Would doctors intentionally lie to protect their paychecks?  IDK.  Or maybe they aren’t keeping up on their research.  Your guess is as good as mine!  I recall being taught that not having information is called ignorance.  It’s not an insult.

I haven’t gathered any more information about driving my car than put in gas, turn  the key.  Push the gas pedal for go, the brake pedal for stop, and turn the round thing to change directions.  And, once every year or two, go to a smelly place for an oil change.

I wouldn’t take your calling me ignorant as an insult.  LOL.  I would laugh and agree.

I wouldn’t give authoritative advice on something I didn’t understand completely.  Rather, I would say, “Honestly, I don’t know.  I haven’t completely researched that method and I have no personal experience.”

Unless my priority was profit.  If you haven’t heard, I removed all conflicts of interest, in what I call Care Without ExpectationThere isn’t a fee for True Health’s care and service.  None.  I ask that you pay for your medicine, which runs 15-35 dollars a month for each medicine.

If you appreciate your care and want to give something to further the mission of True Health, you may offer a donation.

Maybe I am crazy, but what I felt was that caretakers thrive on appreciation, not profit.  And we do our best work, knowing that our security requires your appreciation.

PCOS Medical Treatment

PCOS is considered incurable, but they do their best to manage symptoms.  Although the cause is unknown, lab results consistently reveal high Leutinizing hormone (LH), Estrogen, Testosterone and Insulin.

Medical treatment for PCOS includes birth control pills to regulate the cycle, although it renders you infertile.

They use Clomid for infertility, Metformin for elevated Insulin and Metabolic Syndrome, and Bromocriptine for infertility with high Prolactin (easy to tell, because you produce milk but can’t get pregnant).

Clomid has a side effect called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. “Symptoms of OHSS include swelling of the hands or legs, abdominal pain and swelling, shortness of breath, weight gain, and nausea or vomiting. OHSS can be fatal.” (RxList)

Metformin “has a high incidence of adverse effects.”  (Quote from the study)

Bromocriptine is a drug used for Parkinson’s disease.  It has 50 known side effects listed, including seizures and heart attack.  (RxList)

Plus, for all the risk taken, the results were mediocre.

The authors of the study explained that the reason for their research was:

  1. Medical treatment is not adequately effective. (3)

  2. Medical treatment has significant side effects. (4)

  3. Their patients seem to prefer alternatives to medical care. (5)

PCOS Natural Treatment

Herbal Medicine for the management of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  15 clinical trials on humans involving six herbs for PCOS. 

pcos natural treatments for infertility

Chasteberry, Vitex agnus castus

A plant called Vitex had been studied in comparison to Bromocriptine for high Prolactin, which causes milk production without the birth of a baby.

Vitex lowered prolactin levels 297 points in 3 months.  Bromocriptine lowered prolactin levels 266 points in the same time frame.

Both were highly successful at achieving the desired outcome, but Vitex has no side effects, making it one of the best natural remedies for PCOS and Infertility.

Natural Treatments for Infertility: Three clinical trials proved that Vitex improved the regulation of the female cycle. (6)

natural remedies for pcos

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh and Clomid were compared to Clomid alone, and the addition of Black Cohosh more than doubled the incidence of pregnancy, from 20% to 43%.  Then they compared Black Cohosh alone, to Clomid alone.  The Black Cohosh group had nearly two times more pregnancies over 3 months.  (7)

In a different study, Black Cohosh was compared to pharmaceutical Progesterone for uterine fibroids.  After 12 week, the Black Cohosh group had decreased fibroid size by 30%, while the progesterone group increased fibroid size a bit, by 4.7% (8)

A plant called Tribulus was compared to Clomid for increasing the rate of ovulation.  In a group of women with PCOS, Tribulus increased ovulation rates by 60% in 3 months.  Clomid increased ovulation rates by 47%. While both were successful, Tribulus had a higher percentage increase. (9)

Licorice Root was compared to a placebo for its effectiveness in reducing testosterone.  In two months, Licorice Root lowered testosterone levels from 27 to 17.  Women begin to see the first signs of a beard coming in at 22.  (10)

White Peony and Cinnamon decreased LH levels by 49.7% in a period of 8 weeks. This is a significant lab finding in infertility treatment, making these plants effective natural treatments for infertility.  (11)

Nature improved a lab marker that Medicine cannot budge.

Metformin is a drug for treatment of  PCOS as well as diabetes, because it lowers insulin and improves blood sugar.  Cinnamon was compared side by side, and lowered insulin and testosterone levels just as much as Metformin.  However, Cinnamon had no adverse effects.  (12)

You can read it all yourself if you can understand doctor language.  I am a healer type, so I thought I needed to become a doctor, and in doing so, I learned the language.  I also learned that doctors know very little about healing.  

Natural Remedies for PCOS and Infertility

If doctors understood the healing of Mother Nature, they would prescribe True Blood Sugar Control, with Cinnamon, to improve insulin and metabolism.  Then True PMS Relief to regulate the cycle, if needed, and True Female Vitality to stimulate libido, ovulation, and the strength of the feminine.

I formulated Vitality for women many moons ago, and today I found this study validating what I felt to be true.  True Fem Vitality includes Vitex (common name Chaste Berry), Tribulus, White Peony, and Licorice Root.  

You can get all of Mother Nature’s healing in our online store.  Science suggests it is your best bet.

Purchase True Fem Vitality, Calm Feminine Vitality, or our PCOS/Infertility kit in our online Farmacy!!

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