Wood Creates Fire

Wood represents everything sprouting from the Earth.

The Five Elements is a healing philosophy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and acupuncture practices.  But everyone knows that Wood Creates Fire. 

That is the beauty of the Five Elements; anyone can understand its message, because it’s based on common observations.  Spring turns into summer, leading to harvest.  Wood, Fire, Earth.

Autumn is Metal, and winter is Water.

In life, everything begins with the reflection of Metal.  We reflect on our Results.  How was last harvest?  Then Metal  looks forward toward this season, with inspiration, and moves forward gently as the flow of Water according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Water teaches us to move gently on the path of least resistance, toward your inspired vision.  You move toward your vision until you see something sprouting, the Wood energy.  If you lean in to whatever is sprouting with loving care, you will blossom brilliantly in summer, the Fire Element.

A healthy growing season leads to a wealthy harvest.

My vision is the softening of our culture.  For Sacred Stone.

express your champion
I am her daddy, and this sweet, sensitive girl has learned from our culture that she is mean.  I asked her why she thinks she is mean.  “Because I am honest.  If someone asks me if I like their new jacket, I tell them the truth.

Sorry baby girl.  I know.  Opinions are taught to be held tightly.

Feel this softness.

Imagine a world where opinions were loved.  Where we felt good enough about our uniqueness that Sacred’s opinion of your jacket isn’t combative, it’s just different.  A world where everyone loves their different-ness.  Where people were asked for their opinions and encouraged to express their unique-ness.

Our world feels so hard.

This world fights to fit in.  Difference is combative.  We hurt each other for looking different, having a different opinion, or “acting weird.

traditional chinese medicine
This is how our culture feels to Sacred Stone.

Bob was talking to Susan from his air conditioned condo in Florida.  Susan lives in Alaska.  Susan explains to Bob how cold it is outside.  Bob raises his voice, “What!?”  He walks over to pull open the curtain and declares “It is sunny and 90 degrees outside!”  Susan insists she sees snow and feels cold.  Bob declares that “Susan is obviously an idiot.

Who is the idiot?  Susan shared what she saw and felt.  Bob told her she was wrong.  Susan tried to share more of her perspective. Then Bob draws first blood, with “idiot.”  So, Susan learned to keep her opinions and observations held tightly.

Several years ago I declared that “I know nothing.  I could always be wrong.”  A truth declared by the Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nope, still not safe to share an opinion.  Recently, because of my success with healing, a woman came to my clinic and asked for my opinion.  I told her my honest opinion, and she disagreedOK.  I don’t even charge for clinic visits anymore.  Just leave and pay nothing.

She didn’t stop at differing opinions though.  She told the internet world that I am a danger to society.  I tried to explain my perspective, which prompted a long attack of my character.  I’m ok if you think 4 paragraphs is short.  You have a right to your opinion.  Lol.

A mutual friend defended the right to her opinion.  That “Dr. Stone is a bad person.”

I’m fine with her opinion.  Maybe I am a bad person!  IDK… Anything.

My vision and mission is to soften our world, and do my best to heal hurting people, without expectation.  If you accept my best effort, and disagree or don’t feel relief from my care, there isn’t a fee.  Just honestly walk out.  I’d probably thank a person for trying his best, but I expect nothing in return.

I lean toward believing that Faith, my Sunday School teacher, was right.  Everyone is a gift.

Maybe Faith was sharing an ideal perspective, and the reality is that there are hurtful people. 

If it’s true that there are hurtful people, are they the people sharing their honest opinion, or the people saying “you are bad because your opinion is different.”

Faith taught me to Judge Not, or you will be judged.  Not sure if that was a threat of God’s judgment, or just the general idea…if you hurt someone, they will probably hurt you back.

Faith also warned of False Gods.

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls that Possession, which our culture might call obsession.  And the biggest obsession appears to be profit from where I watch.

I’ve felt the trampling of people who seem to care about profit more than people.  I was kicked out of insurance for healing a medical condition.  And I couldn’t make that up, because I could never have imagined such a thing happening.  I believed our goal as doctors was to heal sick and hurting people.

It probably wasn’t the CEO who called, but some important person from his Insurance Company called to let me know that I was a bad person.  I treated a Medical Condition, Hypothyroidism. He didn’t seem a bit interested in how I helped her.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
He gave me 3 months to prepare for losing the income that serving their clients provided my family.  Then I was on my own.  And anyone wanting the healing care of True Health would have to pay out of their pocket.

The healing care of True Health has watched a blind girl begin to see, and several terminal diseases and multiple incurable conditions resolve completely.  Is healing Bad for Profit?!?

Could it be what Faith warned me about 40 years ago?  A false God we call Profit 

Wood Creates Fire.  The hardness of “Profit over People” is threatening existence.  Wood is everything that sprouts, and the structure provided by Wood.  When our structure is not based in values that support the greater good, we rationalize hurtful decisions and choices, such as corporate pollution.  Our structure of values have already sprouted forth a most unfortunate circumstance we call “not enough Water for everyone.”

But just for some poor people in Michigan.  The rest of us are fine.

What if we polluted enough water that there were 49 Michigan’s.  And everyone feels the effects, so we run toward the leaders of our culture.  What sort of Fire do you imagine that would create?

I hope we never see the day.  I’m doing everything in my power to increase the Love of Mother.  Earth, Nature, and our Feminine Wisdom.

48 Million people go hungry in our country.  16 Million of them are children.  Donal Trump is worth 3.1 Billion.  Hillary Clinton is worth 45 Million.  Funny that they couldn’t find a way to protect our children AND accumulate wealth.

And I’m criticized for not voting!

I let go of profit in my Clinic to give openly to those in need.  I called it Care Without Expectation.  My net worth is negative 0.5 Million.  Mostly in debt to our leadership as a student loan.

I an deeply sorry.  I love you.  Please forgive them for they have convincingly rationalized their actions in the name of Profit.  Thank you for mercifully serving God and the Greater Good.

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  1. Bad Ass Momma
    Bad Ass Momma says:

    Well, I could be wrong, or simply slipping into “Momma Bear” mode, but the “mutual friend” ( I use that term loosely . . . What the Heck kind of friend would defend an attack like that?) was only partly right in the “defense” of the poor lady who went on the attack, simply because of a difference of opinion/perception. Yes, she had the “right” to said differing opinion, perception, and the expression of them. But to then use those differences as a weapon to attack your practice, your character, your Heart is Flat Out Wrong, on multiple levels, and More “Dangerous” than anything she “perceived” as “wrong” in Whatever was said, that spurred her mistaken, misguided need to “warn” others. There is NO “Right” to the malicious tearing down of another human being, and no True friend would pretend otherwise.

    That being said, Little Sacred Stone has the Best Teacher of All to walk with her through the landmine of those who will “Perceive”, or USE Opinions as weapons. To Be Totally Aware of one’s Value is the Best Defense against Every Offense/Attack, perceived, or Real. To fearlessly express an opinion, as simply a personal preference, and refuse to be wounded by the “weapons” of those less aware of their value is a rare Treasure, as surely as Sacred is. You have Planted that Truth in her, Dad. All Truth must be Tested, and usually by lies, like the “You’re a bad person.” one. Like all “tests”, they can only confirm what one Already Knows. Sacred Knows her Name; She’s Aware of her Worth & Value; She Knows the Gift she IS and the Gifts she Carries, Because of You. The perceptions of others will NEVER change that, for what Love Plants cannot be destroyed. You have Given that Gift to your other children, and countless others, including this “Bad Ass Momma Bear”. I’m Proof that it’s Never too late to let someone like you help one accept one’s True Worth & Value, and not be afraid or ashamed to express an opinion. I, and Many others, whether they comment or not, Are Proof that You, Dear Dr. Stone, Are a Very “Good Person”, a Healer of hearts, among other things, and a True Physician, with the Heart of “The Great Physician”. You’ve “passed the test” many times, as will All your little ones, no matter what. I Believe, in you, for you, and Because of Who You Are. That’s My comment, and, In my humble, but Fearless opinion, the TRUTH.

      • Barb
        Barb says:

        Dr Stone.. a huge AMEN to last blog…
        you must continue to use the gifts God had given you!
        If I lived in your state I would give you a big hug.. as you know I love you! Love your softness.. your truthfulness, your caring, your healing…even just healing words!
        God bless you… continue on!

  2. read this
    read this says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      You have to feel it to understand. Our culture tends to think about everything. That won’t work or make sense.


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